Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

Name: Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673  
Title: Evia et Escia, vulgo Evsdail & Eskdail  
Pagination: 44
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Translation of text:

in the vernacular

These regions, not large, are named from the rivers of cognate name Ewes and Esk.

They have on the north partly Tweeddale, partly Teviotdale; on the east Liddesdale; on the west Annandale; on the south Cumbria, a region of England.

The wars with England prevent us from being able to provide more and more accurate information on these some other regions. However we shall add these few points

FROM CAMDEN (Section Note)

I should judge from the relationship of the name that the old Uzell mentioned by Ptolemy was in Ewesdale on the River Ewes.

There are some who think that the Horesti lived in Eskdale; into their land Julius Agricola, having defeated the Britons who were settled in this area, led the Roman army. True, if we read Horesci for Horesti; for Ar-Esc to the Britons means a place next to the River Esk. About Aesica in Eskdale I have already spoken under England, and there is no reason to repeat.

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