Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

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Name: Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673  
Title: Privilegium Caesareum. Privilegium Oliver P.  
Pagination: [5v-6r]
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Translation of text:

Provinces, and Lordships, of whatever status, grade, order, dignity, condition or fortune, both Ecclesiastical and secular, but especially those who, set in magistracy, declare the law either in their own name and place or in those of superiors, and erxercise the administration of justice; and also Our Imperial Commissar of books at Frankfurt, that they should not suffer anyone rashly and with impunity to transgress or violate this Our Imperial privilege and interdict, in any way detailed and forbidden above. Rather they should see that any contumacious persons they may discover are fined with the prescribed penalty and checked in other fitting ways, unless they wish to incur Our most severe anger and pay the same fine. With the witness of these letters fortified by the subscription of Our hand and the impression of Our Imperial seal. Which were given in Our castle of Ebersdorf, on the eleventh day of the month of August, in the year of the Lord one thousand, six hundred and fifty four. Of Our Reigns in Rome the eighteenth, in Hungary the twenty-ninth, and in Bohemia the twenty-seventh.


By personal command
of His Imperial Majesty



OLIVER, Lord Protector of the Commonmwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the Dominions thereto belonging, To all and singular whom it may concern, Greeting:

Whereas John J. Blaeu, Printer at Amsterdam, has at his great charge and expense caused the whole map of Scotland and Ireland to be engraved and printed for the public use; Therefore We do (by advice of our Council) hereby expressly discharge and inhibit all persons whatsoever within this Commonwealth or the Dominions thereto belonging (other than the said John J. Blaeu and his assignees, or with his or their lease and licence) that none of them shall take upon them to print the said map, or expose to sale any of them, within the space of fourteen years from and after the date hereof, under the penalty of five hundred pounds sterling, besides the confiscation of all such books (containing the map aforesaid) to the use of the said John J. Blaeu, his heirs and assignees, as shall be printed or exposed to sale contrary to these presents. Given at Whitehall, this fourteenth of June, 1654.

The licence having been signed under his Higness’s hand, and shewed to the Council and there recorded, it may and ought to be printed and published, that others may take notice of it, in regard to the penalty contained therein to such as shall presume to print such maps within 14 years without the licence of John Blaeu.

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