Map Finder - with Marker pin - Help

You can use this application to search and view all of our online maps. This search process complements our main Map Finder - with Outlines application that allows searching showing the boundaries or outlines of map sheets. Our Explore Georeferenced Maps application allows a selection of seamless mosaics to be viewed.

Watch a Help video on the Map Finder viewer.

Main search process

Map Finder - with Marker Pin interface with instructions
Map Finder - with Marker Pin interface with instructions
  1. Move the marker to your point of interest. Just click on the map to move the marker there. You can also search by placenames (upper left), and the marker and map will locate to your chosen placename.
  2. (Optionally) filter the maps by date range, map type, keyword or scale.
  3. The maps covering the marker location appear in the Results on the right. Click on the map image thumbnails to view the maps.

All of our online maps are searched in this application.


The Gazetteer in the left hand panel allows you to locate your area on the map using modern place names from Nominatim, using OpenStreetMap names, as well as the Definitive Gazetteer for Scotland (PDF, 135KB), developed by Bruce M. Gittings, University of Edinburgh, with funding from the Scottish Government. The OSM Nominatim gazetteer is stronger for larger settlements and street names, as well as for its global coverage, whilst the Definitive Gazetteer for Scotland is particularly strong for smaller rural features in Scotland, such as farms and hamlets, mountains, hills, rivers, streams, and lochs. The two gazetteers are searched collectively using the OSMNames technology.

Limit results by date range

Change the date range sliders in the left-hand panel to limit the maps returned to a particular span of years.

Limit results by scale

By default, the maps returned are based on the scale of your main map. When zoomed out, covering a wider geographic area, less detailed maps are returned. When zoomed in, covering a smaller geographic area, more detailed maps are returned. To change this to return all maps, regardless of the zoom level, change the Scales of returned maps to 'All scales' in the left-hand panel.

Linking to the viewer

The URL in your web browser address bar changes dynamically as you zoom and pan the map, and when you change the position of the marker or date range. You may copy or bookmark the URL in your web browser address bar to save the current viewer location and returned maps.


This application uses GeoServer and OpenLayers.

We have released the code behind this viewer on Github for onward use. We hope that other libraries, archives and institutions may benefit from the code in making available their geographical collections.

Please email for further assistance, or to provide general comments/feedback.