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Name: Ritchie, Alec.
Ritchie, Euphemia, 1862-1941  
Title: The map of Iona. I Chaluim - Chille  
Imprint: [Edinburgh : G. Stewart & Co. Ltd., 1930]
Pagination: 1 map on 2 foldout sheets ; sheets 44 x 35 cm.
Shelfmark: N3.205.3350L
Notes: Scale: ca. 1:12,700.
Insets : Blaeu's map 1662; Pinkerton's map 1789; Enlarged section near the Abbey; [Views of] Iona Cathedral or Abbey; Iona from the south.
Foldout plan in the back of the volume 'Iona: Past and Present. With maps'.
Read further information about the Ritchies on the Iona's Namescape website.  
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