Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952

Essex, 1912-1940 (New Meridian)

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Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Essex nI19191924
Essex nI1946 to 19491951
Essex nII19191924
Essex nII1946 to 19491951
Essex nIII19191924
Essex nIII1946 to 19491951
Essex nIV1938ca. 1946
Essex nIV1946 to 19481951
Essex nIV.SW19191925
Essex nIV.SW19491951
Essex nIV.SE19201925
Essex nV.SW19201925
Essex nVI19191924
Essex nVII19191924
Essex nVII1938ca. 1946
Essex nVII1946 to 19471951
Essex nVIII19191924
Essex nVIII19481951
Essex nIX19191924
Essex nIX1946 to 19491951
Essex nX1919 to 19201924
Essex nXI.NW19201925
Essex nXI.SW19201925
Essex nXII19191924
Essex nXII1946 to 19491950
Essex nXIII19191923
Essex nXIII.NW19191923
Essex nXIII.NW1919ca. 1938
Essex nXIII.NW19461950
Essex nXIII.NE19191923
Essex nXIII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXIII.NE1946 to 19481951
Essex nXIII.SW19191923
Essex nXIII.SW1919ca. 1936
Essex nXIII.SW19461950
Essex nXIII.SE19191923
Essex nXIII.SE19461950
Essex nXIV19191923
Essex nXIV.NW1919ca. 1935
Essex nXIV.NW19461950
Essex nXIV.NE1919ca. 1935
Essex nXIV.NE19461950
Essex nXIV.SW1919ca. 1935
Essex nXIV.SW19461950
Essex nXIV.SE1919ca. 1935
Essex nXIV.SE19461950
Essex nXV19191924
Essex nXV19461951
Essex nXVI1919 to 19201924
Essex nXVII.NW19201925
Essex nXVII.NW1920ca. 1938
Essex nXVII.NE19201925
Essex nXVII.SW19201925
Essex nXVII.SW1920ca. 1935
Essex nXVII.SE19201925
Essex nXVIII.SW1920 to 19211925
Essex nXVIII.SE19201925
Essex nXIX.SW19211925
Essex nXIX.SE19211925
Essex nXX.SW19221925
Essex nXX.SE19221925
Essex nXXI.SW19221925
Essex nXXII19161923
Essex nXXII.NE1916ca. 1933
Essex nXXII.NE19461950
Essex nXXIII1916 to 19191923
Essex nXXIII1946 to 19471951
Essex nXXIV1916 to 19191923
Essex nXXIV1946 to 19481951
Essex nXXV19191924
Essex nXXV1946 to 19481951
Essex nXXVI1919 to 19211924
Essex nXXVI.NW19191924
Essex nXXVI.NE1920 to 19211924
Essex nXXVI.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXVI.SW19191924
Essex nXXVI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXVI.SE19201924
Essex nXXVII.NW19201925
Essex nXXVII.NW1920ca. 1933
Essex nXXVII.NE19201925
Essex nXXVII.NE1920ca. 1935
Essex nXXVII.SW19201925
Essex nXXVII.SE19201925
Essex nXXVIII1920 to 19211924
Essex nXXVIII1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXIX.NW19211925
Essex nXXIX.NW1921ca. 1933
Essex nXXIX.NE19211925
Essex nXXIX.NE1921ca. 1936
Essex nXXIX.SW19211925
Essex nXXIX.SE19211925
Essex nXXX.NW19211925
Essex nXXX.NE19221925
Essex nXXX.NE1922ca. 1936
Essex nXXX.NE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXXX.SW19211925
Essex nXXX.SW1921ca. 1936
Essex nXXX.SE1921 to 19221925
Essex nXXX.SE1921 to 1922ca. 1933
Essex nXXXI.NW19221925
Essex nXXXI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXI.SW19221925
Essex nXXXII1915 to 19161923
Essex nXXXII.NW19161923
Essex nXXXII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXII.NW19461950
Essex nXXXII.NE1915 to 19161923
Essex nXXXII.NE19471950
Essex nXXXII.SW19151923
Essex nXXXII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXII.SW19471951
Essex nXXXII.SE19151923
Essex nXXXII.SE1946 to 19471951
Essex nXXXIII1915 to 19161923
Essex nXXXIII1946 to 19471951
Essex nXXXIV1915 to 19191923
Essex nXXXIV.NW19191923
Essex nXXXIV.NW19471950
Essex nXXXIV.NE19191923
Essex nXXXIV.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXIV.NE1946 to 19481950
Essex nXXXIV.SW1915 to 19191923
Essex nXXXIV.SW19471950
Essex nXXXIV.SE19191923
Essex nXXXIV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXIV.SE19461950
Essex nXXXV1919 to 19201924
Essex nXXXV.NW19191924
Essex nXXXV.NW1939ca. 1946
Essex nXXXV.NW19391951
Essex nXXXV.NE19201924
Essex nXXXV.SW19191924
Essex nXXXV.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXV.SE19201924
Essex nXXXV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXVI.NW19201925
Essex nXXXVI.NE19201925
Essex nXXXVI.SW19201925
Essex nXXXVI.SE19201925
Essex nXXXVII1920 to 19211924
Essex nXXXVII.NW1920 to 19211924
Essex nXXXVII.NW1938ca. 1947
Essex nXXXVII.NE19211924
Essex nXXXVII.NE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXXXVII.SW1920 to 19211924
Essex nXXXVII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXVII.SE19211924
Essex nXXXVII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXVIII19211924
Essex nXXXVIII.NW19211924
Essex nXXXVIII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXVIII.NE19211924
Essex nXXXVIII.SW19211924
Essex nXXXVIII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXXXVIII.SE19211924
Essex nXXXIX.NW19211925
Essex nXXXIX.NW1921ca. 1933
Essex nXXXIX.NE1921 to 19221925
Essex nXXXIX.NE1921 to 1922ca. 1933
Essex nXXXIX.SW1921 to 19221925
Essex nXXXIX.SE1921 to 19221925
Essex nXXXIX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXL.NW1921 to 19221925
Essex nXL.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXL.SW19221925
Essex nXL.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLI19151923
Essex nXLI.SE19151923
Essex nXLI.SE1947ca. 1948
Essex nXLI.SE19471951
Essex nXLII19151923
Essex nXLII.NW19151923
Essex nXLII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLII.NW19461951
Essex nXLII.NE19151923
Essex nXLII.NE1915ca. 1935
Essex nXLII.NE19461950
Essex nXLII.SW19151923
Essex nXLII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLII.SW1947ca. 1948
Essex nXLII.SW19471951
Essex nXLII.SE19151923
Essex nXLII.SE19461950
Essex nXLIII1916 to 19181923
Essex nXLIII19461951
Essex nXLIV19191924
Essex nXLIV19461951
Essex nXLV1919 to 19201924
Essex nXLV.NW19191924
Essex nXLV.NE19201924
Essex nXLV.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLV.SW19191924
Essex nXLV.SE19201924
Essex nXLV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVI19201924
Essex nXLVI.NW1920ca. 1934
Essex nXLVI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVI.SW1920ca. 1934
Essex nXLVI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVI.SE1920ca. 1934
Essex nXLVII.NW19211925
Essex nXLVII.NE19211925
Essex nXLVII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVII.SW19211925
Essex nXLVII.SE19211925
Essex nXLVII.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXLVIII.NW1920 to 19211925
Essex nXLVIII.NW1938ca. 1945
Essex nXLVIII.NE19211925
Essex nXLVIII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVIII.SW19211925
Essex nXLVIII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLVIII.SE19211925
Essex nXLVIII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLIX.NW19211925
Essex nXLIX.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLIX.NE19211925
Essex nXLIX.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLIX.SW19211925
Essex nXLIX.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXLIX.SE19211925
Essex nXLIX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nL.NW19211925
Essex nL.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLI19151923
Essex nLI.NW19151923
Essex nLI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLI.NE19151923
Essex nLI.NE1938 to 1947ca. 1948
Essex nLI.SW19151923
Essex nLI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLI.SE19151923
Essex nLI.SE1938 to 1947ca. 1948
Essex nLII19151923
Essex nLII.NW19151923
Essex nLII.NW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLII.NW1947ca. 1948
Essex nLII.NE19151923
Essex nLII.NE1915ca. 1935
Essex nLII.SW19151923
Essex nLII.SW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLII.SW1938 to 1948ca. 1948
Essex nLII.SE19151923
Essex nLIII19151923
Essex nLIII.NW1915ca. 1935
Essex nLIII.NE1915ca. 1935
Essex nLIII.SW1915ca. 1935
Essex nLIII.SE1915ca. 1935
Essex nLIV19191924
Essex nLIV.NW19191924
Essex nLIV.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLIV.NE19191924
Essex nLIV.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLIV.SW19191924
Essex nLIV.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLIV.SE19191924
Essex nLIV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLV1919 to 19201924
Essex nLV.NW19191924
Essex nLV.NE19201924
Essex nLV.NE1938ca. 1947
Essex nLV.SW19191924
Essex nLV.SE19201924
Essex nLV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLVI19201924
Essex nLVI.NW19201924
Essex nLVI.NE19201924
Essex nLVI.SW19201924
Essex nLVI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLVI.SE19201924
Essex nLVI.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLVII.NW19201925
Essex nLVII.NE1920 to 19211925
Essex nLVII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLVII.SW19201925
Essex nLVII.SE19201925
Essex nLVIII.NW19101925
Essex nLVIII.NE19211925
Essex nLVIII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLVIII.SW19101925
Essex nLIX.NW19211925
Essex nLIX.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLX19151923
Essex nLX.NW19151923
Essex nLX.NW1938ca. 1947
Essex nLX.NE19151923
Essex nLX.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLX.SW19151920
Essex nLX.SW19151923
Essex nLX.SW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLX.SW19351935
Essex nLX.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLX.SE19151923
Essex nLX.SE1915ca. 1933
Essex nLX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXI19151923
Essex nLXI.NW19151923
Essex nLXI.NW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLXI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXI.NE19151923
Essex nLXI.SW19151923
Essex nLXI.SE19151923
Essex nLXII1915 to 19181923
Essex nLXII.NW1915 to 19161923
Essex nLXII.NW1915 to 1916ca. 1933
Essex nLXII.NE1916 to 19181923
Essex nLXII.SW1916 to 19181923
Essex nLXII.SW1916 to 1918ca. 1933
Essex nLXII.SE1916 to 19181923
Essex nLXIII19191924
Essex nLXIII.NW19191923
Essex nLXIII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXIII.NE19191923
Essex nLXIII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXIII.SW19191923
Essex nLXIII.SE19191923
Essex nLXIV1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXIV.NW19191924
Essex nLXIV.NE1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXIV.SW19191924
Essex nLXIV.SE19201924
Essex nLXV1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXV.NW19201924
Essex nLXV.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXV.NE19201924
Essex nLXV.SW1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXV.SW1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXV.SE19201924
Essex nLXV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXVI19201925
Essex nLXVII.NW19101924
Essex nLXVII.SW19101924
Essex nLXVII.SE19101924
Essex nLXVIII.NE19131920
Essex nLXVIII.NE1938ca. 1943
Essex nLXVIII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXVIII.SE19131920
Essex nLXVIII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXIX.NW19151920
Essex nLXIX.NW19351935
Essex nLXIX.NW19381953
Essex nLXIX.NE1939 to 19401953
Essex nLXIX.SW19381953
Essex nLXIX.SE1938 to 19401953
Essex nLXX19151921
Essex nLXX.NW19151921
Essex nLXX.NW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLXX.NW1938ca. 1945
Essex nLXX.NE19151921
Essex nLXX.NE1915ca. 1934
Essex nLXX.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXX.SW19151921
Essex nLXX.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXX.SE19151921
Essex nLXX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXI19151921
Essex nLXXI.NW19151921
Essex nLXXI.NW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLXXI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXI.NE19151921
Essex nLXXI.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXI.SW19151921
Essex nLXXI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXI.SE19151921
Essex nLXXI.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXII19191924
Essex nLXXII.NW19191923
Essex nLXXII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXII.NE19191923
Essex nLXXII.SW19191923
Essex nLXXII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXII.SE19191923
Essex nLXXII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIII1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXIII.NW19191924
Essex nLXXIII.NE19201924
Essex nLXXIII.SW19191924
Essex nLXXIII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIII.SE1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXIII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIV1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXIV.NW19201924
Essex nLXXIV.NE19201924
Essex nLXXIV.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIV.SW19191924
Essex nLXXIV.SE1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXIV.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXV19201924
Essex nLXXV.NW19201924
Essex nLXXV.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXV.NE19201924
Essex nLXXV.SW19201924
Essex nLXXV.SW1938ca. 1945
Essex nLXXV.SE19201924
Essex nLXXVI1910 to 19201924
Essex nLXXVII1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIX1914 to 19151921
Essex nLXXIX.NW19141921
Essex nLXXIX.NW1914ca. 1933
Essex nLXXIX.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIX.NE19151921
Essex nLXXIX.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIX.SW1914 to 19151921
Essex nLXXIX.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXIX.SE19151921
Essex nLXXIX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXX19151921
Essex nLXXX.NW19151921
Essex nLXXX.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXX.NE19151921
Essex nLXXX.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXX.SW19151921
Essex nLXXX.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXX.SE19151921
Essex nLXXX.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXI1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXXI.NW1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXXI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXI.NE19201924
Essex nLXXXI.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXI.SW1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXXI.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXI.SE1919 to 19201924
Essex nLXXXI.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXII1919 to 19201923
Essex nLXXXII.NW1919 to 19201923
Essex nLXXXII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXII.NE19201923
Essex nLXXXII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXII.SW19201923
Essex nLXXXII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXII.SE19201923
Essex nLXXXII.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXXXIII1919 to 19201923
Essex nLXXXIII.NW1919 to 19201923
Essex nLXXXIII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXIII.NE1919 to 19201923
Essex nLXXXIII.SW19201923
Essex nLXXXIII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXIII.SE19201923
Essex nLXXXIII.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXXXIV1920 to 19211923
Essex nLXXXIV.NW19201923
Essex nLXXXIV.NE1920 to 19211923
Essex nLXXXIV.SW1920 to 19211923
Essex nLXXXIV.SE19101923
Essex nLXXXV19101924
Essex nLXXXVII19151921
Essex nLXXXVII.NW19151921
Essex nLXXXVII.NW1915ca. 1933
Essex nLXXXVII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXVII.NE19151921
Essex nLXXXVII.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXVII.SW19151921
Essex nLXXXVII.SW1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXVII.SE19151921
Essex nLXXXVII.SE1938ca. 1944
Essex nLXXXVII.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXXXVIII19151921
Essex nLXXXVIII.NW19151921
Essex nLXXXVIII.NW1938ca. 1945
Essex nLXXXVIII.NE19151921
Essex nLXXXVIII.SW19151921
Essex nLXXXVIII.SW1938ca. 1945
Essex nLXXXVIII.SE19151921
Essex nLXXXVIII.SE1938ca. 1944
Essex nLXXXVIII.SE1938ca. 1946
Essex nLXXXIX1915 to 19191924
Essex nLXXXIX.NW19151924
Essex nLXXXIX.NW1938ca. 1944
Essex nLXXXIX.NW1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXXXIX.NE19191924
Essex nLXXXIX.NE1938ca. 1944
Essex nLXXXIX.NE1938ca. 1947
Essex nLXXXIX.SW19151924
Essex nLXXXIX.SW1938ca. 1945
Essex nLXXXIX.SE19191924
Essex nLXXXIX.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXC1919 to 19211923
Essex nXC.NW1919 to 19201923
Essex nXC.NW1919 to 19321932
Essex nXC.NW1938ca. 1945
Essex nXC.NE1920 to 19211923
Essex nXC.NE1920 to 19321932
Essex nXC.NE1938ca. 1945
Essex nXC.SW1919 to 19211923
Essex nXC.SW1919 to 19321932
Essex nXC.SW1938ca. 1945
Essex nXC.SE1919 to 19211923
Essex nXC.SE1920 to 19321932
Essex nXC.SE1938ca. 1945
Essex nXCI1920 to 19211923
Essex nXCI.NW1920 to 19211923
Essex nXCI.NW1920 to 1921ca. 1934
Essex nXCI.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXCI.NE1920 to 19211923
Essex nXCI.NE1920 to 1921ca. 1934
Essex nXCI.NE1938ca. 1946
Essex nXCI.SW19211923
Essex nXCI.SE19101923
Essex nXCI.SE1910ca. 1934
Essex nXCII.NW1920 to 19211925
Essex nXCII.NW1938ca. 1946
Essex nXCII.NE19101924
Essex nXCII.SW19101925
Essex nXCII.SE & nXCIII.NW19101924
Essex nXCII.SE & nXCIII.NW19101924
Essex nXCIV19151921
Essex nXCIV1938ca. 1946
Essex nXCV1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCV.NW1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCV.NW1938ca. 1944
Essex nXCV.NW1938ca. 1947
Essex nXCV.NE19161923
Essex nXCV.NE1938ca. 1944
Essex nXCV.NE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXCV.SW1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCV.SE1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCV.SE1938ca. 1944
Essex nXCV.SE1938ca. 1947
Essex nXCVI1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCVI.NW & NE1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCVI.NW & NE1938ca. 1944
Essex nXCVI.NW & NE1915 to 19161923
Essex nXCVI.NW & NE1938ca. 1944
Essex nXCVI.SW19161923