Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952


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Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Rutland II.SE1883 to 18841884
Rutland III.SW18841884
Rutland III.SE18841884
Rutland IV.NE1883 to 18841884
Rutland V.NW18841884
Rutland V.NW19021904
Rutland V.NW19281931
Rutland V.NW19501952
Rutland V.NE18841884
Rutland V.NE19021904
Rutland V.NE19281931
Rutland V.NE1928ca. 1933
Rutland V.NE19491952
Rutland V.SW18841884
Rutland V.SW19021904
Rutland V.SW19281931
Rutland V.SW1928ca. 1933
Rutland V.SW19491952
Rutland V.SE18841884
Rutland V.SE19021905
Rutland V.SE19281931
Rutland V.SE19491952
Rutland VI.NW18841884
Rutland VI.NW1902 to 19031905
Rutland VI.NW1902 to 1903ca. 1938
Rutland VI.NW1949 to 19501952
Rutland VI.NE18841884
Rutland VI.SW18841884
Rutland VI.SW19021904
Rutland VI.SW19501952
Rutland VI.SE18841884
Rutland VI.SE1902 to 19031905
Rutland VI.SE19501952
Rutland VII.NW18851885
Rutland VII.SW18851885
Rutland VIII.SE18841884
Rutland IX.NW18841885
Rutland IX.NW19031905
Rutland IX.NW19281931
Rutland IX.NW19491952
Rutland IX.NE18841885
Rutland IX.NE19031905
Rutland IX.NE19281931
Rutland IX.NE19491952
Rutland IX.SW18841885
Rutland IX.SW1902 to 19031904
Rutland IX.SW19281931
Rutland IX.SW19491952
Rutland IX.SE18841885
Rutland IX.SE1902 to 19031905
Rutland IX.SE19281931
Rutland IX.SE19491952
Rutland X.NW18841885
Rutland X.NW19021905
Rutland X.NW1949 to 19501952
Rutland X.NE18851886
Rutland X.SW18841885
Rutland X.SW19021904
Rutland X.SW19501952
Rutland XII.NE18841885
Rutland XIII.NW18841885
Rutland XIII.NW19021905
Rutland XIII.NW1949 to 19501952
Rutland XIII.NE18841885
Rutland XIII.NE19021905
Rutland XIII.NE1949 to 19501952
Rutland XIII.SW18841885
Rutland XIII.SE1884 to 18851885
Rutland XIII.SE1899 to 19021905
Rutland XIV.NW18841885
Rutland XIV.NW1899 to 19021904
Rutland XV.NW18841885