Military Maps of Scotland (18th century)

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Title:Profiles and Elevations Relating to the Plan of Fort William, 1733
Name: Romer, John Lambertus (Engineer)
Massey, George & Coombs, Richard (Copyist)
Survey: 1733
Shelfmark: MS.1646 Z.02/27c

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Title:A Map of the Roads between Innersnaid Ruthvan of Badenock, Kiliwhiman and Fort William, in the Highlands of North Brittain [1718] 1741[copy]
Name: Dumaresq, John & Bastide, John Henri (Engineer)
Bastide, John Henri (Draughtsman)
Coombs, Richard (Copyist)
Survey: 1741
Shelfmark: MS.1648 Z.03/14a