Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

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LEOGVS ET HARAIA - Lewis and Harris VISTUS INSULA - The Uists and Barra SKIA - Skye INSULAE QUAEDAM MINORES - The Small Isles MVLA INSVLA - Isle of Mull LORNA - The Firth of Lorn IVRA INSVLA - Isle of Jura ILA INSVLA - Islay KNAPDALIA - Knapdale CANTYRA - Kintyre BUTHE INSULA - Bute ARANIA - Arran EXTIMA SCOTIAE - Northern Scotland BRAID-ALLABAN - The Central Highlands AEBUDAE INSULAE - The Hebrides AEBUDAE INSULAE - The Hebrides Graphic Index - North East Graphic Index - South