War Office, England and Wales, One-Inch New Popular with National Grid. GSGS 4620 - 1948-52 - 1933-43

This series is essentially the Ordnance Survey's One-Inch to the Mile New Popular edition maps (1945-47), but carrying the War Office Cassini Grid. The maps all carry the War Office series number, Geographical Section, General Staff 4620. The base information on the maps derives from the Ordnance Survey's One-Inch to the Mile Popular edition mapping of 1918-26, re-issued with selective updates in the 1930s and 1940s. These updates include Air Raid Precaution revisions from 1938-9, included on GSGS 3906 and some selective updating of roads and railways from large-scale revision in the 1930s.

For full details of this series, consult Roger Hellyer and Richard Oliver's Military maps: the one inch series of Great Britain and Ireland (London: Charles Close Society, 2004).

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Sheet Number and Name Date of Revision   Date of Publication  
Sheet 88 - Barrow in Furness (War Office Edition)full 1920, with later corrections1948
Sheet 102 - Huddersfield (Second Edition - G.S.G.S.)full 1920, with later corrections1952
Sheet 158 - Oxford & Newbury (Second Edition - G.S.G.S.)full 1935, with later corrections1951