German naval charts, 1938-1945

decorative graphic illustrating this particular set of maps

This small set of 21 charts of Scottish and British waters were produced by the German navy, the Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine in Berlin. Most were published during the Second World War, with a few earlier examples. In all cases these used British Admiralty charts as their primary source material, with no significant changes to hydrographic content. Some place names and descriptive topographic terms, titles, compass roses, abbreviations, legends, revision and publication details, and supporting marginal information were all re-written and printed in German. The numbering system is that followed by the Kriegsmarine. The charts provide an interesting illustration of capturing and re-using enemy mapping, as well as the importance of hydrographic intelligence in wartime.

Sheet number and nameDate of publication
Sheet 112 - Fishereikarte der Nordsee (Südblatt)1943
Sheet 196 - Dungeness bis Orfordness und Strasse von Dover1945
Sheet 198 - Themse Mündung1944
Sheet 202 - Orfordness bis Blakeney1944
Sheet 204 - Blakeney bis Flamborough Head1944
Sheet 205 - Blakeney bis Skegness (The Wash)1944
Sheet 206 - Humber Mündung1944
Sheet 217 - Flamborough Head bis Souter Point1942
Sheet 221 - Souther Point bis St Abb's Head1940
Sheet 226 - Firth of Forth1938
Sheet 226 - Firth of Forth [labels kept with chart]1938
Sheet 231 - Peterhead Bucht1943
Sheet 236 - Ansteuerung von Kirkwall1942
Sheet 238 - Nordsee und Britische Inseln1944
Sheet 239 - Kanal und Biscaya Bucht1943
Sheet 245 - Strasse von Dover1944
Sheet 261 - Beachy Head bis Dungeness Fécamp bis Gris-Nez1943
Sheet 262 - Needles bis Beachy Head1943
Sheet 376 - Irische See1944
Sheet 377 - Westküste von Irland1942
Sheet 1167 - Jura Sound bis Mull Sound1944

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