Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952


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Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Westmorland V (inset I)18591863
Westmorland I.SE18971900
Westmorland I.SE19111920
Westmorland II18591863
Westmorland II.SW18971899
Westmorland II.SW19111920
Westmorland III18601863
Westmorland III.SW & SE18971900
Westmorland III.SW & SE19131920
Westmorland III.SW & SE18971900
Westmorland III.SW & SE19131920
Westmorland IV18591863
Westmorland IV.NW & NE18971900
Westmorland IV.NW19131920
Westmorland IV.NW & NE18971900
Westmorland IV.NE19131920
Westmorland IV.SW18971900
Westmorland IV.SW19131920
Westmorland IV.SE18971900
Westmorland IV.SE19131920
Westmorland V (inset I)18591863
Westmorland V.NW18971900
Westmorland V.NW19131920
Westmorland V.NE18971900
Westmorland V.NE1911 to 19131919
Westmorland V.SW18971900
Westmorland V.SW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland V.SE18971899
Westmorland V.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland VI18591863
Westmorland VI.NW18971899
Westmorland VI.NW19111919
Westmorland VI.NE18971899
Westmorland VI.NE19111920
Westmorland VI.SW18971899
Westmorland VI.SW19111919
Westmorland VI.SE18971899
Westmorland VI.SE19111920
Westmorland VII (inset VIIA)18591863
Westmorland VII.NW18971900
Westmorland VII.NW19131920
Westmorland VII.NE18971899
Westmorland VII.NE19131920
Westmorland VII.SW18971900
Westmorland VII.SW19131920
Westmorland VII.SE18971899
Westmorland VII.SE19131920
Westmorland VII (inset VIIA)18591863
Westmorland VIIa.SE & XII.NE18971900
Westmorland VIIa.SE & XII.NE19131920
Westmorland VIII18591863
Westmorland VIII.NW18971899
Westmorland VIII.NW19131920
Westmorland VIII.NE18971899
Westmorland VIII.NE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland VIII.SW18971899
Westmorland VIII.SW19131920
Westmorland VIII.SE18971899
Westmorland VIII.SE19131920
Westmorland IX18591863
Westmorland IX.NW18971899
Westmorland IX.NW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland IX.NE18971899
Westmorland IX.NE19131920
Westmorland IX.SW18971899
Westmorland IX.SW19131920
Westmorland IX.SE18971899
Westmorland IX.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland IX.SE1938ca. 1947
Westmorland X (XI)18591863
Westmorland X.NW18971899
Westmorland X.NW19111920
Westmorland X.NE18971899
Westmorland X.NE19111920
Westmorland X.SW18971899
Westmorland X.SW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland X.SE18971899
Westmorland X.SE19111920
Westmorland X (XI)18591863
Westmorland XI.SW18971899
Westmorland XI.SW19111920
Westmorland XII18601863
Westmorland XII.NW18971899 to 1900
Westmorland XII.NW19131920
Westmorland VIIa.SE & XII.NE18971900
Westmorland VIIa.SE & XII.NE19131920
Westmorland XIIa.SE & XII.SW18971900
Westmorland XIIa.SE & XII.SW19131920
Westmorland XII.SE18971899
Westmorland XII.SE19131919
Westmorland XIIa.SE & XII.SW18971900
Westmorland XIIa.SE & XII.SW19131920
Westmorland XIII18601863
Westmorland XIII.NW18971899
Westmorland XIII.NW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XIII.NE18971899
Westmorland XIII.NE19131920
Westmorland XIII.SW18971899
Westmorland XIII.SW1911 to 19131919
Westmorland XIII.SE18971899
Westmorland XIII.SE19131920
Westmorland XIV1858 to 18591863
Westmorland XIV.NW18971899
Westmorland XIV.NW19131920
Westmorland XIV.NE18971899
Westmorland XIV.NE19131920
Westmorland XIV.SW18971899
Westmorland XIV.SW19131920
Westmorland XIV.SE18971899
Westmorland XIV.SE19131920
Westmorland XV18591863
Westmorland XV.NW18971899
Westmorland XV.NW19131919
Westmorland XV.NE18971899
Westmorland XV.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XV.SW18971899
Westmorland XV.SW19131920
Westmorland XV.SE18971899
Westmorland XV.SE19131920
Westmorland XVI18591863
Westmorland XVI.NW18971899
Westmorland XVI.NW19121920
Westmorland XVI.NE18971899
Westmorland XVI.NE19121919
Westmorland XVI.SW18971899
Westmorland XVI.SW19121920
Westmorland XVI.SE18971899
Westmorland XVI.SE19121920
Westmorland XVII18591863
Westmorland XVII.NW18971899
Westmorland XVII.NW19111920
Westmorland XVII.NW1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XVII.SW18971899
Westmorland XVII.SW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XVII.SW1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XVII.SE18971899
Westmorland XVII.SE19111920
Westmorland XVII.SE1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XVIII18591863
Westmorland XVIII.NE18971900
Westmorland XVIII.NE19131920
Westmorland XVIII.NE1913ca. 1945
Westmorland XVIII.SW18971900
Westmorland XVIII.SW19121919
Westmorland XVIII.SW1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XVIII.SE18971900
Westmorland XVIII.SE1912 to 19131919
Westmorland XVIII.SE1912 to 1913ca. 1948
Westmorland XIX18591863
Westmorland XIX.NW18971900
Westmorland XIX.NW19131919
Westmorland XIX.NW1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XIX.NE18971899
Westmorland XIX.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XIX.SW18971899
Westmorland XIX.SW1911 to 19131919
Westmorland XIX.SW1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XIX.SE18971899
Westmorland XIX.SE19121919
Westmorland XIX.SE1912ca. 1933
Westmorland XIX.SE1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XX1858 to 18591863
Westmorland XX.NW18971899
Westmorland XX.NW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XX.NW1938ca. 1948
Westmorland XX.NE18971899
Westmorland XX.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XX.SW18971899
Westmorland XX.SW19111919
Westmorland XX.SW1911ca. 1933
Westmorland XX.SW1911ca. 1945
Westmorland XX.SW1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XX.SW1938ca. 1948
Westmorland XX.SE18971899
Westmorland XX.SE19111919
Westmorland XX.SE1911ca. 1934
Westmorland XX.SE1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XXI.NW18971899
Westmorland XXI.NW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXI.NW1911 to 1913ca. 1936
Westmorland XXI.NW1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXI.NE18971899
Westmorland XXI.NE19121919
Westmorland XXI.NE1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XXI.NE1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XXI.SW18971899
Westmorland XXI.SW19111919
Westmorland XXI.SW1911ca. 1935
Westmorland XXI.SW1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XXI.SE18971899
Westmorland XXI.SE19121920
Westmorland XXI.SE1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XXI.SE1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XXII1858 to 18591863
Westmorland XXII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXII.NW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXII.NE18971899
Westmorland XXII.NE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXII.SW18971899
Westmorland XXII.SW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXII.SW1912 to 1913ca. 1935
Westmorland XXII.SW1912 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXII.SE19131920
Westmorland XXII.SE1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXIII1857 to 18591862
Westmorland XXIII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXIII.NW19121920
Westmorland XXIII.NE1897 to 18981899
Westmorland XXIII.NE19121920
Westmorland XXIII.SW18971899
Westmorland XXIII.SW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXIII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXIII.SE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXIV.NW18971899
Westmorland XXIV.NW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXIV.NE18971899
Westmorland XXIV.NE19111920
Westmorland XXIV.NE1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XXIV.SW18971900
Westmorland XXIV.SW19121920
Westmorland XXIV.SW1911 to 1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XXIV.SE18971899
Westmorland XXIV.SE19111920
Westmorland XXIV.SE1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XXV1859 to 18601862
Westmorland XXV.NW18971899
Westmorland XXV.NW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXV.NW1912 to 1913ca. 1945
Westmorland XXV.NW1912 to 1913ca. 1947
Westmorland XXV.NE18971899
Westmorland XXV.NE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXV.SW18971900
Westmorland XXV.SW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXV.SW1912ca. 1949
Westmorland XXV.SE18971899
Westmorland XXV.SE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXVI18591863
Westmorland XXVI.NW18971900
Westmorland XXVI.NW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXVI.NE18971899
Westmorland XXVI.NE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXVI.SW18971899
Westmorland XXVI.SW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXVI.SE18971899
Westmorland XXVI.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXVI.SE1911 to 1913ca. 1945
Westmorland XXVII18581863
Westmorland XXVII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXVII.NW19121920
Westmorland XXVII.NW1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXVII.NE18971899
Westmorland XXVII.NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXVII.NE1911 to 1912ca. 1939
Westmorland XXVII.NE1911 to 1912ca. 1946
Westmorland XXVII.SW18971899
Westmorland XXVII.SW19121920
Westmorland XXVII.SW1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XXVII.SW1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXVII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXVII.SE19121920
Westmorland XXVII.SE1912ca. 1939
Westmorland XXVIII18581863
Westmorland XXVIII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXVIII.NW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXVIII.NE1897 to 18981899
Westmorland XXVIII.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXVIII.SW18971899
Westmorland XXVIII.SW19121920
Westmorland XXVIII.SW1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XXVIII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXVIII.SE19121920
Westmorland XXIX1858ca. 1862 to 1863
Westmorland XXIX.NW18971899
Westmorland XXIX.NW1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXIX.NE18971899
Westmorland XXIX.NE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXIX.NE1912 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXIX.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXIX.SW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXIX.SE1896 to 18971900
Westmorland XXIX.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXIX.SE1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXIX.SE1950 to 1951ca. 1954
Westmorland XXX18571862
Westmorland XXX.NW18971899
Westmorland XXX.NW19131920
Westmorland XXX.NE18971899
Westmorland XXX.NE1910 to 19111920
Westmorland XXX.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXX.SW19131920
Westmorland XXX.SE18971899
Westmorland XXX.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXX.SE1911 to 1913ca. 1950
Westmorland XXXI18571862
Westmorland XXXI.NW18971899
Westmorland XXXI.NW1910 to 19111920
Westmorland XXXI.NW1910 to 1911ca. 1946
Westmorland XXXI.NE18971899
Westmorland XXXI.NE19111920
Westmorland XXXII18581862
Westmorland XXXII.NW18971900
Westmorland XXXII.NW19121920
Westmorland XXXII.NE18971899
Westmorland XXXII.NE19111920
Westmorland XXXII.NE1911ca. 1933
Westmorland XXXII.NE1911ca. 1945
Westmorland XXXII.NE1938ca. 1948
Westmorland XXXII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXXII.SE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXII.SE1911 to 1912ca. 1933
Westmorland XXXII.SE1911 to 1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXXII.SE1938ca. 1948
Westmorland XXXIII18581862
Westmorland XXXIII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXXIII.NW19121920
Westmorland XXXIII.NW1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXXIII.NE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXIII.NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXIII.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXIII.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXIII.SW1912ca. 1935
Westmorland XXXIII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXXIII.SE19111920
Westmorland XXXIV18581862
Westmorland XXXIV.NW18971899
Westmorland XXXIV.NW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXIV.NW1911 to 1912ca. 1933
Westmorland XXXIV.NE18971899
Westmorland XXXIV.NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXIV.NE1911 to 1912ca. 1938
Westmorland XXXIV.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXIV.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXIV.SE18971899
Westmorland XXXIV.SE19121920
Westmorland XXXIV.SE1912ca. 1937
Westmorland XXXV18581862
Westmorland XXXV.NW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXV.NW19111920
Westmorland XXXV.NE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXV.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXXV.NE1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXXV.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXV.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXV.SE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXV.SE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXXVI1857 to 18581862
Westmorland XXXVI.NW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXVI.NW1911 to 19131919
Westmorland XXXVI.NW1911 to 1913ca. 1946
Westmorland XXXVI.NW1950ca. 1954
Westmorland XXXVI.NE18971899
Westmorland XXXVI.NE1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXXVI.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXVI.SW1911 to 19131920
Westmorland XXXVI.SE18971899
Westmorland XXXVI.SE1912 to 19131920
Westmorland XXXVI.SE1950ca. 1954
Westmorland XXXVII18581862
Westmorland XXXVII.NW &NE18971899
Westmorland XXXVII.NW &NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXVII.NW & NE1911 to 1912ca. 1933
Westmorland XXXVII.NW & NE1911 to 1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXXVII.NW &NE18971899
Westmorland XXXVII.NW &NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XXXVII.NW & NE1911 to 1912ca. 1933
Westmorland XXXVII.NW & NE1911 to 1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XXXVII.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXVII.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXVII.SE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXVII.SE19121920
Westmorland XXXVII.SE1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XXXVII.SE1912ca. 1947
Westmorland XXXVIII18581863
Westmorland XXXVIII.NW18971899
Westmorland XXXVIII.NW19111920
Westmorland XXXVIII.NE18971899
Westmorland XXXVIII.NE19111920
Westmorland XXXVIII.NE1938ca. 1947
Westmorland XXXVIII.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXVIII.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXVIII.SE18971899
Westmorland XXXVIII.SE19111920
Westmorland XXXVIII.SE1938ca. 1947
Westmorland XXXIX18581862
Westmorland XXXIX.NW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXIX.NW19121920
Westmorland XXXIX.NE18961899
Westmorland XXXIX.NE19121919
Westmorland XXXIX.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XXXIX.SW19121920
Westmorland XXXIX.SW1938ca. 1947
Westmorland XXXIX.SE18961899
Westmorland XXXIX.SE19121920
Westmorland XL18581862
Westmorland XL.NW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XL.NW19121920
Westmorland XL.SW18961899
Westmorland XL.SW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLI18581862
Westmorland XLI.NW18971899
Westmorland XLI.NW19121920
Westmorland XLI.NE1897ca. 1899
Westmorland XLI.NE19121920
Westmorland XLI.NE1912ca. 1939
Westmorland XLI.NE1912ca. 1947
Westmorland XLI.SE18971899
Westmorland XLI.SE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLI.SE1911 to 1912ca. 1939
Westmorland XLI.SE1911 to 1912ca. 1944
Westmorland XLII18581862
Westmorland XLII.NW19121920
Westmorland XLII.NE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLII.NE19121920
Westmorland XLII.SW18971899
Westmorland XLII.SW19121920
Westmorland XLII.SE18971899
Westmorland XLII.SE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLIII18581862
Westmorland XLIII.NW18961899
Westmorland XLIII.NW19111920
Westmorland XLIII.NE18961899
Westmorland XLIII.NE19121920
Westmorland XLIII.NE1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XLIII.SW18961899
Westmorland XLIII.SW19111919
Westmorland XLIII.SE18961899
Westmorland XLIII.SE1911 to 19121919
Westmorland XLIII.SE1911 to 1912ca. 1937
Westmorland XLIV18571862
Westmorland XLIV.NW & NE18961899
Westmorland XLIV.NW & NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLIV.NW & NE18961899
Westmorland XLIV.NW & NE1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLIV.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLIV.SW1910 to 19121919
Westmorland XLIV.SE18961899
Westmorland XLIV.SE19101920
Westmorland XLV (inset XLIX)18581862
Westmorland XLV.NE18971899
Westmorland XLV.NE1910 to 19111920
Westmorland XLV.NE1910 to 1911ca. 1948
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW19121920
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XLVI (inset L)18571862
Westmorland XLVI.NW18971899
Westmorland XLVI.NW1911 to 19121920
Westmorland XLVI.NE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVI.NE19111920
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVI.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW19121920
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1912ca. 1936
Westmorland XLV.SE & XLVI.SW1912ca. 1945
Westmorland XLVI.SE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVI.SE19111920
Westmorland XLVI.SE1911ca. 1937
Westmorland XLVI.SE1911ca. 1945
Westmorland XLVII18571862
Westmorland XLVII.NW18961899
Westmorland XLVII.NW19111919
Westmorland XLVII.NE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVII.NE1910 to 19111919
Westmorland XLVII.NE1910 to 1911ca. 1936
Westmorland XLVII.SW1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVII.SW1910 to 19111920
Westmorland XLVII.SW1910 to 1911ca. 1934
Westmorland XLVII.SW1910 to 1911ca. 1945
Westmorland XLVII.SE1896 to 18971899
Westmorland XLVII.SE19101920
Westmorland XLVII.SE1910ca. 1945
Westmorland XLVIII18581862
Westmorland XLVIII.NW18961899
Westmorland XLVIII.NW19101920
Westmorland XLVIII.NE18961899
Westmorland XLVIII.NE19101920
Westmorland XLVIII.SW18961899
Westmorland XLVIII.SW1910 to 19111920
Westmorland XLVI (inset L)18571862
Westmorland L.NE18971899
Westmorland L.NE1910 to 19111920
Westmorland L.NE1910 to 1911ca. 1946
Westmorland LI.NW18971899
Westmorland LI.NW19101920
Westmorland XLV (inset XLIX)18581862