Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952


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Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Flintshire I18711878
Flintshire I.NE18981900
Flintshire I.NE19101914
Flintshire I.NE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire I.NE19491953
Flintshire I.SW18981900
Flintshire I.SE18981900
Flintshire I.SE1910 to 19111914
Flintshire I.SE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire I.SE19491953
Flintshire II18711878
Flintshire II.NW18981900
Flintshire II.NW19101915
Flintshire II.NW1910ca. 1936
Flintshire II.NW1938ca. 1949
Flintshire II.NW19491953
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE18981900
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE19101915
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE19491953
Flintshire II.SW18981900
Flintshire II.SW19101915
Flintshire II.SW1910ca. 1933
Flintshire II.SW1938ca. 1948
Flintshire II.SW19491953
Flintshire II.SE18981900
Flintshire II.SE19101914
Flintshire II.SE19491953
Flintshire III (inset IIA & IIIA)18711878
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE18981900
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE19101915
Flintshire II.NE & IIa.SE19491953
Flintshire III (inset IIA & IIIA)18711878
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW18981900
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW19101914
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW19101953
Flintshire III.SW18981900
Flintshire III.SW19101914
Flintshire III.SW19491953
Flintshire III.SE18981900
Flintshire III.SE19101914
Flintshire III (inset IIA & IIIA)18711878
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW18981900
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW19101914
Flintshire IIIa.SW & III.NW19101953
Flintshire IV18711878
Flintshire IV.NW18981900
Flintshire IV.NE18981900
Flintshire IV.NE19091914
Flintshire IV.NE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire IV.NE19491953
Flintshire IV.SW18981900
Flintshire IV.SE18981900
Flintshire V1870 to 18711878
Flintshire V.NW18981900
Flintshire V.NW19101914
Flintshire V.NW1910ca. 1936
Flintshire V.NW1910ca. 1949
Flintshire V.NW19491953
Flintshire V.NE18981900
Flintshire V.NE19101914
Flintshire V.NE1910ca. 1937
Flintshire V.NE1910ca. 1950
Flintshire V.NE19491953
Flintshire V.SW18981900
Flintshire V.SW19101914
Flintshire V.SW19491953
Flintshire V.SE18981900
Flintshire VI18711878
Flintshire VI.NW18981900
Flintshire VI.NW19101914
Flintshire VI.NW
(Special Emergency Edition)
Revised: 1910
Selected Revision: 1938
Printed: 1939
Flintshire VI.NW1938ca. 1948
Flintshire VI.NW19491953
Flintshire VI.NE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire VI.NE19091914
Flintshire VI.NE19501954
Flintshire VI.SW18981900
Flintshire VI.SW19101915
Flintshire VI.SW1910ca. 1931
Flintshire VI.SW1910ca. 1947
Flintshire VI.SW1938ca. 1948
Flintshire VI.SW1948 to 19491953
Flintshire VI.SE18981900
Flintshire VI.SE1909 to 19101914
Flintshire VI.SE1938ca. 1948
Flintshire VI.SE1948 to 19491954
Flintshire VIa18691878
Flintshire VIa.SW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire VIa.SW1909 to 19101914
Flintshire VII18741880
Flintshire VII.NE18981900
Flintshire VIII1870 to 18711880
Flintshire VIII.NW18981900
Flintshire VIII.NE18981900
Flintshire VIII.SW18981900
Flintshire VIII.SE18981900
Flintshire IX1870 to 18711880
Flintshire IX.NW18981900
Flintshire IX.NW19101914
Flintshire IX.NW1910ca. 1931
Flintshire IX.NW1910ca. 1951
Flintshire IX.NW1948 to 19491953
Flintshire IX.NE18981900
Flintshire IX.NE19091914
Flintshire IX.NE1938ca. 1948
Flintshire IX.NE1938 to 19481954
Flintshire IX.SW18981900
Flintshire IX.SW19101914
Flintshire IX.SW1910ca. 1951
Flintshire IX.SW1948 to 19491953
Flintshire IX.SE18981900
Flintshire IX.SE1909 to 19101914
Flintshire IX.SE1948 to 19491954
Flintshire X18691871
Flintshire X.NW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire X.NW1909 to 19101913
Flintshire X.NW1938ca. 1949
Flintshire X.NE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire X.NE19091913
Flintshire X.NE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire X.SW18981900
Flintshire X.SW1909 to 19101913
Flintshire X.SW
(Special Emergency Edition)
Revised: 1909 to 1910
Selected Revision: 1938
Printed: 1939
Flintshire X.SW1938ca. 1948
Flintshire X.SW19481954
Flintshire X.SE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire X.SE19091913
Flintshire X.SE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire X.SE19481954
Flintshire XI18691871
Flintshire XI.SW18981900
Flintshire XI.SW19091914
Flintshire XII1870 to 18711879
Flintshire XII.NE18981900
Flintshire XII.SE18981900
Flintshire XIII18711878
Flintshire XIII.NW18981900
Flintshire XIII.NW19101914
Flintshire XIII.NW1910ca. 1933
Flintshire XIII.NW1910ca. 1949
Flintshire XIII.NW1948 to 19491953
Flintshire XIII.NE18981900
Flintshire XIII.NE19101914
Flintshire XIII.NE1938ca. 1949
Flintshire XIII.NE19481954
Flintshire XIII.SW18981900
Flintshire XIII.SE18981900
Flintshire XIV18691871
Flintshire XIV.NW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XIV.NW19091914
Flintshire XIV.NW1938ca. 1948
Flintshire XIV.NW19481954
Flintshire XIV.NE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XIV.NE19091914
Flintshire XIV.NE1938ca. 1948
Flintshire XIV.NE19481954
Flintshire XIV.SW18981900
Flintshire XIV.SW19091914
Flintshire XIV.SW1938ca. 1949
Flintshire XIV.SW19481954
Flintshire XIV.SE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XIV.SE19091914
Flintshire XV18691871
Flintshire XV.NW18981900
Flintshire XV.NW19091913
Flintshire XV.SW18981900
Flintshire XV.SW19091914
Flintshire XVI1872 to 18741879
Flintshire XVI.NE18981900
Flintshire XVI.SE18981900
Flintshire XVII18721879
Flintshire XVII.NW18981900
Flintshire XVII.NW19091914
Flintshire XVII.NW19491954
Flintshire XVII.NE18981900
Flintshire XVII.SW18981900
Flintshire XVII.SE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XVIIa.NW18981900
Flintshire XVIIa.SW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XVIII.NE18981900
Flintshire XIX.NW18981900
Flintshire XX.NW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XX.SE18971900
Flintshire XXI.SE18981900
Flintshire XXII1872 to 18731879
Flintshire XXII.NW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XXII.NE18971900
Flintshire XXII.SW18981900
Flintshire XXII.SE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XXII.SE19091914
Flintshire XXIII18731878
Flintshire XXIII.NW18971900
Flintshire XXIII.NW19091914
Flintshire XXIII.SW18971900
Flintshire XXIII.SW19091914
Flintshire XXIII.SE18971900
Flintshire XXIII.SE19091914
Flintshire XXIII.SE1909ca. 1950
Flintshire XXIV.NE18981900
Flintshire XXV18731878
Flintshire XXV.NW18981900
Flintshire XXV.NW19091915
Flintshire XXV.NE18981900
Flintshire XXV.NE19091914
Flintshire XXV.SE18981900
Flintshire XXV.SE19091914
Flintshire XXVI (inset XXVII)18731878
Flintshire XXVI.NW1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XXVI.NW19091914
Flintshire XXVI.NW1909ca. 1949
Flintshire XXVI.NE1897 to 18981900
Flintshire XXVI.NE19091914
Flintshire XXVI.NE1909ca. 1949
Flintshire XXVI.SW18981900
Flintshire XXVI.SW19091915
Flintshire XXVI.SW1909ca. 1948
Flintshire XXVI.SE18981900
Flintshire XXVI.SE19091915
Flintshire XXVI.SE1909ca. 1950
Flintshire XXVI (inset XXVII)18731878
Flintshire XXVII.NW18981900
Flintshire XXVII.NW19091914