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Search using a current placename (eg. towns, farms, streets) from Nominatim / OpenStreetMap, as well as the Definitive Gazetteer for Scotland



Search using a National Grid Reference in various forms:
"NT27", "NT 263 721", "NT263721", "NT2637572134", "326375,672134"

Search an historic name from the GB1900 gazetteer of names on the OS six-inch 1888-1913 maps

Search using Trench Map Coordinates, eg.

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 Show Footpaths
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Side by Side - Help

This application allows you to view footpaths traced from Ordnance Survey six-inch 1900s maps overlaid on selected georeferenced maps.

You can compare them to each other and to modern map or satellite layers in a split-screen viewer.

Read the Help to the lower left for further guidance.

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