John Kirk - Survey of farms in Golspie and Loth parishes, Sutherland, ca. 1772

Volume of 13 plans of Golspie and environs, 1767-1829

  1. A Plan of that Part of the Parish of Golspie Lying betwixt the Policy of Dunrobin and the Bay of the Little Ferry The Property of the Right Honourable Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland / Made out from an accurate Survey by John Home
  2. Craigtown; Balblair; Kirkton; Culmaily
  3. Driemuy
  4. Farm of Rives
  5. Rives; Golspymore; Golspytower
  6. Mellaig Park
  7. Farm of Mellaig
  8. Plan of the Mains of Dunrobin
  9. Clayside; Inverboll
  10. Farm of Doll
  11. Inverbrora
  12. Leatich
  13. Golspie Tower and Rhives (Loose Sheet)

Book of Plans of the Parish of Loth, The Property of the Countess of Sutherland, containing threeteen different farms / surveyed and planed by John Kirk, 1772

  1. Title Page
  2. Contents
  3. Explanation
  4. Kintradwell
  5. Lothbeg
  6. A Plan of Lothmore
  7. Cuilgower; Wester Garty; Garty
  8. Gartymore
  9. Wester Helmsdale
  10. Navidale; E Helmsdale

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