Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

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Name: Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673  
Title: Privilegium Caesareum  
Pagination: [4v-5r]
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FERDINAND THE THIRD, with favour of Divine clemency elected Roman Emperor Always August, and King of Germany, Hungay, Bohemia, Dalamtia, Croatia, Slavonia etc., Archduke of Austria, Duke of Burgundy, Styria, Carinthia, Carniola, and Wurtemberg; Count of the Tyrol, etc.

It especially becomes Augustan goodness, to apply the more efficacious help of Imperial favour and patronage in assisting and protecting those who undertake the praiseworthy vigilance and study of adorning and furthering literature; expressly to those who put work and tireless study, as well as not inconsiderable expenses, in extending and illustrating that discipline which displays the appearance and form of the whole world and the situation and position of all its regions and provinces to be seen and comprehended at one glance, without long, laborious and expensive travel: Since therefore Joan Blaeu, bookseller of Amsterdam, has most humbly expounded to Us, that he, having previously edited four parts of his Atlas, has now the fifth part also, which contains Scotland and Ireland, with maps engraved and constructed by the work and study of Timothy Pont and Robert Gordon, elaborated and complete, and that both in larger and smaller format, and also with a general map of Scotland, that he has determined to publish it at his own expense; however that he fears, since editions of this kind require huge expenditure, that, while he himself toils to the best of his ability to promote literature and increase the convenience of others, through the wicked desire of men who ambush the labours of others and gape with longing to increase their gain and personal profit even with harm and loss to others, he may be deprived of the expected fruit of his labour and expense and bring incurable poverty to his personal affairs: and so in supplication he has asked Us to mercifully deign to consult his interests in this area and to fortify him against fraud of any gain-seeker with the defence of Our Imperial Diploma. We therefore have kindly acceded to the just prayers of this kind of the aforesaid Joan Blaeu, and accordingly have clemently granted to Blaeu himself and to his heirs Our Imperial Privilege over the edition of the aforesaid Fifth part of his Atlas along with the maps both in larger and smaller format, and also with the general map to be made of Scotland, as We prudently, knowingly, after good deliberation and by Our Imperial authority grant, giving him the opportunity to be able to print and publish, if he so decides, the often mentioned Fifth part of the Atlas, and its maps both in larger and smaller format, and also a general map of Scotland; on the other side by the tenor of the presents prohibiting and forbidding all and each printers, booksellers, bookbinders and constructors of books, and any others carrying on business with books, that none of them, after the aforesaid Fifth part of the Atlas, or its maps in larger and smaller format, and also the general map of Scotland have been thus printed and published by the often mentioned Blaeu, should within twelve years accurately calculated from the first day of publication, within the borders of the Holy Roman Empire and Our hereditary Kingdoms, Provinces and Lordships, in a similar or other type and character, or form and maps, or even in an abbreviation, or with additions by some other author, dare or presume to reprint them in whole or part, or give to another to be reprinted, or even if printed elsewhere in whole or part to import, convey, sell or retail them openly or secretly, against the wish and consent of the often mentioned Joan Blaeu or his heirs. If however anyone does otherwise and has not feared by some rash boldness to break, neglect, trangress and violate this Our interdict, he is not only to be in fact deprived of the books and maps of this kind, wrongly that is and fraudulently reprinted and imported (which books or maps the aforesaid Blaeu or his heirs either by their own authority or with the aid of the magistrate of that place will be able to apprehend and claim for himself): but in addition he is to be sentenced to pay a fine of twenty marks of pure and clear gold, half to be paid to Our Imperial Treasury or purse in punishment naturally for the fraud, and half to the often mentioned Joan Blaeu, or his heirs, as the injured party, all hope or remission

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