Times Survey Atlas of the World, 1920

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Name: Bartholomew, J. G. (John George), 1860-1920.
Times Newspapers Limited  
Title: Mapping of the World
[Maps: Herodotus B.C. 450; Strabo A.D. 18; Mela A.D. 43; Ptolemy A.D. 150; Mountain of Cosmas Indicopleustes; Cosmas Indicopleustes; Wheel Map XI Century; Hereford Map 1280; Ortelius 1570; De Wit c. 1700; The World c. 1800; Cartog  
Imprint: London: The Times, 1920
Pagination: 1 map ; 42 x 55 cm., on sheet 46 x 59 cm.
Shelfmark: Map.X3.015
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