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Name: Jardine, James (1776-1858)  
Title: A Plan of the Estate of Crawfordtown in the Parish of Glencairn and County of Dumfries
Imprint: July 1806  
Name: Jardine, James (1776-1858)  
Title: Plan of Newton-Aird in the parish of Holywood & County of Dumfries belonging to Ja[me]s Gilchrist Esq
Imprint: Sept 1807  
Name: Jardine, James (1776-1858)  
Title: Plan of Breken-Side in the parish of Kirkgunzeon & Stewartry of Kirkcudbright, belonging to John Wightman Esqr
Imprint: March 1808  
Name: Jardine, James (1776-1858)  
Title: Plan of Cress-Well lying in the Parish Of Dumfries, belonging to R Jardine Esq., Surveyed by James Jardine, 1809,
Imprint: 1809  
Name: Jardine, James, 1776-1858  
Title: Dunmore in the Vicinity of Castle Douglas Belonging to James Barbour Esq.
Imprint: 1814