Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

Name: Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673  
Title: Bvthe Invla, sive Boot  
Pagination: 59
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Translation of text:

FROM CAMDEN. (Section Note)

Near the island of Arran or Glota is Bute, or Boot, from the holy cell which Brendan established there (for so a cell is called in Scots). A Sheriff from the Stewart family is in charge of it. In it is Rothesay Castle, which gives the title of Duke to the eldest son of the King of Scotland; he at birth is Prince of Scotland, Duke of Rothesay and Steward of Scotland, since King Robert III invested his eldest son David as Duke of Rothesay, who was the first in Scotland to be honoured with the title of Duke. With that title too Queen Mary honoured Henry Lord Darnley, before she had taken him as her husband. From here can be seen in the same gulf Hellan, formerly Hellan Leneow, that is (as John of Fordoun translates (1)) Island of Saints, and Hellan Tinoc, that is, Island of Pigs, with very many other islands of lesser note.

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