Ordnance Survey Maps - 25 inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1855-1882

Caithness-shire, surveyed 1870-72

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Sheet NumberDate of Survey    Date of Publication    
Caithness, I.6 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.7 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.10 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.11 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.12 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.14 (with extension I.13) (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.14 (with extension I.13) (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.15 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, I.16 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, II.4 (Combined)18721887
Caithness, II.4 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, II.11 (with inset II.7) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, II.8 (Canisbay [Island of Stroma])18721873
Caithness, II.9 (Combined)18721896
Caithness, II.9 (Canisbay & Dunnet)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, II.10 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, II.11 (with inset II.7) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, II.13 (Dunnet & Canisbay)18721876
Caithness, II.14 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, II.15 (Combined)18721893
Caithness, II.15 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, II.16 (Combined)18721894
Caithness, II.16 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, IIa.16 & IIIa.13 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, IIa.16 & IIIa.13 (Combined)18721889
Caithness, III.1 (Combined)18721901
Caithness, III.1 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, III.5 (Canisbay [Island of Stroma])18721873
Caithness, III.10 (with inset III.9) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, III.10 (with inset III.9) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, III.15 (with extension III.11) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, III.13 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, III.14 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, III.15 (with extension III.11) (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, IIa.16 & IIIa.13 (Canisbay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, IIa.16 & IIIa.13 (Combined)18721889
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Combined)18721892
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Combined)18721892
Caithness, IV.4 (with inset IV.3) (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, IV.7 (Combined)18721902
Caithness, IV.7 (Reay & Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, IV.8 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, IV.10 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, IV.11 (Reay & Thurso)18721873
Caithness, IV.12 (Thurso & Reay)18721873
Caithness, IV.13 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, IV.14 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, IV.15 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, IV.16 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, IV.16 (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, IV.16 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, V.1 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.2 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.3 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.5 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.6 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.7 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, V.8 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, V.9 (Thurso)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, V.10 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, V.11 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, V.12 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, V.12 (Olrig)18721873
Caithness, V.13 (Combined)18721886
Caithness, V.13 (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, V.14 (Combined)18721885
Caithness, V.14 (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, V.15 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, V.16 (Thurso & Olrig)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, V.16 (Combined)18721897
Caithness, VI.2 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.3 (Combined)18721903
Caithness, VI.3 (Dunnet)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, VI.4 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.7 (Dunnet & Olrig)18721873
Caithness, VI.8 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.9 (Olrig & Thurso)18721873
Caithness, VI.10 (Combined)18721893
Caithness, VI.10 (Olrig)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, VI.11 (Olrig & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.12 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.13 (Olrig)18721873
Caithness, VI.14 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, VI.14 (Olrig)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, VI.15 (Olrig & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VI.16 (Dunnet & Olrig)18721873
Caithness, VII.1 (Dunnet & Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.2 (Canisbay & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VII.3 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.4 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.5 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VII.6 (Canisbay & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VII.7 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.8 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.9 (Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VII.10 (Canisbay & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, VII.11 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.12 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, VII.12 (Cansibay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, VII.13 (Dunnet & Bower)18721873
Caithness, VII.14 (Dunnet, Canisbay & Bower)18721873
Caithness, VII.15 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VII.16 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, VII.16 (Cansibay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, VIII.1 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.2 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.3 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.5 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, VIII.5 (Cansibay)1873ca. 1873
Caithness, VIII.6 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.7 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.9 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.10 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.13 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, VIII.14 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, X.1 (Combined)18721892
Caithness, X.1 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, X.2 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.3 (Combined)18721895
Caithness, X.3 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, X.4 (Reay, Thurso & Halkirk)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, X.5 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.6 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.7 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.8 (Reay)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, X.8 (Halkirk)18721873
Caithness, X.9 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.10 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.11 (Reay & Halkirk)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, X.12 (Combined)1871 to 18721892
Caithness, X.12 (Reay)1871 to 1872ca. 1873
Caithness, X.12 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, X.13 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.14 (Reay)18721873
Caithness, X.15 (Reay & Halkirk)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, X.16 (Combined)1871 to 18721892
Caithness, X.16 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.1 (Combined)1871 to 18721895
Caithness, XI.1 (Thurso & Halkirk)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.2 (Thurso)18711873
Caithness, XI.3 (Combined)18711889
Caithness, XI.3 (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.4 (Combined)1871 to 18721892
Caithness, XI.4 (Thurso & Olrig)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.5 (Combined)1871 to 18721902
Caithness, XI.5 (Halkirk & Thurso)1872ca. 1872
Caithness, XI.6 (Thurso and Halkirk)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XI.7 (Combined)18711889
Caithness, XI.7 (Thurso)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.8 (Thurso)18721873
Caithness, XI.9 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XI.10 (Combined)1871 to 18721895
Caithness, XI.10 (Halkirk & Thurso)1872ca. 1872
Caithness, XI.11 (Combined)1871 to 18721892
Caithness, XI.11 (Thurso & Halkirk)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.12 (Combined)1871 to 18721892
Caithness, XI.12 (Thurso & Halkirk)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XI.13 (Halkirk & Reay)18711873
Caithness, XI.14 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XI.15 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XI.16 (Combined)1871 to 18721889
Caithness, XI.16 (Halkirk & Thurso)1872ca. 1872
Caithness, XII.1 (Olrig & Thurso)18721873
Caithness, XII.2 (Olrig)18721873
Caithness, XII.3 (Olrig & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.4 (Olrig, Bower & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, XII.5 (Combined)18721901
Caithness, XII.5 (Thurso Bower & Olrig)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XII.6 (Olrig & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.7 (Olrig & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.8 (Bower & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, XII.9 (Bower & Thurso)18721873
Caithness, XII.10 (Bower & Olrig)18721873
Caithness, XII.11 (Bower & Olrig)18721873
Caithness, XII.12 (Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.13 (Bower, Halkirk & Thurso)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XII.14 (Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.15 (Bower)18721873
Caithness, XII.16 (Bower & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XIII.1 (Dunnet & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.2 (Bower, Wick, Dunnet & Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, XIII.3 (Canisbay, Bower & Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIII.4 (Canisbay & Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIII.5 (Dunnet & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.6 (Bower & Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIII.7 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIII.8 (Wick & Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, XIII.9 (Bower & Dunnet)18721873
Caithness, XIII.10 (Bower & Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIII.11 (Wick & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.12 (Combined)18721897
Caithness, XIII.12 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIII.13 (Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.14 (Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.15 (Wick & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIII.16 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIV.1 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, XIV.2 (Canisbay)18721873
Caithness, XIV.5 (Combined)18721898
Caithness, XIV.5 (Wick & Canisbay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIV.6 (Combined)18721898
Caithness, XIV.6 (Canisbay & Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Combined)18721897
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Combined)18721897
Caithness, XIV.9 (with inset XIV.13) (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVI.4 (Reay & Halkirk)18711873
Caithness, XVI.8 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XVI.8 (Reay)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVI.12 (Reay)18711873
Caithness, XVI.16 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XVI.16 (Reay & Thurso (Det.))1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVII.1 (Reay & Halkirk)18711873
Caithness, XVII.2 (Halkirk & Reay)18711873
Caithness, XVII.3 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.5 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XVII.5 (Reay & Thurso (Det.))1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVII.6 (Reay)18711873
Caithness, XVII.7 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.8 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.9 (Combined)18711894
Caithness, XVII.9 (Reay & Halkirk & Thurso (Det.))1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVII.10 (Halkirk & Thurso (Det.))18711872
Caithness, XVII.11 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.12 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.13 (Halkirk & Reay & Thurso (Det.) - Combined)18711881
Caithness, XVII.14 (Halkirk & Thurso (Det.))18711872
Caithness, XVII.15 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVII.16 (Halkirk)18711872
Caithness, XVIII.1 (Combined)1871 to 18721897
Caithness, XVIII.1 (Bower)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XVIII.2 (Bower & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XVIII.3 (Bower & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XVIII.4 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.4 (Bower)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XVIII.6 (with extension XVIII.5) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.5 (Combined)1871 to 18721896
Caithness, XVIII.5 (Halkirk & Bower)1872ca. 1872
Caithness, XVIII.6 (with extension XVIII.5) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.6 (Bower)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XVIII.7 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.8 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.9 (Halkirk & Watten)18711871
Caithness, XVIII.10 (Combined)1870 to 18711892
Caithness, XVIII.10 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XVIII.11 (Watten)18701871
Caithness, XVIII.12 (Watten)18701871
Caithness, XVIII.13 (Halkirk and Watten)18711873
Caithness, XVIII.14 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XVIII.14 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XVIII.15 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XVIII.15 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XVIII.16 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XIX.1 (Combined)1871 to 18721891
Caithness, XIX.1 (Watten, Bower & Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIX.2 (Bower, Wick & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XIX.3 (Wick & Bower)18721873
Caithness, XIX.4 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.5 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XIX.6 (Wick & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XIX.7 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.8 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.9 (Combined)1871 to 18721891
Caithness, XIX.9 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XIX.9 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIX.10 (Wick & Watten)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XIX.11 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.12 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.13 (Combined)1871 to 18721903
Caithness, XIX.13 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XIX.13 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XIX.14 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.15 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XIX.16 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XX.9 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XX.10 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XX.13 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XX.14 (Wick)1871 to 18721873
Caithness, XXIII.1 (Halkirk & Watten)18711873
Caithness, XXIII.2 (Combined)18711884
Caithness, XXIII.2 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XXIII.3 (Combined)18711884
Caithness, XXIII.3 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XXIII.4 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.9 (with inset XXIII.5) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.6 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.7 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.8 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.9 (with inset XXIII.5) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.10 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.11 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.12 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIII.13 (Halkirk, Watten & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIII.14 (Watten & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIII.15 (Combined)18711884
Caithness, XXIII.15 (Watten)1871ca. 1871
Caithness, XXIII.16 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXIV.1 (Watten & Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.2 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXIV.2 (Wick & Watten)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIV.3 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXIV.4 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXIV.5 (Watten & Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.6 (Wick & Watten)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.7 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXIV.8 (Combined)18721896
Caithness, XXIV.8 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIV.9 (Watten & Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.10 (Wick & Watten)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.11 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.12 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.13 (Watten, Wick & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.14 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.15 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIV.16 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXV.1 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.2 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.5 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.6 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.9 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.10 (Wick)18721873
Caithness, XXV.13 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.1 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.3 (with inset XXVIII.2) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXVIII.2 (Combined)18711893
Caithness, XXVIII.2 (Latheron & Watten)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXVIII.3 (with inset XXVIII.2) (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXVIII.3 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.4 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXVIII.4 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.5 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.6 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.7 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXVIII.7 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.8 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXVIII.8 (Latheron & Watten)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXVIII.9 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXVIII.9 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXVIII.10 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.11 (Latheron & Watten)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.12 (Watten)18711871
Caithness, XXVIII.12 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.13 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXVIII.14 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXVIII.14 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXVIII.15 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXVIII.15 (Latheron & Watten)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXVIII.16 (Latheron & Watten)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.1 (Wick & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.2 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.3 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.4 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.5 (Latheron & Wick - Combined)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.5 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.5 (Latheron)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.6 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.7 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.8 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.9 (Latheron & Wick - Combined)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.9 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.9 (Latheron)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.10 (Wick & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.11 (Wick & Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.12 (Combined)18711898
Caithness, XXIX.12 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.13 (Latheron & Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.14 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXIX.14 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.14 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.15 (Latheron & Wick - Combined)18711873
Caithness, XXIX.15 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.15 (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXIX.16 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXX.1 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXX.5 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXX.9 (Wick)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.1 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.2 (Combined)18711893
Caithness, XXXIII.2 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIII.3 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.4 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.5 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.6 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXXIII.6 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIII.7 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.8 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.9 (Combined)18711892
Caithness, XXXIII.9 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIII.10 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.11 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.12 (Combined)18711893
Caithness, XXXIII.12 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIII.13 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.14 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIII.15 (Combined)18711893
Caithness, XXXIII.15 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIII.16 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.1 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.2 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.3 (Latheron & Wick - Combined)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.3 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIV.3 (with inset XXXIV.4) (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIV.4 (Wick - Combined)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.3 (with inset XXXIV.4) (Wick)1872ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIV.5 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.6 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.7 (with inset XXXIV.11) (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.9 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.10 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.7 (with inset XXXIV.11) (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.13 (with inset XXXIV.14) (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIV.13 (with inset XXXIV.14) (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.1 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.2 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.3 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.4 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.5 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.6 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.9 (Combined)18711893
Caithness, XXXIX.9 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XXXIX.10 (Latheron)18711873
Caithness, XXXIX.13 (Combined)18711901
Caithness, XXXIX.13 (Latheron)1871ca. 1873
Caithness, XLIII.1 (Latheron)18711873