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Place Name
Unique Name sort order - sort on Alpha Name
Place Name
Ref No
Abber Cottage1859 OS 6" Map
Abbey GreenSee Abbeygreen1805 Pre 1855 MI
Abbey Green1834 Stat Acc
AbbeygreenSee also Abby Green, Abbey Green, Abbeygreen East Side1723 OPR Births
Abbeygreen1728 OPR Births
Abbeygreen1740 OPR Births
Abbeygreen1783 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1790s Old Stat Acc
Abbeygreen1800 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1802 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1810 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1813 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1816 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1820 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1821 Census
Abbeygreen1824 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1831 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1839 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1851 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1853 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1858 Val Roll
Abbeygreen1869 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1881 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen1881 Pre 1855 MI
Abbeygreen East SideSee Abbeygreen1783 Census
Abbot's Well(Lesmahagow)1859 OS 6" Map
Abby GreenSee Abbeygreen1780 Pre 1855 MI
Achenheath(name appears twice on Roy's map, this one being on the site of the present village), see also Achinheath, Auchenheath1750s Roy's Map
AchflochanSee Auchlochan1640 JPM
AchingamenSee Auchtygemmell Farm1750s Roy's Map
AchinhaithSee Auchenheath1625 JPM
Achinheath(name appears twice on Roy's map, this one being north west of the present village), see also Achenheath, Auchenheath1750s Roy's Map
AchinleckSee Affleck1750s Roy's Map
AchinsbegSee Auchenbeg1654 Blaeu's Map
AchlochaneSee Auchlochan1625 JPM
AchmeddeSee Auchmeddan1654 Blaeu's Map
AchmedinSee Auchmeddan1750s Roy's Map
AchnotochSee Auchnotroch1654 Blaeu's Map
Achnotrach(just west of another place of the 'same' name; Acnothreoch), see Auchnotroch1750s Roy's Map
AchrabertSee Auchrobert1654 Blaeu's Map
AchtifardellSee Auchtyfardle1557 JPM
AchtifardillSee Auchtyfardle1773 Ross's Map
AchtullSee Auchtool1750s Roy's Map
Achty FardelSee Auchtyfardle1654 Blaeu's Map
AchtyleSee Auchtool1649 JPM
Acnothreoch(just east of another place of the 'same' name; Achnotrach), see Auchnotroch1750s Roy's Map
AcrebettSee Auchrobert1750s Roy's Map
AcretopheadSee also Tophead, Aikertophead1750s Roy's Map
Acretophead1816 Forrest's Map
Acretophead1822 Thomson's Map
Acretophead1859 OS 6" Map
Acretophead1881 Census
Affleck(Upper Affleck), see also Afflect, Afflocks, Upper Affleck, Nether Affleck, Nether Afflect, Afleck, Up Affleck, Afflect Yett, Achinleck, Auchinlec, Aunynlec, Aghynlek, Auchenlouke, Auchinleck, Auchfleck, Auchleck1821 Census
Affleck1859 OS 6" Map
AfflectSee Affleck1783 Census
Afflect Yett(gate), see Affleck1808 Plan RHP195
AfflochantownfootSee Auchlochan1691 JPM
AfflocksSee Affleck1822 Thomson's Map
AfleckSee Affleck1724 Pre 1855 MI
Aflocchan MossSee also Hfllocchen Moss, Auchlochan1640 JPM
AghrobertSee Auchrobert1326 JPM
AghtiferdaleSee Auchtyfardle1326 JPM
AghynlekSee Affleck1370 JPM
AikertopheadSee Acretophead1776 Pre 1855 MI
Aikertophead1808 Plan RHP195
Aikman KnowSee Aikmanhill1808 Plan RHP195
AikmanhillSee also Aikmanhill Farm, Aikman Know1816 Forrest's Map
Aikmanhill1822 Thomson's Map
Aikmanhill1881 Census
Aikmanhill FarmSee Aikmanhill1976 OS Map71
AirdochSee Ardoch1654 Blaeu's Map
Airdoch(lands of)1873 Sasines
Airdoch1881 Census
Airdrie EndSee Airdrieend1821 Census
Airdrie-endSee Airdrieend1859 OS 6" Map
Airdrie-end1891 Val Roll
AirdrieendSee also Airdrie End, Airdrie-end, Ardriend, Airdriend1816 Forrest's Map
Airdrieend1822 Thomson's Map
Airdrieend1976 OS Map71
AirdriendSee Airdrieend1881 Census
AithenaychSee Auchenheath1556 JPM
AithmaychSee Auchenheath1556 JPM
Aithmaych1556 Kel Lib 480
AlderbankSee Alderbank Cottage1859 OS 6" Map
Alderbank CottageSee Alderbank1881 Census
AldflothamSee Auchlochan1567 JPM
Allton RigheadSee Auldtown1808 Plan RHP195
AlltounSee Auldtown1808 Plan RHP195
Alma BankSee Almabank1896 Rent Roll
AlmabankSee Alma Bank1881 Census
Almabank1890 Pre 1855 MI
AltonSee Auldtoun1694 OPR Births
Alton1736 OPR Births
AltonheightsSee Auldtoun1976 OS Map71
AltounSee Auldtoun1556 JPM
AnfaubankSee Underbank1750s Roy's Map
Ann ValeSee Annville House1821 Census
Annfield1859 OS 6" Map
Annfield1881 Census
Annfield1976 OS Map71
Annville HouseSee Ann Vale1881 Census
Ara Burn(Tributory of Kype Water)1976 OS Map71
ArdachSee Ardoch1160-80 JPM
ArdauchSee Ardoch1208-1218 JPM
ArdiendSee Airdrieend1805 Pre 1855 MI
ArdochSee also Airdoch, Ardach, Ardauch, Ardochie, Ardocht1859 OS 6" Map
Ardoch1864 Thomson's Poem
Ardoch1976 OS Map71
ArdochieSee Ardoch1649 JPM
ArdochtSee Ardoch1625 JPM
Arnmore Cottage(near Stonebyres)1859 OS 6" Map
Arthur's CraigsSee Arthurs Crag1859 OS 6" Map
Arthurs CragSee Arthur's Craigs1881 Census
AuchenaichSee Auchenheath1556 JPM
AuchenbegSee also North & South Auchenbeg, Achinsbeg, Auchenbegg, Auchinbegs, Auchinbeg Shield, Auchinbeg1695 JPM
Auchenbeg1816 Forrest's Map
Auchenbeg1821 Ainslie's Map
Auchenbeg1821 Census
Auchenbeg1822 Thomson's Map
Auchenbeg School1859 OS 6" Map
AuchenbeggSee Auchenbeg1881 Census
AuchenheathSee also Achinheath, Achenheath, Aughtenheath, Auchinheath, Auchinhaith, Auchnaith, Auinhath, Auchinacht, Authmaich, Aithmaych, Auchnachet, Auchnaket, Achinhaith, Auchnathie, Auchinhaithet, Auchinheth, Auchenaich, Aithenaych, Avonhath, Awenhath, Auchinhe1790s Old Stat Acc
Auchenheath1816 Forrest's Map
Auchenheath1821 Census
Auchenheath1834 Stat Acc
Auchenheath1852 Pre 1855 MI
Auchenheath1859 OS 6" Map
Auchenheath1868 Pre 1855 MI
Auchenheath1869 Pre 1855 MI
Auchenheath1886 Pre 1855 MI
Auchenheath1896 Rent Roll
Auchenheath1976 OS Map71
Auchenheath FarmSee Auchenheath1881 Census
Auchenheath SchoolSee Auchenheath1881 Census
Auchenheath StationSee Auchenheath1881 Census
Auchenheath Station1920s OS Map
Auchenheath WoodsSee Auchenheath1859 OS 6" Map
AuchenloukeSee Affleck1567 JPM
AuchentuleSee Auchtool1567 JPM
AucherneSee Auchren1567 JPM
AuchfardellisSee Auchtyfardle1649 JPM
AuchfleckSee Affleck1680 JPM
AuchinachtSee Auchenheath1543 JPM
Auchinaich1556 Assumption
Auchinauth1539 RMS 2008
AuchinbegSee Auchenbeg1750s Roy's Map
Auchinbeg Shield(shieling or hut), see Auchenbeg1808 Plan RHP195
AuchinbegsSee Auchenbeg1808 Plan RHP195
Auchingilloch(hill)1822 Thomson's Map
Auchingilloch Monument1976 OS Map71
Auchinhaith(lands of) See Auchenheath1873 Sasines
AuchinhaithetSee Auchenheath1649 JPM
AuchinheathSee Auchenheath1822 Thomson's Map
Auchinheath1884 Pre 1855 MI
Auchinheath1885 Pre 1855 MI
Auchinheath LodgeSee Auchenheath1881 Census
AuchinhethSee Auchenheath1667 JPM
AuchinlecSee Affleck1160-80 JPM
AuchinleckSee Affleck1625 JPM
AuchknottruchSee Auchnotroch1754 Pre 1855 MI
AuchlachanesSee Auchlochan1625 JPM
AuchleckSee Affleck1695 JPM
AuchlochanSee also Flocham, Auchlochans, Over & Nether Achlochen, Auchlochan Shield, Auchlochan Bridge, Auchlochan Gate House, Auchlochan Mansion House, Auchlochan Office & House, Hfllochen Moss, Aflocchan Moss, Aldflotham, Authinlothan, Auchlochanes, Achlochane,1695 JPM
Auchlochan1733 OPR Births
Auchlochan1740 OPR Births
Auchlochan1808 Plan RHP195
Auchlochan1816 Forrest's Map
Auchlochan1821 Ainslie's Map
Auchlochan1821 Census
Auchlochan1822 Thomson's Map
Auchlochan1858 Val Roll
Auchlochan1859 OS 6" Map
Auchlochan1976 OS Map71
Auchlochan BridgeSee Auchlochan1788 OPR Births
Auchlochan Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Auchlochan Gate HouseSee Auchlochan1881 Census
Auchlochan Mansion HouseSee Auchlochan1881 Census
Auchlochan Office & HouseSee Auchlochan1881 Census
Auchlochan Shield(shieling or hut), see Auchlochan1808 Plan RHP195
Auchlochans(lands of) See Auchlochan1873 Sasines
AuchlygemmelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1881 Census
AuchmedanSee Auchmeddan1808 Plan RHP21889
Auchmedan1858 Val Roll
AuchmeddanSee also Auchmedan, Auchmedden, Auchmeden, Aughmenon, Achmedde, Achmedin1808 Plan RHP195
Auchmeddan1859 OS 6" Map
Auchmeddan1896 Rent Roll
Auchmeddan1976 OS Map71
Auchmedden1821 Census
AuchmedenSee Auchmeddan1816 Forrest's Map
Auchmeden1822 Thomson's Map
Auchmeden1881 Census
AuchnachetSee Auchenheath1625 JPM
AuchnaithSee Auchenheath1873 Sasines
AuchnaketSee Auchenheath1625 JPM
AuchnathieSee Auchenheath1649 JPM
AuchnatrochSee Auchnotroch1822 Thomson's Map
AuchnethSee Auchenheath1533 RMS 1330
AuchnotrichSee Auchnotroch1740 OPR Births
AuchnotrochSee also Auchnatroch, Aughtnoteroch, Achnotoch, Auchknottruch, Auchnstrach, Auchnotrich, Achnotrach1624 JPM
Auchnotroch1816 Forrest's Map
Auchnotroch1859 OS 6" Map
Auchnotroch(lands of), see Notroch1873 Sasines
Auchnotroch1878 Pre 1855 MI
Auchnotroch1976 OS Map71
AuchnstrachSee Auchnotroch1881 Census
AuchquhrenSee Auchren1656 JPM
Auchran(lands of), see Auchren1873 Sasines
AuchraneSee Auchren1625 JPM
AuchrenSee also Aughren, Auchran, Ochren, Auchrane, Aucherne, Auchquhren1736 OPR Births
Auchren1739 OPR Births
Auchren1808 Plan RHP195
Auchren1808 Plan RHP21889
Auchren1816 Forrest's Map
Auchren1821 Census
Auchren1822 Thomson's Map
Auchren1835 Pre 1855 MI
Auchren1858 Val Roll
Auchren1859 OS 6" Map
Auchren1864 Thomson's Poem
Auchren1881 Census
Auchren1976 OS Map71
Auchro BertSee Auchrobert1881 Census
Auchrobert(place), see also Auchroert, Achrabert, Auchro Bert, Acrebett, Aghrobert1626 JPM
Auchrobert1733 OPR Births
Auchrobert1773 Ross's Map
Auchrobert1816 Forrest's Map
Auchrobert1821 Census
Auchrobert1859 OS 6" Map
Auchrobert1891 Val Roll
Auchrobert1896 Rent Roll
Auchrobert1976 OS Map71
Auchrobert Cairn1816 Forrest's Map
Auchrobert Cairn1822 Thomson's Map
Auchrobert Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Auchrobert Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Auchrobert Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Auchrobert Hill1976 OS Map71
Auchrobert Snout1859 OS 6" Map
Auchrobert Snout1976 OS Map71
AuchrochranesSee Auchlochan1649 JPM
AuchroertSee Auchrobert1821 Ainslie's Map
AuchtefardellSee Auchtyfardle1750s Roy's Map
AuchtefardleSee Auchtyfardle1816 Forrest's Map
Auchtefardle1822 Thomson's Map
Auchtefardle LodgeSee Auchtyfardle1816 Forrest's Map
AuchterfardelSee Auchtyfardle1556 JPM
Auchtifardell(lands of, alias 'Glenpedeth'), see Auchtyfardle1873 Sasines
AuchtifardleSee Auchtyfardle1821 Ainslie's Map
Auchtifardle1821 Census
AuchtigambleSee Auchtygemmell Farm1773 Ross's Map
AuchtigambleSee Auchtygemmell Farm1821 Ainslie's Map
AuchtigemleSee Auchtygemmell Farm1748 OPR Marr
Auchtigemmell(lands of), see Auchtygemmell Farm1873 Sasines
AuchtikirnalSee Auchtykirnal1821 Census
AuchtoolSee also Aughtool, Auchtooll, Auchtool Farm, Auchtule, Auchtule Shield, Achtull, Auchentule, Auchtuill, Achtyle1808 Plan RHP21889
Auchtool1816 Forrest's Map
Auchtool1821 Census
Auchtool1822 Thomson's Map
Auchtool1840 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtool1859 OS 6" Map
Auchtool1888 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtool1976 OS Map71
Auchtool FarmSee Auchtool1881 Census
Auchtooll(lands of), see also Auchtool, Aughtool1873 Sasines
Auchtry KernilSee Auchtykirnal1881 Census
AuchtuillSee Auchtool1634 JPM
AuchtuleSee Auchtool1808 Plan RHP195
Auchtule Shield(sheiling or hut, south of Authtool)1808 Plan RHP195
Auchty Fardle West LodgeSee Auchtyfardle1881 Census
AuchtyfardellSee Auchtyfardle1808 Plan RHP195
AuchtyfardleSee also Achtifardell, Achtifardill, Auchtefardle, Aughty Fardale, Auchtyfardle, Aghtiferdale, Hauhtiferdale, Auchfardellis, Auchtifardle, Auchtifardell, Auchrefardell, Auchterfardel, Achty Fardel, Auchtefardle Lodge, Auchty Fardle West Lodge, Auchtyfard1808 Plan RHP21889
Auchtyfardle1834 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtyfardle1837 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtyfardle1858 Val Roll
Auchtyfardle1859 OS 6" Map
Auchtyfardle1866 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtyfardle1881 Census
AuchtygemelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1864 Thomson's Poem
AuchtygemleSee Auchtygemmell Farm1821 Census
AuchtygemmelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1833 Pre 1855 MI
Auchtygemmell FarmSee also Auggemil, Nr & Upr Auchtygemel, Auchtigamble, Auchtigemmell, Over Auchtygemmell, Nether & Over Achtygmil, Auchtygemle, Auchtygemel, Nether Aughtygemmel, Auchtygemmel, Auchlygemmel, South Auchtyu Gemmel, Aughtigemell, Auggemil, Mid Achtyg, Aughti1976 OS Map71
Auchtykirnal(south west of Lesmahagow), see also Auchtikirnal, Auchtry Kernil1859 OS 6" Map
AuggemilSee Auchtygemmell Farm1783 Census
AughmenonSee Auchmeddan1783 Census
AughrenSee Auchren1783 Census
AughtenheathSee Auchenheath1783 Census
AughtigemellSee Auchtygemmell Farm1694 OPR Births
AughtnoterochSee Auchnotroch1783 Census
AughtoolSee also Auchtool, Auchtooll1783 Census
Aughty FardaleSee Auchtyfardle1783 Census
AuinhathSee Auchenheath1208-18 JPM
AuldtonSee Auldton1625 JPM
Auldton1822 Thomson's Map
Auldton1858 Val Roll
Auldton1881 Census
Auldton1882 Pre 1855 MI
AuldtonheightsSee Auldtoun1976 OS Map71
AuldtounSee also Auldton, Auldtonheights, Auldtown, Oldton, Oldtown, Alton, Alltoun, Allton Righead, Altoun1816 Forrest's Map
Auldtoun1859 OS 6" Map
Auldtoun1976 OS Map71
AuldtownSee Auldtoun1799 Pre 1855 MI
Auldtown1808 Plan RHP21889
Auldtown1821 Ainslie's Map
Auldtown1821 Census
Auldtown1839 Pre 1855 MI
Auldtown(lands of)1873 Sasines
AunynlecSee Affleck1311 JPM
AuthenaichSee Auchenheath1556 JPM
AuthinlothanSee Auchlochan1574 JPM
AuthmaichSee Auchenheath1556 JPM
Authmaich1556 Kel Lib 479
Authmaich1556 Kel Lib 482
Authmaicis1556 Kel Lib 478
AvonhathSee Auchenheath1180-1218 JPM
AwenhathSee Auchenheath1180 Kel. Lib
AwenhathSee Auchenheath1208-18 JPM
Back Burn(burn)1976 OS Map71
Backburn(place)1816 Forrest's Map
Backburn1822 Thomson's Map
BagraeSee Balgray1783 Census
BagrawSee Balgray1750s Roy's Map
BagraySee Balgray1664 JPM
Bagray1808 Plan RHP195
BagrieSee Balgray1733 OPR Births
Bagrie EastSee Balgray1775 Pre 1855 MI
Bagrie East1821 Census
BailieshallSee Baillieshall1881 Census
Baillies Moss(north west of Raw)1808 Plan RHP195
BaillieshallSee also Bellshole, Bellyshole, Bellysole, Bellieshole, Bailieshall, Bellhole House, Bell's Hole1976 OS Map71
Baithills(lands of), see Boathill1873 Sasines
BalgraSee Balgray1654 Blaeu's Map
BalgraySee also Bagrae, Bagrie East, Balgra, Balgrie, Bagrie, East Balgray, West Balgray, Bagray, Bagraw1625 JPM
Balgray1826 National Records of Scotland
Balgray(lands of)1873 Sasines
BalgrieSee Balgray1821 Census
BanckheadSee Bankhead1654 Blaeu's Map
BankSee Oakbank1750s Roy's Map
Bank HouseSee also Bankhouse, Bankhouses1822 Thomson's Map
Bankend(south of Stockhill; same place as South Bankend), see South Bankend1729 Pre 1855 MI
Bankend(near Crossford)1816 Forrest's Map
Bankend1821 Census
Bankend(near Dalquhandy; same place as North Bankend), see also Bankhead, North Bankend1821 Census
Bankend1822 Thomson's Map
Bankend1833 Pre 1855 MI
Bankend1841 Pre 1855 MI
Bankend(near Coalburn)1859 OS 6" Map
Bankend1859 OS 6" Map
Bankend1881 Census
Bankend1881 Census
Bankend1976 OS Map71
Bankfoot1816 Forrest's Map
Bankfoot1821 Census
Bankfoot1822 Thomson's Map
Bankfoot1859 OS 6" Map
Bankhead(Lesmahagow), see also Banckhead1750s Roy's Map
Bankhead(near Dalquhandy), see North Bankend (same place)1750s Roy's Map
Bankhead1773 Ross's Map
Bankhead1783 Census
Bankhead1808 Plan RHP195
Bankhead1816 Forrest's Map
Bankhead1821 Census
Bankhead1822 Thomson's Map
Bankhead1826 National Records of Scotland
Bankhead1830 Pre 1855 MI
Bankhead1858 Val Roll
Bankhead1859 OS 6" Map
Bankhead(lands of)1873 Sasines
Bankhead1881 Census
Bankhead(ref to it being a farm before a housing estate was built on it)1926 John Zawadzki (2008)
BankhouseSee also Bank House, Bankhouses1740 OPR Births
Bankhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Bankhouse1821 Census
Bankhouse1859 OS 6" Map
BankhousesSee also Bank House, Bankhouse1858 Val Roll
Barefield(between Hall Hill and Corrowmill)1783 Census
BarhillSee Barnhill1696 JPM
BarnhallSee Barnhill1821 Ainslie's Map
BarnhillSee also Barnhall, Barnhills, Barhill1773 Ross's Map
Barnhill1783 Census
Barnhill1809 RHP22221/13
Barnhill1809 RHP22221/14
Barnhill1816 Forrest's Map
Barnhill1822 Thomson's Map
Barnhill1859 OS 6" Map
BarnhillsSee Barnhill1728 OPR Births
Barnhills1748 OPR Marr
Barnhills1750s Roy's Map
Barnhills1821 Census
Barnhills1881 Census
BartinsSee Beatons1750s Roy's Map
BearsteadsSee Little Gill, Belsteds1623 Richens 1996
BeatonsSee also Beattons, Bartins1783 Census
Beatons1819 Pre 1855 MI
Beatons1881 Census
Beattons(near Stonebyres Mains), see Beatons1821 Census
BelfieldSee Bellfield1793 Pre 1855 MI
Bell's HoleSee Baillieshall1750s Roy's Map
BellfieldSee also Belfield, Bellfield Colliery, Bellfield Row1783 Census
Bellfield1816 Forrest's Map
Bellfield1821 Census
Bellfield1822 Thomson's Map
Bellfield1858 Val Roll
Bellfield1859 OS 6" Map
Bellfield1881 Census
Bellfield1976 OS Map71
Bellfield RowSee Bellfield1881 Census
Bellfiield CollierySee Bellfield1859 OS 6" Map
Bellhole HouseSee Baillieshall1808 Plan RHP195
BelliesholeSee Baillieshall1783 Census
Bellieshole1859 OS 6" Map
BellscraftSee Bellscroft1864 Thomson's Poem
BellscroftSee also Bellscraft, Bellscroft Mill, Bellscroft Warren1816 Forrest's Map
Bellscroft1821 Census
Bellscroft1822 Thomson's Map
Bellscroft1859 OS 6" Map
Bellscroft1866 Pre 1855 MI
Bellscroft1881 Census
Bellscroft1891 Val Roll
Bellscroft1976 OS Map71
Bellscroft2010 OS Map L/S
Bellscroft MillSee Bellscroft1896 Rent Roll
Bellscroft WarrenSee Bellscroft1896 Rent Roll
BellsholeSee Baillieshall1821 Census
BellysholeSee Baillieshall1773 Ross's Map
Bellyshole1809 RHP 22221/16
Bellyshole1821 Ainslie's Map
BellysoleSee Baillieshall1816 Forrest's Map
Bellysole1822 Thomson's Map
Belsteds1654 Blaeu's Map
Bent(between Crossford and Underbank)1783 Census
Bent(between Kirkmuirhill & Boghead), see Yardbent1816 Forrest's Map
Bent1821 Census
Bent1822 Thomson's Map
Bent1826 National Records of Scotland
Bent1859 OS 6" Map
Bent1864 Thomson's Poem
Bent1879 Pre 1855 MI
Bent1881 Census
Bent1891 Val Roll
Bent1896 Rent Roll
Bent2010 OS Map L/S
Bent Cottage1881 Census
Bent Primary School2010 OS Map L/S
Bent School1821 Census
Bent School1859 OS 6" Map
Bent School1976 OS Map71
Bent School House1816 Forrest's Map
Bent School House1822 Thomson's Map
Bent School House1881 Census
Bereholm1896 Pre 1855 MI
Biggar1859 OS 6" Map
Biggar1920s OS Map
BinnyparkSee Birniehouse1822 Thomson's Map
Birckly FarmSee Brockley1881 Census
Birk Knowes1859 OS 6" Map
Birkenhead(hill)1790s Old Stat Acc
BirkenheadSee Birkinhead1798 Pre 1855 MI
Birkenhead1816 Forrest's Map
Birkenhead1817 Pre 1855 MI
Birkenhead1821 Ainslie's Map
Birkenhead1821 Census
Birkenhead1822 Thomson's Map
Birkenhead1858 Val Roll
Birkenhead1881 Census
Birkenhead1976 OS Map71
Birkenhead Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Birkenhead Burn1821 Ainslie's Map
Birkenhead Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Birkenhead Burn1976 OS Map71
Birkenhead Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Birkenhead Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Birkhill(near Hawksland), see Birkhill Farm, Little Birkhill1654 Blaeu's Map
BirkhillSee 'Birkhill or Falahouse', Fauld House1723 OPR Births
Birkhill1750s Roy's Map
Birkhill1783 Census
Birkhill1808 Plan RHP195
Birkhill1808 Plan RHP21889
Birkhill1816 Forrest's Map
Birkhill1821 Census
Birkhill1822 Thomson's Map
Birkhill1827 Pre 1855 MI
Birkhill1854 Pre 1855 MI
Birkhill1859 OS 6" Map
Birkhill1859 OS 6" Map
Birkhill1881 Census
Birkhill FarmSee Birkhill1881 Census
Birkhill Farm1976 OS Map71
Birkhill or FalahouseSee Fauld House1821 Ainslie's Map
Birkhill Park(NS 840 358 - partial excavation), see Fauld House2004 RCAHM
BirkinheadSee Birkenhead1773 Ross's Map
Birkpark1821 Census
Birkwood(Nether Birkwood, south of Kirkmuirhill, eastern side of old Lesmahagow Road), See also Nether Birkwood, Castlehill, Kemps Castel, Birkwood Estate, Nether Birkwood Square, Birkwood Square (and see also Birkwood Burn)1654 Blaeu's Map
Birkwood1750s Roy's Map
Birkwood(on east side of the Nethan, ie different location)1750s Roy's Map
Birkwood1773 Ross's Map
Birkwood1783 Pre 1855 MI
Birkwood1816 Forrest's Map
Birkwood(estate, south of Lesmahagow), see also Birkwood Hospital, Birkwood Mains, Old Birkwood), Flagstaff - [Also see Mathergill, Mirthirgale, which appears to have been on or near the site of Birkwood on Roy's map c1750, Ross 1773, RHP195 of 1808 & Ainslie 181816 Forrest's Map
Birkwood1821 Ainslie's Map
Birkwood1821 Ainslie's Map
Birkwood1821 Census
Birkwood1821 Census
Birkwood1822 Thomson's Map
Birkwood1826 National Records of Scotland
Birkwood1847 Pre 1855 MI
Birkwood1858 Val Roll
Birkwood1859 OS 6" Map
Birkwood1859 OS 6" Map
Birkwood(lands of)1873 Sasines
Birkwood1918 Pre 1855 MI
Birkwood1976 OS Map71
Birkwood Bridge(south east of Kirkmuirhill)1826 National Records of Scotland
Birkwood Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Birkwood Burn(Kelso charter refers to it as 'the stream under Culnegray' - which may have been Black Hill, near Lawriesmuir)1147-1160 JPM
Birkwood Burn1976 OS Map71
Birkwood EstateSee Birkwood1896 Rent Roll
Birkwood Farm(Carlisle Road, southern edge of Kirkmuirhill)1859 OS 6" Map
Birkwood Hospital(site of old estate, south of Lesmahagow), see Birkwood1976 OS Map71
Birkwood Mains(south west of Lesmahagow), see also Farm, Birkwood Farm1855 Pre1855 MI
Birkwood Mains1859 OS 6" Map
Birkwood Mains1976 OS Map71
Birkwood Mains Farm1881 Census
Birkwood Square(site of (Nether) Birkwood Farm; southern part of Kirkmuirhill; west side of Carlisle Road), see Birkwood1891 Val Roll
Birkwood West Lodge1881 Census
BirneybogSee Birniehouse1881 Census
Birnie Dyke(border, east of Neuck1808 Plan RHP195
Birniebog(near Harperfield), see Birniehouse1657 JPM
Birniebog1750s Roy's Map
Birniebog1783 Census
Birniebog1808 Plan RHP195
Birniebog1821 Census
BirniehouseSee also Birniebog, Birnow, Birnows, Binnypark, Birnypark, Birneybog1859 OS 6" Map
BirnowSee Birniehouse1783 Census
BirnowsSee Birniehouse1783 Census
BirnyparkSee Birniehouse1816 Forrest's Map
Black Hag(hollow where peat has been cut, next to Fauldhouse Burn, west of Star)1808 Plan RHP195
Black Hag(hollow where peat has been cut, near Aikmanhill), see Blackbank1808 Plan RHP195
Black Hill(hill, west of Stonebyres), see also Blak Hill, Blackhill1750s Roy's Map
Black Hill(hill, west of Lesmahagow), see Blackhill1816 Forrest's Map
Black Hill(hill, near South Cumberhead)1859 OS 6" Map
Black Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Black Hill(hill, west of Stonebyres), see Blackhill1859 OS 6" Map
Black Hill1976 OS Map71
Black Hill1976 OS Map71
Black HouseSee Blackhouse1788 OPR Births
Black ReconingSee Blackreckoning1821 Census
BlackbankSee Black Hag1649 JPM
Blackhall1816 Forrest's Map
Blackhall1820 Pre 1855 MI
Blackhall1821 Census
Blackhall1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhall1859 OS 6" Map
Blackhall1881 Census
Blackhall1976 OS Map71
Blackhill(place, north west of the hill, Black Hill), see Blackhill (North)1750s Roy's Map
Blackhill(could be either Blackhill North or South)1783 Census
Blackhill(hill)1790s Old Stat Acc
BlackhillSee Black Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Blackhill(could be either Blackhill North or South)1821 Census
Blackhill(hill, west of Lesmahagow), see Black Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhill1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhill(could be either Blackhill North or South)1855 Pre1855 MI
Blackhill1859 OS 6" Map
Blackhill1881 Census
Blackhill1976 OS Map71
Blackhill (North)See Blackhill1816 Forrest's Map
Blackhill (North)1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhill (South)(place, west of the hill, Black Hill), See Blackhill1816 Forrest's Map
Blackhill (South)1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhill Fort(on hill, west of Stonebyres)1976 OS Map71
BlackhousSee Blackhouse1625 JPM
Blackhous1783 Census
BlackhouseSee also Blackhous, Black House, Old Marsh of Blackhouse1808 Plan RHP195
Blackhouse1809 RHP22221/1
Blackhouse1809 RHP22221/12
Blackhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Blackhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Blackhouse(lands of)1873 Sasines
BlacklawyetSee also Blackliyet, Blaklayet1809 RHP22221/12
Blacklawyet1809 RHP22221/13
Blacklawyet1809 RHP22221/14
BlackliyetSee Blacklawyet1859 OS 6" Map
BlackreckiningSee Blackreckoning1808 Plan RHP195
Blackreckning1859 OS 6" Map
Blackreckning1864 Thomson's Poem
BlackreckoningSee also Black Reconing, Blackreckning, Blarrachneen1816 Forrest's Map
Blackreckoning1818 Pre 1855 MI
Blackreckoning1822 Thomson's Map
BlackwoddSee Blackwood1400 Geo. F Black
Blackwood(mansion house - NS 77360 43319), see also Blackwodd, Blackwood House, Blackwood Stables & Kennels, Blackwood Place, Blakwood, Bleckwood, Blackwood Station, Blackwood Station House, Blackwood En, Cottage, Cosy Glen, Gardener's Cottage, Dovecot, Claypots,1587 Reg of Apps
Blackwood1604 Reg of Apps
Blackwood1723 OPR Births
Blackwood1750s Roy's Map
Blackwood(site of Low Blackwood Yards), see Low Blackwood Yards1750s Roy's Map
Blackwood(actual location on the estate not known)1758 Pre 1855 MI
Blackwood1773 Ross's Map
Blackwood1790s Old Stat Acc
Blackwood1813 Pre 1855 MI
Blackwood1819 Pre 1855 MI
Blackwood(House)1821 Ainslie's Map
Blackwood(House)1821 Census
Blackwood1834 Stat Acc
Blackwood(House and lands)1858 Val Roll
Blackwood(House)1859 OS 6" Map
Blackwood(lands of), see Bleckwood1873 Sasines
Blackwood1881 Census
Blackwood(Village of), See Blackwood Station1976 OS Map71
Blackwood Arms Inn(at north west corner of Kirkmuirhill Cross)1859 OS 6" Map
Blackwood Arms Inn1881 Census
Blackwood Cottage(Factor's House, Blackwood Estate), see also Cottage, Blackwood Factor's House1881 Census
Blackwood DovecotSee Blackwood1976 OS Map71
Blackwood En(near Lochanbank), see Blackwood1750s Roy's Map
Blackwood Factor's House1891 Val Roll
Blackwood Gardens2010 OS Map L/S
Blackwood HouseSee Blackwood1816 Forrest's Map
Blackwood House1822 Thomson's Map
Blackwood House1881 Census
Blackwood House1891 Val Roll
Blackwood House(modern house on site of old one)1976 OS Map71
Blackwood House(modern house on site of old one)2010 OS Map L/S
Blackwood Kennels(Blackwood Estate)1881 Census
Blackwood Kennels1891 Val Roll
Blackwood PlaceSee Blackwood1821 Census
Blackwood SideSee also Blackwoodsid, Blackwoodside1821 Ainslie's Map
Blackwood Side1822 Thomson's Map
Blackwood Side1881 Census
Blackwood Side1891 Val Roll
Blackwood Stables(Blackwood Estate)1881 Census
Blackwood Station(railway), see Blackwood1859 OS 6" Map
Blackwood Station HouseSee Blackwood1881 Census
Blackwood YairdsSee Blackwood Yards1586 Reg of Apps
Blackwood YardsSee also Blackwood Yards North and South, Blackwoodyards, Blakwodya, Blackwood Yairds1816 Forrest's Map
Blackwood Yards1821 Census
Blackwood Yards2010 OS Map L/S
Blackwood Yards NSee also Blackwoodside, High, South & Low Blackwood Yards, Blackwood Yards1822 Thomson's Map
Blackwood Yards SSee Blackwood Yards N1822 Thomson's Map
Blackwood YateSee also Blackwood Yet, Blackwoodyett, Blackwood Yett, Blackwoodgate1822 Thomson's Map
Blackwood Yate1826 National Records of Scotland
Blackwood YetSee also Blackwood Yate1821 Census
Blackwood YettSee Blackwood Yate1881 Census
Blackwood Yett1891 Val Roll
BlackwoodgateSee Blackwood Yate1750s Roy's Map
BlackwoodsidSee Blackwoodside1654 Blaeu's Map
BlackwoodsideSee also Blackwood Side, Blackwoodsid, Blackwood Side, Blackwoodsyde1812 Pre 1855 MI
Blackwoodside1816 Forrest's Map
Blackwoodside1821 Census
Blackwoodside1826 National Records of Scotland
Blackwoodside1859 OS 6" Map
Blackwoodside1896 Rent Roll
Blackwoodside Farm2010 OS Map L/S
BlackwoodsydeSee Blackwoodside1592 Reg of Apps
BlackwoodyardsSee Blackwood Yards1892 Pre 1855 MI
BlackwoodyettSee also Blackwood Yate, Blackwood Yet1822 Pre 1855 MI
Blackwoodyett1859 OS 6" Map
Blackwoodyett1896 Rent Roll
Blackwoodyett2010 OS Map L/S
Blaeberry BurnSee Well1654 Blaeu's Map
Blaeberry Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Blaeberry Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Blaeberry Burn1976 OS Map71
BlairSee also Blairs, Blair School, Blair Old School, Blair Cottage1738 OPR Births
Blair(shown as 'The Blair')1750s Roy's Map
Blair1783 Census
Blair1790s Old Stat Acc
Blair1793 Pre 1855 MI
Blair1816 Forrest's Map
Blair1821 Census
Blair1822 Thomson's Map
Blair1850 Pre 1855 MI
Blair1859 OS 6" Map
Blair1881 Census
Blair2002 OS Map72
Blair CottageSee Blair2001 EX Map 343
Blair Old SchoolSee Blair1881 Census
Blair SchoolSee Blair1859 OS 6" Map
BlairsSee Blair1821 Ainslie's Map
Blak Hill(hill, west of Stonebyers), see Blackhill1654 Blaeu's Map
BlaklayettSee Blacklawyet1783 Census
BlakwodyaSee Blackwood Yards1654 Blaeu's Map
BlakwoodSee Blackwood House1654 Blaeu's Map
BlarrachneenSee Blackreckoning1654 Blaeu's Map
Bleckwood(lands of, separate entry from Blackwood)1873 Sasines
Blind Well Dyke(south west of Johnshill)1808 Plan RHP195
Blinkbonie Syke(small watercoure), see Blinkbonny1808 Plan RHP195
BlinkbonnySee also Harperfield Blinkbonnie, Blinkbonie1816 Forrest's Map
Blinkbonny1821 Census
Blinkbonny1822 Thomson's Map
Blinkbonny1859 OS 6" Map
Blood Moss1816 Forrest's Map
Blood Moss1822 Thomson's Map
Boat HouseSee Boathouse1881 Census
BoathillSee also Baithills, Nether & Over Baithills1750s Roy's Map
Boathill1783 Census
Boathill1816 Forrest's Map
Boathill1821 Census
Boathill1822 Thomson's Map
Boathill1859 OS 6" Map
Boathouse(farm empty at that time), see Boat House1783 Census
Boathouse1821 Census
Bog(east of the present Boghill, on road from Devonburn to Boreland), see Boghill1750s Roy's Map
Bog1808 Plan RHP195
Bogbrae(south of Johnshill)1808 Plan RHP195
BogendSee Bogside1773 Ross's Map
Boghall(near Rawhills)1808 Plan RHP195
BogheadSee also Boghead Smithy, Boghead Reservoir1767 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1816 Forrest's Map
Boghead1821 Census
Boghead1821 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1822 Thomson's Map
Boghead1823 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1826 National Records of Scotland
Boghead1826 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1834 Stat Acc
Boghead1847 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1850 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1854 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1857 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1859 OS 6" Map
Boghead1870 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1871 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1872 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1890 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1891 Val Roll
Boghead1896 Rent Roll
Boghead1911 Pre 1855 MI
Boghead1976 OS Map71
Boghead2010 OS Map L/S
Boghead ReservoirSee Boghead1976 OS Map71
Boghead SmithySee Boghead1859 OS 6" Map
Boghill(near Dumbraxhill)1750s Roy's Map
Boghill1808 Plan RHP21889
Boghill(the names Bog & Boghill were once two adjacent places and were sometimes interchanged), see Bog1816 Forrest's Map
Boghill1821 Census
Boghill1822 Thomson's Map
Boghill1841 Pre 1855 MI
Boghill1859 OS 6" Map
Boghill1881 Census
Boghill1976 OS Map71
BogsideSee Boigsyid1736 OPR Births
Bogside1750s Roy's Map
Bogside1783 Census
Bogside1816 Forrest's Map
Bogside1821 Census
Bogside1822 Thomson's Map
Bogside1859 OS 6" Map
Bogside1881 Census
BogsideSee Bogend (map locations appear to be the same)1976 OS Map71
BoigsyidSee Bogside1654 Blaeu's Map
Bonnington LinnSee also Ford1976 OS Map71
Boreland(hill)1790s Old Stat Acc
BorelandSee Borland1858 Val Roll
Boreland1859 OS 6" Map
Boreland(presently called High Boreland)1976 OS Map71
BorlandSee also Boreland, Townhead of Boreland, Borland Farm, Borland Nook1654 Blaeu's Map
Borland1728 OPR Births
Borland1739 OPR Births
Borland1750s Roy's Map
Borland1773 Ross's Map
Borland1783 Census
Borland1808 Plan RHP195
Borland1816 Forrest's Map
BorlandSee Borland Nook1816 Forrest's Map
Borland1821 Ainslie's Map
Borland1821 Census
Borland1822 Thomson's Map
Borland(lands of)1873 Sasines
Borland1913 Pre 1855 MI
Borland FarmSee Borland1881 Census
Borland HilSee Borland Hill1654 Blaeu's Map
Borland HillSee also Cairn (A Big), Cairn, Borland Hil1773 Ross's Map
Borland Hill1808 Plan RHP195
Borland Nook(presently called Lower Boreland), see Borland, Townhead of Boreland, , Borland Nuck, Borland1723 OPR Births
Borland Nook1808 Plan RHP195
Borland NuckSee Borland Nook1750s Roy's Map
Borland Road(near Moatyett)1808 Plan RHP195
Boughden Braes1859 OS 6" Map
BoughtknoweSee also Bughhills, Bughtknowe, Buchthills1822 Thomson's Map
BourtreeSee also Burtrees, Bourtrees1750s Roy's Map
Bourtree1816 Forrest's Map
Bourtree1822 Thomson's Map
Bourtree1859 OS 6" Map
BourtreesSee Bourtree1808 Plan RHP195
Bourtrees1821 Census
Brackenhill(south of Lesmahagow), see Brakenhill1821 Census
Brackenhill(near Raw), see Brakenhill1821 Census
Brackenhill1859 OS 6" Map
Brackenhill1859 OS 6" Map
BrackenridgeSee Brakenrigg1864 Thomson's Poem
BrackenridgeSee Brakenrigg1869 Pre 1855 MI
Brackenridge1881 Census
Brackenside1976 OS Map71
Brackinrigg(site of South Brackenridge), see Brakenrigg, South Brackenridge1750s Roy's Map
BradholmSee Broadholm House1783 Census
Brae(near Auchmedden), see Brae Farm, Brokencross Brae1750s Roy's Map
Brae(near Corhouse)1750s Roy's Map
Brae(between Crossford and Underbank)1783 Census
Brae1808 Plan RHP195
Brae1808 Plan RHP21889
Brae1816 Forrest's Map
Brae1816 Forrest's Map
Brae1821 Census
Brae1821 Census
Brae1822 Thomson's Map
Brae1822 Thomson's Map
Brae1859 OS 6" Map
Brae1859 OS 6" Map
Brae1976 OS Map71
Brae FarmSee Brae1881 Census
Braehead(near Craignethan)1750s Roy's Map
Braehead1783 Census
Braehead(near Coalburn), See Braehead Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Braehead1816 Forrest's Map
Braehead1821 Census
Braehead1821 Census
Braehead1822 Thomson's Map
Braehead1822 Thomson's Map
Braehead1859 OS 6" Map
Braehead1859 OS 6" Map
Braehead1881 Census
Braehead1896 Rent Roll
Braehead1976 OS Map71
Braehead FarmSee Braehead1881 Census
Braikenhill(near Easterton)1808 Plan RHP195
BrakaneSee Brakenrigg1654 Blaeu's Map
Braken HillSee Brakenhill1881 Census
Brakenhill(near Raw), see Brackenhill1750s Roy's Map
Brakenhill1783 Census
Brakenhill(south of Lesmahagow), see also Brackenhill, Braken Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Brakenhill1816 Forrest's Map
Brakenhill1822 Thomson's Map
BrakenridgeSee Brakenridge1739 OPR Births
BrakenriggSee also E Brakenrig, Nth Brackenridge, Nth Brakenrig, S Brackenridge, S Brakenrig, E Brackenrig, S Brockenrig, Brakane, Nth & Sth Brackenrigg, Nth & S Brackenrig, Brackenridge, Brakinridge, E Brackenridge, Brakenridge, Brackinrigg, N, S & E Breckenridge1821 Census
BrakinridgeSee Brakenrigg1825 Pre 1855 MI
BrecketsbraeSee Brocketsbrae1859 OS 6" Map
Brick Row1859 OS 6" Map
Bridge(Burnfoot)1816 Forrest's Map
Bridge(Harperfield)1816 Forrest's Map
Bridge(Poniel1816 Forrest's Map
BridgeholmSee Bridmeadow1859 OS 6" Map
Bridgeholm1881 Census
Bridgend(near Kirkfield)1783 Census
Bridgend(near Blackwood), see also Lairs Bridgend, Lairsbridgend, Redford, Reidford, Red Ford1816 Forrest's Map
Bridgend1822 Thomson's Map
Bridgend(lands of)1873 Sasines
Brighagh(between Stockbridge & Coalburn)1750s Roy's Map
BrigmeadowSee Bridgeholm1873 Sasines
Broadholm HouseSee also Bradholm, Broadholm of Auchenheath1881 Census
Broadholm of AuchenheathSee Broadholm House1901 Census
Brockets Hole(near Douglas March ford, near Harperfield)1808 Plan RHP195
BrocketsbraeSee also Brecketsbrae, Hamlet Brockets Brae1821 Census
Brocketsbrae1826 National Records of Scotland
Brocketsbrae1838 Pre 1855 MI
Brocketsbrae1849 Pre 1855 MI
Brocketsbrae1851 Pre 1855 MI
Brocketsbrae1873 Pre 1855 MI
Brocketsbrae1976 OS Map71
Brocketsbrae Station1920s OS Map
BrocklaySee Brockley1842 Pre 1855 MI
BrockleySee also Brockly, High Brockly, Laigh Brockly, Brocklay, Birckly Farm1859 OS 6" Map
Brockley1864 Thomson's Poem
BrocklySee Brockley1750s Roy's Map
Brockly1821 Census
Brodie HillSee Brodiehill1881 Census
BrodiehillSee Brodyhill, Brodie Hill1821 Census
Brodiehill1859 OS 6" Map
BrodyhillSee Brodiehill1816 Forrest's Map
Brodyhill1822 Thomson's Map
Broken Croce MooreSee also Broken Cross Muir, Brokencrossmuir, Brokencross Brae1654 Blaeu's Map
Broken Cross MuirSee Broken Croce Moore1816 Forrest's Map
Broken Cross Muir1822 Thomson's Map
Broken Cross Muir1976 OS Map71
Brokencross BraeSee Brae1821 Census
BrokencrossmuirSee Broken Croce Moore1864 Thomson's Poem
Broomhouse1821 Census
Broomhouse1874 Pre 1855 MI
Broomhouse1881 Census
Broomhouse1889 Pre 1855 MI
Broomknow(place), see Broomknowe1821 Census
BroomknoweSee also Broomknow, Broomknowe (of Blair)1859 OS 6" Map
Broomknowe('of Blair')1859 Pre 1855 MI
Broomknowe1881 Census
Broomknowe Smithy1859 OS 6" Map
Broompark1816 Forrest's Map
Broompark1816 Forrest's Map
Broompark1821 Census
Broompark1822 Thomson's Map
Brooom Knowe(hill)1859 OS 6" Map
BrounhallSee Brownhill1821 Ainslie's Map
BrounhillsSee Brownhill1814 Pre 1855 MI
BrownhillSee also Brownhills, Brounhall, Brounhills, Crownhill1497 Geo. F Black
Brownhill1773 Ross's Map
Brownhill1816 Forrest's Map
Brownhill1822 Thomson's Map
Brownhill1826 National Records of Scotland
Brownhill1859 OS 6" Map
BrownhillsSee Brownhill1808 Plan RHP195
Brownhills1821 Census
Brownsdale1816 Forrest's Map
Brownsdale1821 Census
Brownsdale1859 OS 6" Map
BuchthillsSee Boughtknowe1859 OS 6" Map
BuchthillsSee Boughtknowe1881 Census
BughhillsSee Boughtknowe1821 Census
BughtknoweSee Boughtknowe1816 Forrest's Map
Burn(place, near Boghead)1750s Roy's Map
Burn(place, near Kirkfield)1750s Roy's Map
Burn(NB there are two adjacent places of the same name on Roy's map)1750s Roy's Map
Burn1783 Census
Burn(place, near Corehouse)1783 Census
Burn1808 Plan RHP195
Burn(place, between Neuck & Coutlershogle)1808 Plan RHP195
Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Burn1821 Census
Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Burn1859 OS 6" Map
Burn1881 Census
Burn1891 Val Roll
Burn1896 Rent Roll
Burnbrae(near Dillarburn)1783 Census
Burnbrae1816 Forrest's Map
Burnbrae(near Kirkfield)1816 Forrest's Map
Burnbrae1821 Census
Burnbrae1821 Census
Burnbrae1822 Thomson's Map
Burnbrae1822 Thomson's Map
Burnbrae1859 OS 6" Map
Burnbrae1881 Census
Burnbrae1976 OS Map71
Burnfoot(near Stockbriggs)1654 Blaeu's Map
Burnfoot(near Draffan/Lairs road-end)1750s Roy's Map
Burnfoot(near Kirkfield)1783 Census
Burnfoot1816 Forrest's Map
Burnfoot1816 Forrest's Map
Burnfoot(near Kirkmuirhill)1821 Census
Burnfoot1821 Census
Burnfoot1821 Census
Burnfoot1822 Thomson's Map
Burnfoot1822 Thomson's Map
Burnfoot1859 OS 6" Map
Burnfoot1859 OS 6" Map
Burnfoot1881 Census
Burnfoot1896 Rent Roll
Burnfoot1976 OS Map71
Burnfoot2010 OS Map L/S
Burnhead(near Hawksland), see Burnhead Farm1783 Census
Burnhead(between Auchtool & Auchmeddan)1808 Plan RHP195
Burnhead(near Coalburn)1816 Forrest's Map
Burnhead1816 Forrest's Map
Burnhead1821 Census
Burnhead1821 Census
Burnhead1822 Thomson's Map
Burnhead1822 Thomson's Map
Burnhead1859 OS 6" Map
Burnhead1859 OS 6" Map
Burnhead1881 Census
Burnhead1976 OS Map71
Burnhead FarmSee Burnhead1881 Census
Burnside(near Hawksland), see Burnside Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Burnside1821 Census
Burnside1822 Thomson's Map
Burnside(near South Cumberhead)1859 OS 6" Map
Burnside1976 OS Map71
Burnside FarmSee Burnside1881 Census
BurtreesSee Bourtree1783 Census
Bush('The Bush'), see Hollandbush1750s Roy's Map
Bush1816 Forrest's Map
Bush1821 Census
Bush1835 Pre 1855 MI
ByertouneSee Byretown1847 Pre 1855 MI
ByreSee Byretown1808 Plan RHP195
Byre Town FarmSee Byretown1881 Census
Byre Yett(gate, near Greenhead), see Byretown1808 Plan RHP195
ByresSee Byretown1654 Blaeu's Map
Byres1873 Sasines
ByretonSee Byretown1821 Ainslie's Map
ByretownSee see also Byreton, Byrton, Byres, Byertoune, Byre Town Farm, Byre Yett, Byre1750s Roy's Map
Byretown1816 Forrest's Map
Byretown1821 Census
Byretown1822 Thomson's Map
Byretown1859 OS 6" Map
Byretown1864 Thomson's Poem
Byretown1976 OS Map71
Byrewood1816 Forrest's Map
Byrewood1821 Census
Byrewood1822 Thomson's Map
ByrtonSee Byretown1773 Ross's Map
Byrton(two farms empty at that time)1783 Census
Cadzow Bank(near Lochanbank)1859 OS 6" Map
Cairn(near Waterhead)1816 Forrest's Map
Cairn(site of, near Leelawmuir)1816 Forrest's Map
CairnSee Cairn (A Big), Borland Hill1821 Ainslie's Map
Cairn1822 Thomson's Map
Cairn1822 Thomson's Map
Cairn1859 OS 6" Map
Cairn (A Big)1773 Ross's Map
Cairn HouseSee Cairnhouses1881 Census
Cairngour(lands of), see Garngour1873 Sasines
Cairnhouse(cairn, near Waterhead)1750s Roy's Map
CairnhouseSee Cairnhouses1808 Plan RHP195
Cairnhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Cairnhouse1821 Census
Cairnhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Cairnhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Cairnhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Cairnhouses(place, near Fauldhouse), see Cairnhouse, Cairn House1976 OS Map71
Calmburn Cottage2010 OS Map L/S
Calner(Cander Burn)1790s Old Stat Acc
Calsay FootSee Causeyfoot1868 Sasines
CaminghillSee Kaminghill1773 Ross's Map
Caminghill1821 Ainslie's Map
Caminghill1859 OS 6" Map
Caminghill1881 Census
Camp(beside Stonebyres)1773 Ross's Map
CanderSee Canderwater1821 Ainslie's Map
Canderwater(place), see also Cander, Caner Water, Cauderwater1750s Roy's Map
Canderwater1816 Forrest's Map
Canderwater1822 Thomson's Map
Canderwater1859 OS 6" Map
Canderwater1871 Pre 1855 MI
Canderwater1976 OS Map71
Caner WaterSee Canderwater1821 Census
CannonholmSee also Connelholm, Conelholm, Comelho'1859 OS 6" Map
Cannonholm2002 OS Map72
CapehallSee also Kateshill, Kayshill, Kiphall, Keapol, Kypehall1773 Ross's Map
Capehall1821 Census
Capehall1858 Val Roll
Capehall1881 Census
Capehall1896 Rent Roll
Caphead(site near Hollandbush Golf Clubhouse)1773 Ross's Map
Caphead1821 Ainslie's Map
CapsriggSee Dunside (name on all other sources)1821 Ainslie's Map
Carradale2010 OS Map L/S
Carse('The Carse'), see Kerse1750s Roy's Map
CastleSee also Craignethan Castle, Craignethan1783 Census
Castle(ruin – Duntervy (Duntarvet) Castle, near Dumbraxhill)1816 Forrest's Map
Castle(ruin, near Redshead)1816 Forrest's Map
Castle1822 Thomson's Map
Castle1822 Thomson's Map
Castle of NethenSee Craignethan Castle1873 Sasines
Castlehill(the Annals say that Birkwood mansion-house was mentioned in Scots Magazine 1773 and, in the context of (Nether) Birkwood, locates ruins of it 'upon a small eminence called Castlehill', which may be the knoll to the north east of Muirsland, near what is1864 Annals
Catwellburn(place, between Muirsland & Wellburn1750s Roy's Map
CauderwaterSee Canderwater1881 Census
CauseyfootSee Calsay Foot1866 Pre 1855 MI
Cemetery(Lesmahagow)1976 OS Map71
CeuchheadSee Cleughhead1843 Pre 1855 MI
Chapel(place, between Bent & Rogerhill, beside the1666 Annals
Chapel1816 Forrest's Map
Chapel1822 Thomson's Map
Chapelhill(Lesmahagow)1864 Upper Ward
ChapelknowSee Chapelknowe1881 Census
ChapelknoweSee Chapelknow1859 OS 6" Map
Chaple Hill(near Yonderton)1750s Roy's Map
Church(Reformed Presbyterian)1859 OS 6" Map
Clandyke(near Clanochyate), see Clannochdyke1816 Forrest's Map
Clandyke1821 Census
Clandyke1822 Thomson's Map
ClandykesSee Clannochdyke1750s Roy's Map
ClannochdykeSee also Clandyke, Clanouchdyke, Clarnoch Dyke, Langdyke, Clandykes1859 OS 6" Map
Clannochdyke1976 OS Map71
ClannochyetSee Clannochyate1728 OPR Births
ClannochyetSee Clanochyate1733 OPR Births
ClannochyettSee Clanochyate1730 OPR Births
Clanoch YateSee Clanochyate1816 Forrest's Map
Clanochyate(near Clannochdyke), see also Clennochyet, Clanoch Yate, Clannochyet, Clannochyett, Clanugh Yett1822 Thomson's Map
ClanouchdykeSee Clannochdyke1840 Pre 1855 MI
Clanugh YettSee Clanochyate1750s Roy's Map
ClarklandsSee Clerkins1859 OS 6" Map
ClarkslandSee Clerkins1840 Pre 1855 MI
ClarksonSee Clarkston Farm1728 OPR Births
ClarksonSee Clarkston Farm1864 Thomson's Poem
ClarkstonSee Clarkston Farm1821 Census
Clarkston1859 OS 6" Map
Clarkston1881 Census
Clarkston FarmSee also Clerkston, Clarkston, Clerkstoun, Clarkstone, Clarkson, Claston, Claston Dyke, Clarkstown1976 OS Map71
ClarkstoneSee Clarkston Farm1866 Pre 1855 MI
ClarkstownSee Clarkston Farm1750s Roy's Map
Clarnoch DykeSee Clannochdyke1881 Census
ClastonSee Clarkston Farm1808 Plan RHP195
Claston Dyke(north of Dillarhill), See Clarkston Farm1808 Plan RHP195
Clatteringhall1816 Forrest's Map
Clatteringhall1822 Thomson's Map
Claypots(Blackwood Estate Grass Park), see Blackwood1900 Rent Roll
CleckensSee Clerkins1821 Census
ClellandSee Clerkins1654 Blaeu's Map
Clennochyet(lands of), see Clanochyate1873 Sasines
ClerkinsSee Cleckens, Clerklands, Clarklands, Clarksland, Clelland, Clerkslands1816 Forrest's Map
Clerkins1821 Ainslie's Map
Clerkins1822 Thomson's Map
ClerklandsSee Clerkins1881 Census
Clerklands1891 Val Roll
ClerkslandsSee Clerkins1896 Rent Roll
ClerkstonSee Clarkston Farm1773 Ross's Map
Clerkston1783 Census
Clerkston1816 Forrest's Map
Clerkston1821 Ainslie's Map
Clerkston1822 Thomson's Map
ClerkstounSee Clarkston Farm1654 Blaeu's Map
Cleuch HeadSee Cleughhead1822 Thomson's Map
CleuchbraeSee Cleughbrae1821 Ainslie's Map
Cleuchbrae1870 Landowners Dir
CleuchheadSee Cleughhead1859 OS 6" Map
CleughbraeSee also Cloughbrae, Cluchbrae, Cleuchbrae, Cluichbrae1816 Forrest's Map
Cleughbrae1821 Census
CleugheadSee Cleughhead1864 Thomson's Poem
CleughheadSee also Cleuch Head, Cloughhead, Cleuchhead, Cleughead1816 Forrest's Map
Cleughhead1843 Pre 1855 MI
Cleughhead1881 Census
Cleughhead1976 OS Map71
CloughbraeSee Cleughbrae1822 Thomson's Map
CloughheadSee Cleughhead1821 Census
CluchbraeSee Cleughbrae1773 Ross's Map
CluichbraeSee Cleughbrae1808 Plan RHP195
ClydebraeSee Clydesbrae1859 OS 6" Map
ClydecastleSee Clydesville1821 Ainslie's Map
ClydegroveSee also Clyds Grove, Grove Lodge1859 OS 6" Map
Clydegrove1881 Census
Clydegrove1891 Val Roll
Clydes VilleSee Clydesville1816 Forrest's Map
ClydesbraeSee Clydebrae1831 Pre 1855 MI
Clydesbrae1881 Census
ClydesvilleSee also Clydecastle, Clydeville, Clydes Ville, Clydesville House, Clydesville Gate House, Clydesville Cottage1822 Thomson's Map
Clydesville CottageSee Clydesville1881 Census
Clydesville Gate HouseSee Clydesville1881 Census
Clydesville HouseSee Clydesville1881 Census
ClydevailSee Clydsvale1881 Census
ClydevaleSee Clydsvale, Clydevail1859 OS 6" Map
ClydevilleSee Clydesville1859 OS 6" Map
Clydeville1891 Val Roll
Clyds GroveSee Clydegrove1821 Census
ClydsvaleSee Clydevale1821 Census
Coal Burn(burn)1808 Plan RHP195
Coal Burn(burn), see Colburn1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Burn(burn)1822 Thomson's Map
Coal Burn(called Saddlershead Burn 1822 Thomson's map)1976 OS Map71
Coal Pit(near High Brockly), see Cole Pits1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Pit(near Birkwood, south of Kirkmuirhill)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Pit(near Garlewood, south of Kirkmuirhill)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Pit(near Bankend)1822 Thomson's Map
Coal Pits(near Auchenheath)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Pits(near White Knowe)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Work(near Auchenbeg)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Work(near Auchenheath)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Work(near Nethanfoot)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Work1822 Thomson's Map
Coal Works(near West Toun)1816 Forrest's Map
Coal Works1822 Thomson's Map
Coalburn(village of), see also Coallburn, Wee Coalburn, Colburn, Coalburn Inn, Coalburn Colliery, Coalburn Station, Coalburn Farm, Coalburn House, Cole Burn1730 OPR Births
Coalburn1783 Census
Coalburn1790s Old Stat Acc
Coalburn(burn)1808 Plan RHP195
Coalburn1816 Forrest's Map
Coalburn1821 Ainslie's Map
Coalburn1821 Census
Coalburn1836 Pre 1855 MI
Coalburn(southern part)1859 OS 6" Map
Coalburn(northern part)1859 OS 6" Map
Coalburn1864 Thomson's Poem
Coalburn1891 Pre 1855 MI
Coalburn1976 OS Map71
Coalburn CollierySee Coalburn1859 OS 6" Map
Coalburn FarmSee Coalburn1881 Census
Coalburn House(farm), see Coalburn1808 Plan RHP195
Coalburn InnSee Coalburn1881 Census
Coalburn StationSee Coalburn1920s OS Map
CoallburnSee Coalburn1773 Ross's Map
Coalpits1808 Plan RHP195
Coalston1816 Forrest's Map
Coalston1822 Thomson's Map
Coalwork(near Auchenbeg)1822 Thomson's Map
Colburn(burn), see Coal Burn1654 Blaeu's Map
Colburn(place), see Coalburn1774 Pre 1855 MI
Cole Burn(place) see Coalburn1750s Roy's Map
Cole Burn(burn), see Coalburn1750s Roy's Map
Cole Pits(near High Brockly), see Coal Pit1750s Roy's Map
Colliery(north of Coalburn)1920s OS Map
Comelho'See Cannonholm1654 Blaeu's Map
ComenhillSee Kaminghill1774 Pre 1855 MI
Common Law Know(south of Auchtool)1808 Plan RHP195
ConelholmSee Cannonholm1750s Roy's Map
Conelholm1783 Census
ConnelholmSee Cannonholm1816 Forrest's Map
Connelholm1821 Census
Connelholm1822 Thomson's Map
Connelholm1881 Census
Cor HouseSee Corehouse Castle1808 Plan RHP21889
Cora MillSee Corra Mill1816 Forrest's Map
Cora Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Coram MillSee Corra Mill1733 OPR Births
Coram Mill1739 OPR Births
Coramoor FarmSee Corramore1881 Census
Coranna1850 Pre 1855 MI
Coranna1859 OS 6" Map
Coranna1881 Census
Core HouseSee Corehouse Castle1816 Forrest's Map
CorehouseSee Corehouse Castle1822 Thomson's Map
Corehouse1852 Pre 1855 MI
Corehouse1853 Pre 1855 MI
Corehouse1858 Val Roll
Corehouse1859 OS 6" Map
Corehouse Brick & Tile Works(between Parkhead and Langside), see Old Tyle Work1859 OS 6" Map
Corehouse CastleSee also Corehouse, Corhous, Core House, Cor House, Corhouse Mains, Corhouse Mill, Corehouse North Lodge, Corehouse Mansion House, Mill1976 OS Map71
Corehouse Drummondssee Drummonds1881 Census
Corehouse FarmSee Corehouse Castle1859 OS 6" Map
Corehouse Keepers LodgeSee Corehouse Castle1881 Census
Corehouse LongsideSee Longside1881 Census
Corehouse MainsSee also Corehouse Castle, Corhouse Mains1823 Pre 1855 MI
Corehouse Mansion HouseSee Corehouse Castle1881 Census
Corehouse North LodgeSee Corehouse Castle1881 Census
CorhousSee Corehouse Castle1654 Blaeu's Map
CorhouseSee Corehouse Castle1723 OPR Births
Corhouse1748 OPR Marr
Corhouse1750s Roy's Map
Corhouse1773 Ross's Map
Corhouse1790s Old Stat Acc
Corhouse1808 Plan RHP195
Corhouse1821 Ainslie's Map
Corhouse1821 Census
Corhouse(lands and mains of), see Corehouse Castle1873 Sasines
Corhouse MainsSee also Corehouse Castle, Corehouse Mains1821 Census
Corhouse MillSee Corehouse Castle1821 Census
Corra(east of Hawksland)1976 OS Map71
Corra Linn1976 OS Map71
Corra Mill(straddles 81/46), see also Cora Mill, Corramill, Coram Mill, Corrowmill1821 Census
Corra Mill1859 OS 6" Map
Corra School1859 OS 6" Map
CorramillSee Cora Mill1833 Pre 1855 MI
Corramill1881 Census
CorramoreSee also Corramore Farm, Coramoor Farm1858 Val Roll
Corramore1859 OS 6" Map
Corramore FarmSee Corramore1976 OS Map71
CorrocOne of 14 ancient lands divisions - north eastern corner of the Parish. Extracted from Kelso Liber boundary charters1100s R Richens 1992
CorrowmillSee Corra Mill1654 Blaeu's Map
Corrowmill1783 Census
Corse Knowe1859 OS 6" Map
Cosy Glen(Blackwood Estate) see Blackwood1881 Census
Cosy Glen2010 OS Map L/S
Cosy Glen Cottage1891 Val Roll
Cottage(Factor's House, Blackwood Estate), see Blackwood Cottage1816 Forrest's Map
Cottage1822 Thomson's Map
Cotts(place, north of Blackwood House)1750s Roy's Map
CoulershoggleSee Coultershogle1821 Census
Coulter ShogleSee Coultershogle1783 Census
CoultersheugleSee Coultershogle1773 Ross's Map
CoultershogleSee also Coulter Shogle, Coulershoggle, Coultersheugle, Koutyrshoole, Coultershogle Burn Netherton, Couttershogle1748 OPR Marr
Coultershogle1808 Plan RHP195
Coultershogle1808 Plan RHP21889
Coultershogle1816 Forrest's Map
Coultershogle1821 Ainslie's Map
Coultershogle1822 Thomson's Map
Coultershogle Burn NethertonSee Coultershogle1808 Plan RHP195
CouttershogleSee Coultershogle1750s Roy's Map
CragbankQuery this - Blackwood estate - see robert re his entry1654 Blaeu's Map
CrageheadSee Craighead1783 Census
CraigSee Craighead1816 Forrest's Map
Craig1822 Thomson's Map
Craig Linn1859 OS 6" Map
Craigbank1821 Census
Craigbank1859 OS 6" Map
CraigendSee Craigend Cottage1859 OS 6" Map
Craigend1976 OS Map71
Craigend CottageSee Craigend1867 Pre 1855 MI
Craigend Cottage1881 Census
Craigend Cottage1894 Pre 1855 MI
CraigenrigSee Craigenrigg1859 OS 6" Map
CraigenriggSee Craigenrig1821 Census
Craighall1859 OS 6" Map
Craighead(north end of Lesmahagow), see also Craigs, Craig, Cragehead, Craighead Mill, Craighead Miln1654 Blaeu's Map
Craighead(near Over Stockbriggs), see Kraighead1723 OPR Births
Craighead1728 OPR Births
Craighead1773 Ross's Map
Craighead1816 Forrest's Map
Craighead1821 Ainslie's Map
Craighead1821 Census
Craighead1821 Census
Craighead1822 Thomson's Map
Craighead1859 OS 6" Map
Craighead1859 OS 6" Map
Craighead(or 78/35, lands of)1873 Sasines
Craighead1881 Census
Craighead1881 Census
Craighead1976 OS Map71
Craighead MillSee Craighead1790 Pre 1855 MI
Craighead Mill1859 OS 6" Map
Craighead MilnSee Craighead1787 Pre 1855 MI
CraignathaneSee Craignethan Castle1750s Roy's Map
CraignethanSee also Castle, Craignethan Castle1821 Census
Craignethan1833 Pre 1855 MI
Craignethan1858 Val Roll
Craignethan1859 OS 6" Map
Craignethan CastleSee also Castle, Craignethan, Castle of Nethen, Kraig Nethan Castle, Craignathane, Craignethim1773 Ross's Map
Craignethan Castle1790s Old Stat Acc
Craignethan Castle1816 Forrest's Map
Craignethan Castle1821 Ainslie's Map
Craignethan Castle(in ruin)1822 Thomson's Map
Craignethan Castle1859 OS 6" Map
Craignethan Castle2002 OS Map72
CraignethimSee Craignethan1686 Adair's Map
CraigsSee Craighead1822 Thomson's Map
CrasfurtSee Crossford1654 Blaeu's Map
CrawhillSee Crowhill1816 Forrest's Map
Crawhill1822 Thomson's Map
CrawhillsSee Crowhill1821 Census
Crofthead(near High Kypeside)1773 Ross's Map
Crofthead1821 Ainslie's Map
CrosfordSee Crossford1736 OPR Births
Crossbank1816 Forrest's Map
Crossbank1821 Census
Crossbank1822 Thomson's Map
Crossbank1859 OS 6" Map
Crossbank1881 Census
Crosscroft(Blackwood Estate Grass Park), see Blackwood1910 Rent Roll
Crossford1750s Roy's Map
CrossfordSee Crasfurt, Crossford Cottage, Crossford Inn, Crosford1783 Census
Crossford1816 Forrest's Map
Crossford1821 Census
Crossford1822 Thomson's Map
Crossford1828 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1832 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1832 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1852 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1858 Val Roll
Crossford1859 OS 6" Map
Crossford1874 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1879 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1879 Pre 1855 MI
Crossford1881 Census
Crossford1891 Val Roll
Crossford2002 OS Map72
Crossford CottageSee Crossford1859 OS 6" Map
Crossford InnSee Crossford1881 Census
Crouchstonknoll1808 Plan RHP21889
CrowhillSee also Crawhill, Crawhills, Crowhills1881 Census
Crowhill1976 OS Map71
CrowhillsSee Crowhill1859 OS 6" Map
CrownhillSee Brownhill1750s Roy's Map
Crumbly CraigsSee Crumly Craigs1822 Thomson's Map
Crumbly Craigs1859 OS 6" Map
Crumly CraigsSee Crumbly Craigs1816 Forrest's Map
Crumly Craigs1821 Census
CulnegraySee Birkwood Burn - Kelso charter refers to Birkwood Burn as the 'stream under Culnegray', which may have been Black Hill, near Lawriesmuir1147-1160 JPM
CumberheadSee also Cummerhead, North & South Cumberhead, South Cummerhead, Kumberheads, South Kumbyr, Over & Nether Kumbyr, Nether Conar, Mid Cumer1736 OPR Births
Cumberhead1773 Ross's Map
Cumberhead(hills)1790s Old Stat Acc
Cumberhead1858 Val Roll
Cumberhead1859 OS 6" Map
Cumberhead1976 OS Map71
CumberhillSee Kaminghill1821 Census
CummerSee Cumberhead1750s Roy's Map
Cummerhead1816 Forrest's Map
CummerheadSee also Cumberhead, Cummer1821 Census
Cummerhead1822 Thomson's Map
CumnighillSee Kaminghill1846 Pre 1855 MI
DalgowSee Gow1783 Census
Dalgow1816 Forrest's Map
Dalgow1821 Census
Dalgow1822 Thomson's Map
Dalquhandy1859 OS 6" Map
Dalquhandy1881 Census
Dalquhandy1976 OS Map71
DamhillSee Damhill Smithy1728 OPR Births
Damhill1783 Census
Damhill1808 Plan RHP195
Damhill1816 Forrest's Map
Damhill1821 Census
Damhill1822 Thomson's Map
Damhill1859 OS 6" Map
Damhill(lands of)1873 Sasines
Damhill1881 Census
Damhill SmithySee Damhill1881 Census
DarnfillanSee also Darnfilling, Darnfillan Farm1783 Census
Darnfillan1816 Forrest's Map
Darnfillan1821 Ainslie's Map
Darnfillan1821 Census
Darnfillan1822 Thomson's Map
Darnfillan1849 Pre 1855 MI
Darnfillan1858 Val Roll
Darnfillan1859 OS 6" Map
Darnfillan1864 Thomson's Poem
Darnfillan1976 OS Map71
Darnfillan FarmSee Darnfillan1881 Census
DarnfillingSee Darnfillan1783 Pre 1855 MI
Dead WaterSee Deadwaters1821 Ainslie's Map
DeadwaterSee Deadwaters1859 OS 6" Map
Deadwater1896 Rent Roll
DeadwatersSee also Deadwater, Dead Water1730 OPR Births
Deadwaters1750s Roy's Map
Deadwaters1816 Forrest's Map
Deadwaters1821 Census
Deadwaters1822 Thomson's Map
Deadwaters1881 Census
Deadwaters1891 Val Roll
Deadwaters1976 OS Map71
Devon Burn(place), see Devonburn1881 Census
Devon SideSee Devonside1881 Census
Devon Water(burn), see Devonburn1816 Forrest's Map
Devonburn(burn), see also Devon Water, Devon Burn, Duron Burn1859 OS 6" Map
Devonburn1864 Thomson's Poem
Devonburn1976 OS Map71
DevonsideSee Devon Side1821 Census
DicklandSee also Dikieland, Dickland House & Shop, Dickyland1750s Roy's Map
Dickland1816 Forrest's Map
Dickland1817 Pre 1855 MI
Dickland1821 Census
Dickland1822 Thomson's Map
Dickland1859 OS 6" Map
Dickland1881 Census
Dickland1896 Rent Roll
Dickland1976 OS Map71
Dickland House & ShopSee Dickland1881 Census
DickylandSee Dickland1808 Plan RHP195
DikeheadSee Dykehead1773 Ross's Map
Dikehead1821 Ainslie's Map
DikielandSee Dickland1783 Census
DillarSee Dillars1808 Pre 1855 MI
Dillar Burn(place), see Dillarburn, Dillars1816 Forrest's Map
Dillar Burn(burn)1816 Forrest's Map
Dillar HillSee Dullers1750s Roy's Map
Dillar Hill1808 Plan RHP195
Dillar Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Dillar Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Dillar Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Dillar Hill1976 OS Map71
Dillar Know(place)1822 Thomson's Map
Dillarburn(place near Craighead, Lesmahagow), see also Dillar Burn, Dillars1821 Census
Dillarburn1821 Census
Dillarburn(near Glaisters)1821 Census
Dillarburn1834 Pre 1855 MI
Dillarburn1840 Pre 1855 MI
Dillarburn1846 Pre 1855 MI
Dillarburn1849 Pre 1855 MI
Dillarburn1859 OS 6" Map
Dillarburn1866 Pre 1855 MI
Dillarburn1976 OS Map71
DillarsSee also Dollars, Mid/Upper Dillar, Low/Mid/High Dillars, High Dolars, Dollar, Dillarburn, Dillar Burn, Dillar, Dullers1733 OPR Births
Dillars1750s Roy's Map
Dillars1828 Pre 1855 MI
Dillars1859 OS 6" Map
Dillars1863 Pre 1855 MI
Dillars1881 Census
Dillars1976 OS Map71
DinseedSee Dunside1864 Thomson's Poem
Ditch Runner(small waterway, south of Corra)1808 Plan RHP195
Divan(lands of) see also Devonburn, Devonside1873 Sasines
DivitySee Divity House1859 OS 6" Map
Divity HouseSee Divity1821 Census
DollarSee Dillars1821 Ainslie's Map
DollarsSee Dillars1773 Ross's Map
Dollars1783 Census
Dollars1821 Ainslie's Map
Domarston(lands of), see Dormiston1873 Sasines
Dormiston(just south of Kirkmuirhill, western side of old Lesmahagow Road; it would appear that either Roy's map is incorrect, or the location of the name changed by 1773)1750s Roy's Map
Dormiston(near Low Blackwood Yards), see Domarston1773 Ross's Map
Dormiston1821 Ainslie's Map
Dormiston Kennels2010 OS Map L/S
Douglas Water(burn)1816 Forrest's Map
Douglas Water1976 OS Map71
Douglasmouth Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Dovecot(of Corehouse Castle)1783 Census
Dovecot1821 Census
Dovecot(Blackwood Estate Grass Park), see Blackwood1900 Rent Roll
Dovecot1910 Rent Roll
Dow(between Woodses and Crumly Craigs)1821 Census
DrafanSee Draffan1723 OPR Births
Drafan1728 OPR Births
Drafan1750s Roy's Map
Drafan1773 Ross's Map
Drafan1816 Forrest's Map
Drafan1822 Thomson's Map
DraffanSee also Drafan, Drafsan, Draffen, Dreffan, East Draffan, Draffan Dairy Farm, Draffan Farm, South Draffan, Draffanmarshil1694 OPR Births
Draffan1740 Pre 1855 MI
Draffan1821 Census
Draffan1859 OS 6" Map
Draffan1870 Pre 1855 MI
Draffan1882 Pre 1855 MI
Draffan2000 OS Map64
Draffan Dairy FarmSee Draffan1881 Census
Draffan FarmSee Draffan1881 Census
Draffan Farm CottageSee Draffan1881 Census
DraffanmarshilSee also Marrshill, Marshall Farm, Draffan2000 OS Map64
DraffanmuirSee Draffmuir Farm, Mossback1859 OS 6" Map
Draffanmuir2000 OS Map64
Draffensee Draffan1610 Speed's Map
Draffen(lands of), see Draffan1873 Sasines
Draffmuir FarmSee Draffanmuir1881 Census
DrafsanSee Draffan1821 Ainslie's Map
DrangansSee Drummonds1730 OPR Births
DreffanSee Draffan1654 Blaeu's Map
DrongansSee Drummonds1654 Blaeu's Map
DrubreksSee Dumbraxhill1654 Blaeu's Map
DrumbreakshillSee Dumbraxhill1750s Roy's Map
DrumbreckSee Dumbraxhill1808 Plan RHP195
DrummondSee Drummonds1821 Ainslie's Map
DrummondsSee also Drumonds, Drummonds Hill, Drummondsfield, Drongans, Drungons, Drangans, Corehouse Drummonds, Drungans, Durgundreston1816 Forrest's Map
DrummondsSee Drummonds1821 Census
Drummonds1859 OS 6" Map
Drummonds HillSee Drummonds1859 OS 6" Map
DrummondsfieldSee Drummonds1859 OS 6" Map
DrumondsSee Drummonds1783 Census
Drumonds1822 Thomson's Map
Drumpark(western side of Lesmahagow)1773 Ross's Map
Drumpark1821 Ainslie's Map
Drumpark(says this is where Birkwood once was, but examination of the Roy, Ross, Forrest & Ainslie maps indicates that Birkwood swallowed up Mertargill and the latter name eventually went out of use; it is possible that Drumpark became South Garngour)1864 Upper Ward
DrungansSee Drummonds1740 OPR Births
DrungonsSee Drummonds1873 Sasines
DublinSee Dublin Street1859 OS 6" Map
Dublin Street(Kirkfieldbank), see Dublin1816 Forrest's Map
Dublin Street1822 Thomson's Map
Dublin Street1881 Census
Dufflock Muir(Darnfillan area)1808 Plan RHP195
Dullars(hill), see Dillars1790s Old Stat Acc
Dullers(place), see Dillars1654 Blaeu's Map
DumbraxhillSee also Dumbroxhill, Dunbrax, Dunbrae, Dunbraxhill, Castle, Duntervy Castle, Drubreks, Drumbreck, Nether Drumbreck, Drumbreakshill, Hill1783 Census
Dumbraxhill1790 Pre 1855 MI
Dumbraxhill(hill)1808 Plan RHP195
Dumbraxhill1808 Plan RHP21889
Dumbraxhill1816 Forrest's Map
Dumbraxhill1821 Census
Dumbraxhill1859 OS 6" Map
Dumbraxhill1881 Census
Dumbraxhill1976 OS Map71
DumbroxhillSee Dumbraxhill,1822 Thomson's Map
DunbraeSee Dumbraxhill1821 Ainslie's Map
DunbraxSee Dumbraxhill1773 Ross's Map
Dundaff Linn1859 OS 6" Map
DundrivanSee Dundrivan Farm1809 RHP22221/12
Dundrivan1809 RHP22221/13
Dundrivan1821 Ainslie's Map
Dundrivan FarmSee also Dundrivan, Dundriven1809 RHP22221/14
DundrivenSee Dundrivan Farm1773 Ross's Map
Dundriven1783 Census
DunduffSee Dunduff Whinstone Quarry, Dunduff Quarry1816 Forrest's Map
Dunduff1821 Census
Dunduff1859 OS 6" Map
Dunduff1881 Census
Dunduff1891 Val Roll
Dunduff1896 Rent Roll
Dunduff1976 OS Map71
Dunduff QuarrySee Dunduff2010 OS Map L/S
Dunduff Whinstone QuarrySee Dunduff1891 Val Roll
Dunduff Whinstone Quarry1896 Rent Roll
DunsideSee Dinseed1788 OPR Births
Dunside(date not clear - either 1770s or 1790s)1790 Pre 1855 MI
Dunside(moor)1790s Old Stat Acc
DunsideSee Capsrigg (name on Ainslie's map)1816 Forrest's Map
Dunside1821 Census
Dunside1822 Thomson's Map
Dunside1859 OS 6" Map
Dunside1881 Census
Dunside Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Dunside Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Dunside Reservoir1976 OS Map71
Dunside Rig(hill)1816 Forrest's Map
Dunside Rig1822 Thomson's Map
Dunside Rig1859 OS 6" Map
Dunside Rig1976 OS Map71
Dunteron CastleSee Duntervy Castle1859 OS 6" Map
Duntervy Castle(or Duntarvet Castle, near Dumbraxhill), see Castle1816 Forrest's Map
DurgundrestonSee Drummonds1400 Geo. F Black
Duron Burn(burn), see Devonburn1654 Blaeu's Map
DykeSee Dykehouse1738 OPR Births
Dyke1750s Roy's Map
Dyke1783 Census
Dyke1806 Pre 1855 MI
Dyke1816 Forrest's Map
Dyke1821 Census
Dyke1822 Thomson's Map
Dykecroft2010 OS Map L/S
Dykehead(of Blackwood), see also Dikehead, Dykehead Little, Little Dykehead1728 OPR Births
Dykehead1730 OPR Births
Dykehead1750s Roy's Map
Dykehead1786 Pre 1855 MI
Dykehead1804 Pre 1855 MI
Dykehead1806 Pre 1855 MI
Dykehead1816 Forrest's Map
Dykehead1821 Census
Dykehead1822 Thomson's Map
Dykehead1859 OS 6" Map
Dykehead1880 Pre 1855 MI
Dykehead1881 Census
Dykehead1891 Val Roll
Dykehead1896 Rent Roll
Dykehead1976 OS Map71
Dykehead2010 OS Map L/S
Dykehead LittleSee Dykehead1881 Census
Dykehead Little1896 Rent Roll
DykehouseSee Dyke1808 Plan RHP195
Eaglinside1859 OS 6" Map
Eaglinside1976 OS Map71
East BalgraySee Balgray1816 Forrest's Map
East Balgray1822 Thomson's Map
East BrackenridgeSee Brakenrigg1881 Census
East BrackenrigSee Brakenrigg1816 Forrest's Map
East Brackenrig1859 OS 6" Map
East BrakenrigSee Brakenrigg1822 Thomson's Map
East BreckenridgeSee Brakenrigg1896 Rent Roll
East BreckonridgeSee Brakenrigg1891 Val Roll
East DraffanSee Draffan2000 OS Map64
East Gate1821 Census
East TeathSee Teaths1881 Census
East TeathsSee Teaths1859 OS 6" Map
East WoodSee Eastwood1881 Census
Easter TownSee Eastertown1816 Forrest's Map
Easter Town1822 Thomson's Map
Easter Town1881 Census
EastertonSee Eastertown1783 Census
Easterton1808 Plan RHP195
Easterton1809 RHP22221/13
EastertounSee Eastertown1843 Pre 1855 MI
EastertownSee also Easter Town, Easterton, Eastertown Easter & Wester, Eastertoun, Eastertown East and West Parts, West Part of Eastertown1750s Roy's Map
Eastertown1809 RHP22221/14
Eastertown1821 Census
EastertownSee Easter Town1976 OS Map71
Eastertown East PartSee Eastertown1809 RHP22221/14
Eastertown EasterSee Eastertown1859 OS 6" Map
Eastertown West PartSee Eastertown1809 RHP22221/14
Eastertown WesterSee Eastertown1859 OS 6" Map
EastwoodSee East Wood1826 National Records of Scotland
Eastwood1859 OS 6" Map
Eastwood1868 Pre 1855 MI
Eastwood1883 Pre 1855 MI
Eastwood1976 OS Map71
Ellenbank1859 OS 6" Map
Ellenbank1881 Census
Ellenbank Farm2010 OS Map L/S
Engine Row1859 OS 6" Map
Entry EndSee Entryend1816 Forrest's Map
EntryendSee Entry End1822 Thomson's Map
Fackertoun(lands of), see Folkerton Mill1873 Sasines
Factor's Park(Blackwood Estate Grass Park), see Blackwood1910 Rent Roll
FairhallSee Fairhill1816 Forrest's Map
Fairhall1821 Census
Fairhall1822 Thomson's Map
FairhillSee Fairhall1818 Pre 1855 MI
FalaSee Fauld House1773 Ross's Map
FalasSee Fauld House1654 Blaeu's Map
Fall House YettSee Fauld House1808 Plan RHP195
FallhouseSee Fauld House1750s Roy's Map
Fallhouse1808 Plan RHP195
Farm(south west of Lesmahagow), see Auchtykirnal1816 Forrest's Map
Farm(See Birkwood Mains)1822 Thomson's Map
Fauld HouseSee also Foldhouse, Fauldhouse, Fala, Falas, Birkhill, 'Birkhill or Falahouse', 'Fauld House alias Birkhill', Birkhill, Fouldhouse, Fould House, Fallhouse, Fall House Yett, Birkhill Park1816 Forrest's Map
Fauld House (alias Birkhill)See Fauld House1822 Thomson's Map
FauldhouseSee Fauld House1808 Plan RHP21889
Fauldhouse1821 Census
Fauldhouse1858 Val Roll
Fauldhouse Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Fauldhouse Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Fauldhouse Burn1976 OS Map71
FenceSee also Fence Farm, The Fents1773 Ross's Map
Fence1816 Forrest's Map
Fence1821 Ainslie's Map
Fence1821 Census
Fence1822 Thomson's Map
Fence1859 OS 6" Map
Fence FarmSee Fence1881 Census
Fents(shown as "The Fents"), see Fence1750s Roy's Map
Flagsttaff(in grounds of Birkhill)1850s 25" OS Map
FlatterdubSee Flutterdub1821 Census
Flatterdub1859 OS 6" Map
Flatterdub1881 Census
FlochamSee also Auchlochan1773 Ross's Map
FlutterdubSee Flatterdub1816 Forrest's Map
Flutterdub1822 Thomson's Map
Focar TounSee Folkerton Mill1654 Blaeu's Map
Fockarton MillSee Folkerton Mill1809 RHP22221/1
Fockerton MillSee Folkerton Mill1821 Census
Fokerton MossSee Folkerton Mill1808 Plan RHP195
FoldhouseSee Fauld House1783 Census
Folkerton MillSee also Miln, Fackertoun, Focar Toun, Fockerton Mill, Fokerton Moss, Forkertoun, Fockarton Mill1859 OS 6" Map
Folkerton Mill1881 Census
Folkerton Mill1976 OS Map71
Ford(Nethanfoot), see Nethanfoot1816 Forrest's Map
Ford(Sandyholm), see Sandyholm1816 Forrest's Map
Ford(Threepwood), see Threepwood1816 Forrest's Map
Ford(near Harperfield), see Harperfield1816 Forrest's Map
Ford(near Bonnington Linn)1822 Thomson's Map
Ford(near Sandy Holme), see Sandy Holm1822 Thomson's Map
ForkensSee Forkins1881 Census
ForkertounSee Folkerton Mill1788 OPR Births
ForkinsSee Forkens1750s Roy's Map
Forkins1816 Forrest's Map
Forkins1821 Census
Forkins1822 Thomson's Map
Forkins1859 OS 6" Map
Fould HouseSee Fauld House1730 OPR Births
FouldhouseSee Fauld House1723 OPR Births
FoulfordSee also Fullford, Fulford, Mill1654 Blau's Map
Foulford1728 OPR Births
Foulford1730 OPR Births
Foulford1808 Plan RHP195
Foulford1817 Pre 1855 MI
Foulford1821 Census
Foulford1859 OS 6" Map
Foulford1881 Census
Fountainhead Well(Lesmahagow)1859 OS 6" Map
FulfordSee Foulford1881 Pre 1855 MI
FullfordSee Foulford1816 Forrest's Map
Fullford1822 Thomson's Map
Gad Burn(burn), see Gadburn1816 Forrest's Map
Gadburn(place, where the burn crosses the old road to the south), see also Gad Burn, Gat Burn, Gat Green1859 OS 6" Map
GadsgreenSee Gat Green1808 Plan RHP21889
GaingowerSee Garngour1773 Ross's Map
Gaingower1821 Ainslie's Map
GairelSee Garlewood1773 Ross's Map
Gairel1821 Ainslie's Map
Gallhead1821 Census
GallridgeSee Goldrig1783 Census
GallrigSee also Goldrig, Gallridge, Galriot, Galrig Burn1821 Census
Galrig BurnSee Gallrig1859 OS 6" Map
GalriotSee Gallrig1654 Blaeu's Map
Gardener's Cottage(Blackwood Estate), see Blackwood1891 Val Roll
Gardener's Cottage(Blackwood Estate - shown but unmarked)1901 OS Map
GarhallwoodSee Garlewood1750s Roy's Map
GarlewoodSee also Gairel, Garrellwood, Garlwood, Garlewood, Garrelwood, Garhallwood1816 Forrest's Map
Garlewood1822 Thomson's Map
Garlewood1859 OS 6" Map
Garlewood1976 OS Map71
Garlewood2010 OS Map L/S
GarlwoodSee Garlewood1821 Census
Garlwood1864 Thomson's Poem
GarngourSee also North, Mid and South Garngour, Gaingower, Middle Garngour, Midgarngour, Cairngour, Karngour, Kingaur, Gourngour, North Gourngour1795 Pre 1855 MI
Garngour1799 Pre 1855 MI
Garngour1856 Pre 1855 MI
Garngour1858 Val Roll
GarrellwoodSee Garlewood1654 Blaeu's Map
Garrellwood1738 OPR Births
Garrellwood(lands of)1873 Sasines
GarrelwoodSee Garlewood1881 Census
Gat Burn(rises north of Fauldhouse Burn), see Gadburn1808 Plan RHP195
Gat Green(area adjacent to Gad Burn and Gadburn), see also Gadburn, Gadsgreen1808 Plan RHP195
Gate(Harperfield), see Harperfield1816 Forrest's Map
Gateside(south of Lesmahagow), see Hamlet Gateside1808 Plan RHP195
Gateside1816 Forrest's Map
Gateside1821 Census
Gateside(near Coalburn)1821 Census
Gateside1822 Thomson's Map
Gateside1826 National Records of Scotland
Gateside1859 OS 6" Map
Gateside1859 OS 6" Map
Gateside1881 Census
German Moss(north west of Rawhills)1808 Plan RHP195
GillSee Gill Mill1638 Reg of Apps
Gill1750s Roy's Map
Gill1810 Pre 1855 MI
Gill1816 Forrest's Map
Gill1821 Census
Gill1822 Thomson's Map
Gill1858 Val Roll
Gill1859 OS 6" Map
Gill1881 Census
Gill1976 OS Map71
Gill MillSee Gill1859 OS 6" Map
Gill Mill1864 Thomson's Poem
Gill Mill1881 Census
GillbankSee Kilbank1816 Forrest's Map
Gillbank1821 Census
Gillbank1822 Thomson's Map
Gillhead1859 OS 6" Map
Gillholm1859 OS 6" Map
Gilliloan Yett(at Boreland crossroads)1808 Plan RHP195
GiltbankSee also Kilbank1821 Ainslie's Map
GlackhouseSee Glaikhead1808 Plan RHP195
GlaickheadSee Glaikhead1859 OS 6" Map
GlaikheadSee also Gleckhead, Glaickhead1816 Forrest's Map
Glaikhead1821 Ainslie's Map
Glaikhead1822 Thomson's Map
GlaistersSee also Glaisters Cottage, Glysters1816 Forrest's Map
Glaisters1821 Census
Glaisters1822 Thomson's Map
Glaisters1859 OS 6" Map
Glaisters1881 Census
Glaisters CottageSee Glaisters1881 Census
GleckheadSee Glaikhead1821 Census
Gleckhead1881 Census
Gledlaw(hill)1859 OS 6" Map
Glendevon1859 OS 6" Map
Glendevon1920s OS Map
GlenpedethSee Auchtifardell1873 Sasines
GlystersSee Glaisters1808 Plan RHP21889
Goathouse(between brockly & bankend)1821 Census
Goke Stone(point north of Redshead)1809 RHP22221/14
GoldrigSee Gallrig1816 Forrest's Map
Goldrig1822 Thomson's Map
Golf Course(Hollandbush)1976 OS Map71
GolffhillSee Golfhill1821 Census
Golfhill(near Bent), see also Golffhill, Gouahill1816 Forrest's Map
Golfhill1822 Thomson's Map
Golfhill1826 National Records of Scotland
Golfhill1859 OS 6" Map
GolkknowlSee Gowknowe1808 Plan RHP195
Good Buss HillSee Goodbush Hill1654 Blaeu's Map
Goodbush HillSee Good Buss Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Goodbush Hill1976 OS Map71
Goose HouseSee Gooseland House1783 Census
GoosehouseSee Gooseland House1750s Roy's Map
GooselandSee Gooseland House1859 OS 6" Map
Gooseland HouseSee also Goose House, Goosland House, Gooseland, Goosehouse1738 OPR Births
Gooseland House1808 Plan RHP195
Gooseland House1816 Forrest's Map
Gooseland House1822 Thomson's Map
Goosland HouseSee Gooseland House1821 Census
GouahillSee Golfhill1654 Blaeu's Map
Gouk KnowsSee Gowknowe1783 Census
GouknowSee Gowknowe1821 Census
Gouknow1822 Thomson's Map
Gouknow1881 Census
GouknoweSee Gowknowe1816 Forrest's Map
GouknowsSee Gowknowe1750s Roy's Map
GourngourSee Garngour1821 Census
GowSee Dalgow1750s Roy's Map
GowknoweSee also Gouk Knows, Gouknow, Gouknowe, Golkknowl, Gouknows1859 OS 6" Map
Gowkstane Knowl(south east of Brae)1808 Plan RHP195
Graista HillSee Greystone1654 Blaeu's Map
Graysaughs1750s Roy's Map
GraystanesSee Greystone1816 Forrest's Map
Graystanes1822 Thomson's Map
Graystone FarmSee Greystone1881 Census
Graystone HillSee Greystone1790s Old Stat Acc
Graystone Know(south east of Brae)1808 Plan RHP195
Green Bank(Strathaven Road, Kirkmuirhill)1881 Census
Green FoldsSee Greenfaulds1750s Roy's Map
Green Mount Hill(between lupus and hillside)1821 Census
Green ShieldsSee Greenshiels1881 Census
Green Stand Head(south east of Brae)1808 Plan RHP195
Greenburn(east of South Brackenridge)1859 OS 6" Map
Greenburn(west end of Kirkmuirhill, on Strathaven Road, north side)1859 OS 6" Map
Greenburn1881 Census
Greenburn1976 OS Map71
GreenfauldsSee Todlaw (on same site), see Green Folds1816 Forrest's Map
Greenfaulds1822 Thomson's Map
Greenfaulds1859 OS 6" Map
Greenfield1816 Forrest's Map
Greenfield1822 Thomson's Map
GreenheadSee Greinhead, (note: two different places of this name- Little Green Head and Greenhead - in close proximity on Thomson's map), Yett, Hall of Greenhead1654 Blaeu's Map
Greenhead1750s Roy's Map
Greenhead1773 Ross's Map
Greenhead1783 Census
Greenhead1808 Plan RHP195
Greenhead1816 Forrest's Map
Greenhead1821 Ainslie's Map
Greenhead1821 Census
Greenhead1822 Thomson's Map
Greenhead1881 Census
Greenhead1976 OS Map71
GreenhillSee Greenhill Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Greenhill1821 Census
Greenhill1822 Thomson's Map
Greenhill1858 Val Roll
Greenhill1859 OS 6" Map
Greenhill1976 OS Map71
Greenhill FarmSee Greenhill1881 Census
Greenpark1859 OS 6" Map
Greenpark1881 Census
GreenrideSee Greenrig1778 Pre 1855 MI
GreenridgeSee Greenrig1654 Blaeu's Map
Greenridge1705 Pre 1855 MI
Greenridge1721 Pre 1855 MI
Greenridge1783 Census
Greenridge1814 Pre 1855 MI
Greenridge1821 Census
Greenridge1822 Pre 1855 MI
Greenridge CottagesSee Greenrig1881 Census
Greenridge FarmSee Greenrig1881 Census
GreenrigSee also Greenridge, Greenride, Greenridge Farm, Greenridge Cottages, Greenrig Yett, Greenrig Burn1750s Roy's Map
Greenrig1773 Ross's Map
Greenrig1808 Plan RHP195
Greenrig1816 Forrest's Map
Greenrig1821 Ainslie's Map
Greenrig1822 Thomson's Map
Greenrig1859 OS 6" Map
Greenrig1864 Thomson's Poem
Greenrig(lands of, and 'Advocation of Chapel' of)1873 Sasines
Greenrig1976 OS Map71
Greenrig BurnSee Greenrig1808 Plan RHP195
Greenrig Yett(gate), see Greenrig1808 Plan RHP195
GreenshielsSee Green Shields1859 OS 6" Map
Greenstrands1859 OS 6" Map
Greenstrands1881 Census
Greenstrands1976 OS Map71
Greinhead(lands of), see Greenhead1873 Sasines
Greystone1804 Pre 1855 MI
Greystonesee also Graystanes, Graystone Farm, North & South Greystone, Graystone Hill, Graista Hill1821 Census
Greystone1864 Thomson's Poem
Greystone1976 OS Map71
Grouse Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Grouse Hill1976 OS Map71
Grove LodgeSee Clydegrove1821 Census
Gunnsgreen(Coalburn), See Gunsgreen1783 Census
GunsgreenSee Gunnsgreen1790s Old Stat Acc
Gunsgreen1881 Census
Hakshawes HillSee Hareshaw Head1654 Blaeu's Map
HalfleckSee Halflock1773 Ross's Map
HalflockSee Halfleck1821 Ainslie's Map
HalfmarklandSee Halfmerkland1736 OPR Births
Halfmerkland(near Yonderton), see Halfmarkland1816 Forrest's Map
Halfmerkland(near Birkwood)1816 Forrest's Map
Halfmerkland1821 Census
Halfmerkland1822 Thomson's Map
Halfmerkland1822 Thomson's Map
Halfmerkland1859 OS 6" Map
Halfmerkland1881 Census
Halfmerkland1976 OS Map71
Halhill(lands of), see Hallhill1873 Sasines
Hall HillSee Hallhill1783 Census
Hall of GreenheadSee Greenhead1808 Plan RHP195
HallhillSee also Hall Hill, Halhill, N. & S. Hallhill, Hamil1750s Roy's Map
Hallhill1816 Forrest's Map
Hallhill1821 Census
Hallhill1822 Thomson's Map
Hallhill1830 Pre 1855 MI
Hallhill1881 Census
Hallhill1976 OS Map71
HamilSee Hallhill1654 Blaeu's Map
Hamlet Brockets BraeSee Brocketsbrae1881 Census
Hamlet GatesideSee Gateside1881 Census
Harelaw Cairnstwo cairns near Leelawmuir)1808 Plan RHP195
Harelaw Road(part of road from Hawksland to Lanark)1808 Plan RHP195
Hareshaw BurnSee Hareshaw Head1976 OS Map71
Hareshaw HeadSee also Hareshaw Burn, Hakshawes Hill1976 OS Map71
HarperfieldSee Harperfield Gate, Harperfield Blinkbonnie, Thorntree, Well Yett, Gate1740 OPR Births
Harperfield1750s Roy's Map
Harperfield1773 Ross's Map
Harperfield1783 Census
Harperfield1787 Pre 1855 MI
Harperfield1808 Plan RHP195
Harperfield1808 Plan RHP21889
Harperfield1809 RHP22221/15
Harperfield1816 Forrest's Map
Harperfield1821 Ainslie's Map
Harperfield1821 Census
Harperfield1822 Thomson's Map
Harperfield1832 Pre 1855 MI
Harperfield1844 Pre 1855 MI
Harperfield1851 Pre 1855 MI
Harperfield1858 Val Roll
Harperfield1859 OS 6" Map
Harperfield(lands of)1873 Sasines
Harperfield1976 OS Map71
Harperfield BlinkbonnieSee Blinkbonny1881 Census
Harperfield GateSee Harperfield1816 Forrest's Map
HauhtiferdaleSee Auchtyfardle1301 JPM
HaukslandSee Hawksland1773 Ross's Map
Hauksland1783 Census
Haulksland(lands of), see Hawksland1873 Sasines
Hawksland(formerly Mossminion), see also Hauksland, Haulksland, Mossminion1805 Pre 1855 MI
Hawksland1816 Forrest's Map
Hawksland1821 Ainslie's Map
Hawksland1821 Census
Hawksland1822 Thomson's Map
Hawksland1858 Val Roll
Hawksland1859 OS 6" Map
Hawksland1864 Thomson's Poem
Hawksland1881 Census
Hawksland1976 OS Map71
Hawksnest2010 OS Map L/S
Hazel BankSee Hazelbank1822 Thomson's Map
HazelbankSee also Hazel Bank, Hazelbank Cottage1816 Forrest's Map
Hazelbank1821 Census
Hazelbank1858 Val Roll
Hazelbank1859 OS 6" Map
Hazelbank1865 Pre 1855 MI
Hazelbank1881 Census
Hazelbank2002 OS Map72
Hazelbank CottageSee Hazelbank1859 OS 6" Map
Heatheryland1821 Census
Heathfield(east side of RC Chapel, Blackwood)1881 Census
Heathfield1897 OS Map
HellsbeckSee Hellsbike1750s Roy's Map
Hellsbeck1809 RHP22221/16
HellsbegSee Hellsbike1808 Plan RHP195
Hellsbikesee also Helsbyick, Hellsbeg, Hellsbeck, Hillsbyke1816 Forrest's Map
Hellsbike1822 Thomson's Map
HellsgillSee Hellsglen1821 Census
HellsglenSee Hellsgill1750s Roy's Map
HelsbyickSee Hellsbike1654 Blaeu's Map
Herd Law Cairn(south west of Brae)1808 Plan RHP195
Heron's Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Hfllocchen MossSee also Aflocchan Moss, Auchlochan1654 Blaeu's Map
High BanksSee Highbanks1808 Plan RHP195
High Bent2010 OS Map L/S
High Blackwood YardsSee also Blackwood Yards North & South & Low, High Blackwoodyards1859 OS 6" Map
High Blackwood Yards1881 Census
High BlackwoodyardsSee High Blackwood Yards1891 Val Roll
High Blackwoodyards1896 Rent Roll
High BrocklySee Brockley1816 Forrest's Map
High Brockly1822 Thomson's Map
High DillarsSee Dillars1821 Census
High DolarsSee Dillars1783 Census
High KypesideSee High Kypside, Over Kypeside1816 Forrest's Map
High Kypeside1859 OS 6" Map
High Kypeside1881 Census
High Kypeside1976 OS Map71
High KypsideSee High Kypeside1822 Thomson's Map
High Mains1859 OS 6" Map
High StockbriggsSee Over Stockbridge1881 Census
High Whiteside(see Whiteside, Whitesidehill)1816 Forrest's Map
High Whiteside1822 Thomson's Map
HighbankSee Highbanks1821 Census
HighbanksSee also High Banks, Highbank1816 Forrest's Map
Highbanks1822 Thomson's Map
Highbanks1859 OS 6" Map
Highbanks1976 OS Map71
Hill(at Dumbraxhill), see Dumbraxhill1750s Roy's Map
Hill('The Hill')1750s Roy's Map
Hill1783 Census
Hill1808 Plan RHP195
Hill1815 Pre 1855 MI
Hill1821 Census
Hill1826 National Records of Scotland
Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Hill1881 Census
Hill(ref to it being a farm before a housing estate was built on it)1926 John Zawadzki (2008)
Hillend(North Hillend), see North Hillend, Old Hillend (& South Hillend)1738 OPR Births
Hillend1750s Roy's Map
Hillend1783 Census
Hillend(South Hillend), see also South Hillend (& North Hillend)1783 Census
Hillend1808 Pre 1855 MI
Hillend1816 Forrest's Map
Hillend1821 Census
Hillend1822 Thomson's Map
Hillend1864 Thomson's Poem
Hillend1881 Census
Hillhouse1730 OPR Births
Hillhouse1750s Roy's Map
Hillhouse1783 Census
Hillhouse1808 Plan RHP195
Hillhouse1809 RHP22221/15
Hillhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Hillhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Hillhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Hillhouse1881 Census
Hillhouse1976 OS Map71
Hillmill(west of Hill, just north of Turnburn Brae)1859 OS 6" Map
HillsbykeSee Hellsbike1808 Plan RHP21889
Hillsgill1783 Census
Hillsgill1816 Forrest's Map
Hillsgill1822 Thomson's Map
Hillsgill1859 OS 6" Map
Hillsgill1881 Census
Hillshield(sheiling or hut, south of Authtool)1808 Plan RHP195
Hillside1821 Census
Hillside1859 OS 6" Map
Hillside1881 Census
Hillside(re purchase of Hillside Farm)1926 John Zawadzki (2008)
Hilltop Wood1976 OS Map71
Holehouse1750s Roy's Map
Holehouse1816 Forrest's Map
Holehouse1821 Census
Holehouse1822 Thomson's Map
Holehouse1859 OS 6" Map
Holehouse1871 Pre 1855 MI
Holehouse1881 Census
HolinbussSee Hollandbush1808 Plan RHP195
Hollan BushSee Hollandbush1881 Census
HollandbushSee also Hollen Bush, Hollan Bush, Bush, Holinbuss1920s OS Map
Hollen BushSee Hollandbush1859 OS 6" Map
Holm1816 Forrest's Map
Holm1822 Thomson's Map
Holmfoot1821 Census
Holmhead(near Yonderton), see Hoomhead1740 OPR Births
Holmhead1816 Forrest's Map
Holmhead(near Tillietudlem), see also Holmshead, Homehead1816 Forrest's Map
Holmhead1821 Census
Holmhead1821 Census
Holmhead1822 Thomson's Map
Holmhead1822 Thomson's Map
Holmhead1859 OS 6" Map
Holmhead1859 OS 6" Map
Holmhead1881 Census
HomeheadSee Holmhead1750s Roy's Map
Honeystock1788 OPR Births
HoneystockSee Honeystocks1821 Census
Honeystock1822 Thomson's Map
HoneystocksSee Honeystock1816 Forrest's Map
Hoodshill(farm empty at that time), see Hudeshill1783 Census
Hoodshill1816 Forrest's Map
Hoodshill1821 Census
Hoodshill1822 Thomson's Map
Hoodshill1849 Pre 1855 MI
Hoodshill1859 OS 6" Map
Hoodshill1881 Census
HoomheadSee Holmhead1654 Blau's Map
Howland Foot(south of Birnie Dyke)1808 Plan RHP195
Hudeshill(lands of), see Hoodshill1873 Sasines
Hungry Law(at bend in road south of Annfield), see Hungry Law Cairn1808 Plan RHP21889
Hungry Law Cairn(north west of Rawhills), see Hungry Law1808 Plan RHP195
Hungry Law Moss(north west of Rawhills)1808 Plan RHP195
Hurlywell1859 OS 6" Map
HutchilandSee Hutchland1812 Pre 1855 MI
HutchlandSee Hutchiland1816 Forrest's Map
Hutchland1821 Census
Hutchland1822 Thomson's Map
Hutchland1881 Census
Intack(Intackhouse was often shortened to Intack), see Intockhouse1773 Ross's Map
Intack(different place from Intackhouse; near Auchmeddan)1808 Plan RHP195
Intack1821 Ainslie's Map
Intack HouseSee Intockhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Intack House1822 Thomson's Map
Intackhead(near Eastertown)1750s Roy's Map
IntackhouseSee Intockhouse1750s Roy's Map
Intackhouse1808 Plan RHP195
Intackhouse1821 Census
IntakhouseSee Intockhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Intochhouse FarmSee Intockhouse1881 Census
Intochouse(farm empty at that time), see Intockhouse1783 Census
IntockhouseSee also Intack, Intochouse, Intack House, Intackhouse, Intakhouse, Intochhouse Farm, Intachhouse1976 OS Map71
JochanbankSee Lochanbank1773 Ross's Map
Jochanbank1821 Ainslie's Map
JohnshillSee also Old Johnshill, Johnshill Burn1749 Pre 1855 MI
Johnshill1773 Ross's Map
Johnshill1806 Pre 1855 MI
Johnshill1808 Plan RHP195
Johnshill1816 Forrest's Map
Johnshill1821 Ainslie's Map
Johnshill1821 Census
Johnshill1822 Thomson's Map
Johnshill1854 Pre 1855 MI
Johnshill1859 OS 6" Map
Johnshill1881 Census
Johnshill1976 OS Map71
Johnshill BurnSee Johnshill1808 Plan RHP195
KaminghillSee also Caminghill, Comenhill, Cumnighill, Kemonshill1816 Forrest's Map
Kaminghill1822 Thomson's Map
Karglint Burn(upper reaches of Teiglum Burn), see Treiglum Burn1654 Blaeu's Map
KarngourSee Garngour1654 Blaeu's Map
KateshillSee Capehall1816 Forrest's Map
Kateshill1821 Ainslie's Map
Kateshill1822 Thomson's Map
KaysSee also Old Kays, New Kays, Kyes, New Keys, Newkays1750s Roy's Map
Kays1751 Pre 1855 MI
Kays1816 Forrest's Map
Kays1822 Thomson's Map
KayshillSee Capehall1859 OS 6" Map
KeapolSee Capehall1654 Blaeu's Map
Keith Head(between Dalquhandy & the Coal Burn), see Keith Syke1808 Plan RHP195
Keith Syke(small watercourse, at the head of the Coal Burn), See Keith Head1808 Plan RHP195
KelcomhillSee Killcumhill1740 OPR Births
Kelcomhill1783 Census
KellowleesSee Kellylees1816 Forrest's Map
Kellowlees1822 Thomson's Map
Kelly LeesSee Kellylees1821 Census
KellyleesSee also Kellowlees, Kelly Lees, Kellylies, Killylees, Blackwood, Killalees, Kilalees1740 OPR Births
Kellylees1859 OS 6" Map
Kellylees1976 OS Map71
KellyliesSee Kellylees1654 Blau's Map
KemonshillSee Kaminghill1750s Roy's Map
Kemps CastelSee Castlehill, Birkwood, Nether Birkwood1654 Blaeu's Map
Kent1816 Forrest's Map
Kent1821 Census
Kent1822 Thomson's Map
Kent1859 OS 6" Map
KerrsSee Kerse1821 Ainslie's Map
KerseSee also Kerrs, Kirse, Westgate, Kerseholmfoot, Kerse Holm, Kerse Gate, Kerse Lodge, Kerss Moor, Kerss, Carse (The)1816 Forrest's Map
Kerse1821 Census
Kerse1822 Thomson's Map
Kerse1824 Pre 1855 MI
Kerse1858 Val Roll
Kerse1859 OS 6" Map
Kerse1869 Pre 1855 MI
Kerse(lands of)1873 Sasines
Kerse(house)1881 Census
Kerse1912 Pre 1855 MI
Kerse1976 OS Map71
Kerse GateSee Kerse1821 Census
Kerse HolmSee Kerse1821 Census
Kerse Holm1881 Census
Kerse LodgeSee Kerse1816 Forrest's Map
Kerse Lodge1881 Census
KerseholmfootSee Kerse1859 OS 6" Map
KerssSee Kerse1740 OPR Births
Kerss MoorSee Kerse1739 OPR Births
KilaleesSee Kellylees1891 Val Roll
KilbanckSee Kilbank1654 Blaeu's Map
KilbankSee also Kilnbank, Gillbank, Giltbank, Killbank, West Kilbank, Kilbanck [the 1821 census shows both Gillbank & Killbank together and the 1859 OS map shows a separate Kilbank & West Kilbank, therefore it appears that the farm on the west was called Gillba1809 Pre 1855 MI
Kilbank1859 OS 6" Map
Kilbank1868 Pre 1855 MI
Kilbank1976 OS Map71
Kilbank FarmSee Kilbank1881 Census
KillaleesSee Kellylees1896 Rent Roll
KillbankSee Kilbank1750s Roy's Map
Killbank1821 Census
Killbank(lands of)1873 Sasines
KillcumhillSee Kelcomhill1750s Roy's Map
KillhillSee also Kilnhill, Killhills, Kilnhills1816 Forrest's Map
Killhill1822 Thomson's Map
KillhillsSee Kilnhill1723 OPR Births
Killhills1750s Roy's Map
Killhills1767 Pre 1855 MI
Killhills1783 Census
Killhills1808 Plan RHP195
Killhills1881 Census
KillslackSee also Kilslack, Wee Killslack, Kilnslack1816 Forrest's Map
Killslack1821 Census
Killslack1859 OS 6" Map
KillwakeningSee Kilwakening1821 Ainslie's Map
KillyleesSee Kellylees1881 Census
Kiln Knowe1859 OS 6" Map
KilnbankSee also Kilbank1783 Census
KilnhillSee Killhill1853 Pre 1855 MI
Kilnhill1859 OS 6" Map
Kilnhill1976 OS Map71
KilnhillsSee Killhill1834 Pre 1855 MI
Kilnhills1858 Val Roll
Kilnhills1870 Landowners Dir
KilnslackSee Killslack1881 Census
KilslackSee Killslack1822 Thomson's Map
KilwakeningSee Killwakening1816 Forrest's Map
Kilwakening1822 Thomson's Map
KingaurSee Garngour1750s Roy's Map
Kip Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Kip Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Kip Burn1976 OS Map71
KipesideSee Nether Kypeside1821 Census
KiphaidSee Kypehall1750s Roy's Map
KiphallSee Capehall1826 National Records of Scotland
Kipplewell Moss(west of Raw)1808 Plan RHP195
Kirk Road(road from Lesmahagow to Lanark, via Birkhill1808 Plan RHP195
KirkfieldSee also Kirkfields, Kirkfield House, Kirkfield Lodge, Kirkfield Gate1723 OPR Births
Kirkfield1750s Roy's Map
Kirkfield1773 Ross's Map
Kirkfield1783 Census
Kirkfield1791 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkfield1796 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkfield1816 Forrest's Map
Kirkfield1821 Ainslie's Map
Kirkfield1821 Census
Kirkfield1822 Thomson's Map
Kirkfield1858 Val Roll
Kirkfield1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkfield(lands of)1873 Sasines
Kirkfield1880 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkfield BankSee Kirkfieldbank1822 Thomson's Map
Kirkfield Bank1834 Stat Acc
Kirkfield Bank1881 Census
Kirkfield Gate1821 Census
Kirkfield HouseSee Kirkfield1821 Census
Kirkfield House1881 Census
Kirkfield House1976 OS Map71
Kirkfield LodgeSee Kirkfield1881 Census
Kirkfield MainsSee Kirkfield1859 OS 6" Map
KirkfieldbankSee Kirkfield Bank1816 Forrest's Map
Kirkfieldbank1821 Census
Kirkfieldbank1823 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkfieldbank1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkfieldbank1860 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkfieldbank1976 OS Map71
Kirkfieldburn1694 OPR Births
Kirkfieldburn1821 Census
Kirkfieldburn1859 OS 6" Map
KirkfieldparkSee Park1821 Census
KirkfieldsSee Kirkfield1654 Blaeu's Map
Kirkmuirhill1666 Annals
Kirkmuirhill1750s Roy's Map
Kirkmuirhill1773 Ross's Map
Kirkmuirhill1816 Forrest's Map
Kirkmuirhill1821 Ainslie's Map
Kirkmuirhill1821 Census
Kirkmuirhill1822 Thomson's Map
Kirkmuirhill1826 National Records of Scotland
Kirkmuirhill1834 Stat Acc
Kirkmuirhill1840 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1844 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1851 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkmuirhill1862 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1864 Thomson's Poem
Kirkmuirhill1870 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1871 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1873 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1881 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1884 Pre 1855 MI
Kirkmuirhill1891 Val Roll
Kirkmuirhill1896 Rent Roll
Kirkmuirhill1976 OS Map71
Kirkmuirhill2010 OS Map L/S
Kirkmuirhill Church1976 OS Map71
Kirkmuirhill FarmSee Kirkmuirhill Mailcoach Stables1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkmuirhill Farm1897 OS Map
Kirkmuirhill Mailcoach StablesSee Kirkmuirhill Farm1826 National Records of Scotland
Kirkmuirhill School(east side of Vere Road, about 100 yards north of Kirkmuirhill Cross), see Kirkmuirhill Schoolhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkmuirhill SchoolhouseSee Kirkmuirhill School1881 Census
Kirkmuirhill Smithy(Carlisle Road NS797/432- McRae Family)1859 OS 6" Map
Kirkmuirhill Smithy('disused Thomson Smiddy')1891 Census
Kirkmuirhill Smithy(Vere Road NS793/428 - Thomson Family) Reference RS/42/38/115 & RS/42/38/1201909 Sasine
Kirkmuirhill Tile Works1896 Rent Roll
KirseSee Kerse1773 Ross's Map
Knet BerrySee Nutberry Hill1750s Roy's Map
Knochsalloch(hill), see Meikle Auchinstilloch1773 Ross's Map
Knockan(lands of), see also Knocken, Nocken, Knockingig, Knocking1842 National Records of Scotland
Knockan1859 OS 6" Map
Knockan1881 Census
KnockenSee Knockan1654 Blaeu's Map
KnockengigSee Knockan1821 Census
KnockingSee Knockan1723 OPR Births
Knokinstilloch(hill), see Meikle Auchinstilloch1654 Blau's Map
KnorrnackSee Know Knack1881 Census
KnotberrylawSee Nutberry Hill1790s Old Stat Acc
Know Knack(house being built at that time), see Knorrnack, Knownack1821 Census
Knowehead1816 Forrest's Map
Knowehead1822 Thomson's Map
KnowetopSee Knowtop1821 Census
KnownackSee Know Knack1896 Rent Roll
Knowtop(near Nethanfoot), see Knowetop1816 Forrest's Map
Knowtop1822 Thomson's Map
Knowtop(near Auchenheath)1859 OS 6" Map
Knowtop1859 Nat.Archives
Knutberry LawSee Nutberry Hill1654 Blaeu's Map
KoutyrshooleSee Coultershogle1654 Blaeu's Map
Kraig Nethan CastleSee Craignethan Castle1654 Blaeu's Map
KraigheadSee Craighead1654 Blaeu's Map
KumberheadsSee Cumberhead1654 Blaeu's Map
KyesSee Kays1783 Census
Kype(burn), see Kype Water1790s Old Stat Acc
Kype(burn)1834 Stat Acc
Kype Reservoir1976 OS Map71
Kype Water(burn), see also Kypes Water, Kype1976 OS Map71
Kypehall(current farm shown, but not named, on this map, near site of former Capehall), see Kiphaid, Capehall1976 OS Map71
Kypehall2010 OS Map L/S
Kypehall Bridge2010 OS Map L/S
Kypes WaterSee Kype Water1816 Forrest's Map
Kypes Water1822 Thomson's Map
Kypes WaterheadSee also Kypewaterhead, Kypeswaterhead, Waterhead1821 Census
Kypes Waterhead1881 Census
KypesideSee Nether Kypeside, Over Kypeside, High Kypeside1750s Roy's Map
Kypeside1842 Pre 1855 MI
Kypeside1852 OPR Births
KypeswaterheadSee Kypes Waterhead1858 Val Roll
Kypeswaterhead1896 Rent Roll
KypewaterheadSee Kypes Waterhead1976 OS Map71
Kypside(lands of), see nether Kypeside1821 Census
KypsideSee Nether Kypeside1873 Sasines
L:ime Quarry(near Blackwood Yards)1816 Forrest's Map
Ladehead(previously called Lateseed), see also Lateseed, Leadshead, Letsheed1859 OS 6" Map
Ladehead1881 Census
Ladehead1976 OS Map71
Ladehead2010 OS Map L/S
Laigh Brockly(near Bankend), see Brockley1816 Forrest's Map
Laigh Brockly1822 Thomson's Map
Laigh WaterheadSee Waterhead1816 Forrest's Map
Laigh Waterhead1822 Thomson's Map
Laigh WhitesideSee Whiteside1859 OS 6" Map
LairSee Lairs1750s Roy's Map
LairsSee Lair1816 Forrest's Map
Lairs1820 Pre 1855 MI
Lairs1821 Census
Lairs1822 Thomson's Map
Lairs1826 National Records of Scotland
Lairs1859 OS 6" Map
Lairs1881 Census
Lairs1891 Val Roll
Lairs1976 OS Map71
Lairs BridgendSee Bridgend1859 OS 6" Map
LairsbridgendSee Bridgend1821 Census
Lairsbridgend1891 Val Roll
Lairsbridgend1896 Rent Roll
Lake Cottage(near Byretown)1859 OS 6" Map
Lanark Road(old road from Lesmahagow to Lanark via Greenrig))1808 Plan RHP195
LangdykeSee Clannochdyke1826 National Records of Scotland
Langlands(lands of), see also Lanlands, Longlands1842 National Records of Scotland
LangleeSee Longlee1816 Forrest's Map
Langlee1821 Ainslie's Map
Langlee1822 Thomson's Map
LangsideSee Langside Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Langside1821 Census
Langside1859 OS 6" Map
Langside FarmSee also Longside, Langside1976 OS Map71
LanlandsSee Langlands1654 Blaeu's Map
Lateseed(later called Ladehead), see Ladehead1816 Forrest's Map
Lateseed1821 Census
Lateseed1822 Thomson's Map
LathamSee Letham1976 OS Map71
Law(hill)1816 Forrest's Map
Law(hill)1822 Thomson's Map
Law(hill)1976 OS Map71
LawriesmuirSee Lowriemuir, Lowries, Lowriesmuir1976 OS Map71
Lawriesmuir2010 OS Map L/S
Lead Mines(between Mennick & Nutberry Hills), see Mannoch Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Leadmines(near Mannoch Hill)1816 Forrest's Map
Leadmines1822 Thomson's Map
Leadmines1822 Thomson's Map
LeadsheadSee Ladehead1654 Blaeu's Map
Leadshead1818 Pre 1855 MI
LeathsSee Teaths1821 Ainslie's Map
Ledsheed('h' missing due to page break), see Ladehead1750s Roy's Map
Lee LawSee Leelaw1808 Plan RHP195
Lee Law1821 Census
Lee Law1858 Val Roll
Lee Law MoorSee Leelawmuir1821 Census
LeelawSee also Lee Law, Leelaw Farm, Leelaw Old School, leelaw School House1750s Roy's Map
Leelaw1783 Census
Leelaw1816 Forrest's Map
Leelaw1822 Thomson's Map
Leelaw1831 Pre 1855 MI
Leelaw1851 Pre 1855 MI
Leelaw1859 OS 6" Map
Leelaw1864 Thomson's Poem
Leelaw(Leelaw & Leelawmuir are two places in same OS grid)1976 OS Map71
Leelaw FarmSee Leelaw1881 Census
Leelaw Old SchoolSee Leelaw1881 Census
Leelaw SchoolSee Leelaw1859 OS 6" Map
Leelaw School HouseSee Leelaw1881 Census
Leelawmuir1816 Forrest's Map
Leelawmuir1859 OS 6" Map
Leelawmuir1881 Census
LeelawmuirSee Lee Law Moor1976 OS Map71
Leelawmuir CairnSee Leelawmuir1822 Thomson's Map
LeserslinSee Lesser Linn1783 Census
LesmahagoSee Lesmahagow1834 Stat Acc
Lesmahagoe1790s Old Stat Acc
LesmahagoeSee Lesmahagow1821 Ainslie's Map
LesmahagowSee also Lesmehagoe, Lesmehagoe, Lesmahago, Lismahago1591 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1592 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1599 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1611 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1613 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1622 Reg of Apps
Lesmahagow1816 Forrest's Map
Lesmahagow1822 Thomson's Map
Lesmahagow1859 OS 6" Map
Lesmahagow1976 OS Map71
Lesmahagow(only partly shown on this map)2010 OS Map L/S
Lesmahagow Abbey(site of)1859 OS 6" Map
Lesmahagow Cemetery1976 OS Map71
Lesmahagow Cemetery Cottage1881 Census
Lesmahagow ChurchSee Lesmahagow Kirk1859 OS 6" Map
Lesmahagow Cotton Mill1826 National Records of Scotland
Lesmahagow Golf Course(Lesmahagow)1976 OS Map71
Lesmahagow Kirk1808 Plan RHP195
Lesmahagow KirkSee Lesmahagow Church1816 Forrest's Map
Lesmahagow Manse(1st Charge, in Lesmahagow)1816 Forrest's Map
Lesmahagow Manse1859 OS 6" Map
Lesmahagow Manse(2nd Charge, north of Lesmahagow), see Mansefield1859 OS 6" Map
Lesmahagow School1859 OS 6" Map
LesmehagoeSee Lesmahagow1773 Ross's Map
Lesmhagow Lint Mill1826 National Records of Scotland
Lesser LinnSee also Leserslin, Lesserlinn, Lethanlin1821 Census
Lesser Linn1881 Census
Lesser Linn1976 OS Map71
LesserlinnSee Lesser Linn1816 Forrest's Map
Lesserlinn1822 Thomson's Map
Lesserlinn1859 OS 6" Map
LethamSee also Lettham, Letham Mains, Netherhouse of Letham, Latham, Letham Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Letham1821 Census
Letham1822 Thomson's Map
Letham1858 Val Roll
Letham1859 OS 6" Map
Letham FarmSee Letham1881 Census
Letham MainsSee Letham1881 Census
LethanlinSee Lesser Linn1773 Ross's Map
Lethanlin1821 Ainslie's Map
LetthamSee Letham1654 Blaeu's Map
Lewinsdale1856 Pre 1855 MI
Lewinsdale1859 OS 6" Map
Lewinsdale1881 Census
Lime Quarries(W. of Braehead)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Quarries1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Quarry(near Wellburn)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Quarry(near Auchenheath)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Quarry(near Auchren)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Quarry(Blackwood Estate)1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Quarry1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Quarry1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Quarry1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Row1859 OS 6" Map
Lime Work(near Garlewood)1773 Ross's Map
Lime Work(near South Bankend)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Work(S. of Braehead), see Limehouse1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Work(near Moat)1816 Forrest's Map
Lime Work1821 Ainslie's Map
Lime Work1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Work1822 Thomson's Map
Lime Work1826 National Records of Scotland
Lime Works(near Muirsland)1826 National Records of Scotland
Lime Works(near Brownhill)1826 National Records of Scotland
LimehouseSee Lime Work (Braehead)1821 Census
Limekiln(near Raw)1808 Plan RHP195
Limekilns1808 Plan RHP195
Lin MillSee Linnmill1821 Census
Linaydh(appears to be same place as Linnville), see Linnville1821 Ainslie's Map
LindheadSee Linnhead1783 Census
LinfieldSee Linnmill1821 Census
LinheadSee Linnhead1816 Forrest's Map
Linhead Burn1808 Plan RHP195
Linhead Knowl1808 Plan RHP195
LinmillSee Linnmill1783 Census
Linn HeadSee Linnhead1822 Thomson's Map
Linn HeadSee Linnhead1881 Census
Linn MillSee Linnmill1881 Census
LinnheadSee also Linhead, Lindhead, Linn Head, Linnhead Farm, Linn Head, Ruin, Waterfall1821 Census
Linnhead1859 OS 6" Map
Linnhead FarmSee Linnhead1976 OS Map71
Linnmill(near Stonebyres), see also Linmill, Lin Mill, Linn Mill, Mill, Waterfall, Linfield1859 OS 6" Map
Linnmill1976 OS Map71
LinnvilleSee also Linaydh, Linvile1816 Forrest's Map
Linnville1822 Thomson's Map
Linnville1859 OS 6" Map
LintfieldSee Lintfield Bank1736 OPR Births
Lintfield1808 Plan RHP195
Lintfield BankSee also Lintfield, Lintfieldbank1859 OS 6" Map
Lintfield Bank1976 OS Map71
LintfieldbankSee Lintfield Bank1821 Census
Lintfieldbank1830 Pre 1855 MI
Lintfieldbank1870 Pre 1855 MI
Lintfieldbank1881 Census
Lintmill(near Auchlochan)1815 Pre 1855 MI
Lintmill1816 Forrest's Map
Lintmill1821 Census
Lintmill1822 Thomson's Map
Lintmill(near Birkwood)1822 Thomson's Map
LinvileSee Linnville1821 Census
Lisbon Hall(near Crossford), see Lisbon Hub1821 Ainslie's Map
Lisbon HubSee also Lisbon Hut, Lisbon Hall, The Hutt1859 OS 6" Map
Lisbon HutSee Lisbon Hub1816 Forrest's Map
Lisbon Hut1821 Census
Lisbon Hut1822 Thomson's Map
LismahagoSee Lesmahagow1750s Roy's Map
Lismahago MillSee Milltown1750s Roy's Map
Little Auchinstilloch(hill), see Meikle Auchinstilloch1816 Forrest's Map
Little Auchinstilloch1822 Thomson's Map
Little Auchinstilloch1859 OS 6" Map
Little Auchinstilloch1976 OS Map71
Little BirkhillSee Birkhill1816 Forrest's Map
Little Coalburn(farm)1881 Census
Little DykeheadSee Dykehead1891 Val Roll
Little Dykehead2010 OS Map L/S
Little GillWas called Bearsteds before Little Gill. See Bearsteads, Belsteds, Little Gill Farm, Little Gill Row, Littlegill Farm, Littlegill Rows1816 Forrest's Map
Little Gill1821 Census
Little Gill1822 Thomson's Map
Little Gill1859 OS 6" Map
Little Gill FarmSee Little Gill1976 OS Map71
Little Gill RowSee Little Gill1859 OS 6" Map
Little Green Head(Little Green Head, or Greenhead, and Greenhead are two separate place in same NS grid square), see Little Greenhead1822 Thomson's Map
Little GreenheadSee Little Green Head1816 Forrest's Map
Littlegill FarmSee Little Gill1881 Census
Littlegill RowsSee Little Gill1881 Census
Loanfoot1859 OS 6" Map
LoanheadSee Lonhead1783 Census
Loanhead1809 Pre 1855 MI
Loanhead1816 Forrest's Map
Loanhead1821 Census
Loch(near New Kays)1816 Forrest's Map
Loch(near Muirhouse)1816 Forrest's Map
Loch(near New Kays)1822 Thomson's Map
Loch(near Muirhouse)1822 Thomson's Map
Loch Dark1896 Rent Roll
Loch Park(Blackwood Estate Grass Park), see Blackwood1910 Rent Roll
LochanbankSee also Jochenbank, Lochenbeg, Lochenbak, Lochanbank Mill, Lochenbank, Lochanbank Farm, Luchenbank1740 OPR Births
Lochanbank1809 Pre 1855 MI
Lochanbank1821 Census
Lochanbank1859 OS 6" Map
Lochanbank1891 Val Roll
Lochanbank1896 Rent Roll
Lochanbank2010 OS Map L/S
Lochanbank Cottage(house in Kirkmuirhill, diagonally opposite Church (of Scotland))1859 OS 6" Map
Lochanbank Cottage1881 Census
Lochanbank FarmSee Lochanbank1881 Census
Lochanbank MillSee Lochanbank1859 OS 6" Map
Lochanbank Mill1881 Census
LochenbakSee Lochanbank1654 Blaeu's Map
LochenbankSee Lochanbank1816 Forrest's Map
LochenbegSee Lochanbank1822 Thomson's Map
Lochend(between Johnshill and Lintfield Bank on current map)1821 Ainslie's Map
Lochfennoch Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Lochfennoch Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Lochfennoch Burn1859 OS 6" Map
Lochhead(site just south of Hollandbush Golf Clubhouse)1773 Ross's Map
Lockhart's Knowe2001 EX Map 343
LoganSee Logan Water1790s Old Stat Acc
LoganSee Loganhous1823 Pre 1855 MI
Logan1834 Stat Acc
Logan1858 Val Roll
Logan(lands of)1873 Sasines
Logan1881 Census
Logan1891 Val Roll
Logan FarmSee Loganhous1976 OS Map71
Logan House1821 Census
Logan Reservoir1976 OS Map71
Logan RiverSee Logan Water1654 Blaeu's Map
Logan Water1808 Plan RHP195
Logan Water1816 Forrest's Map
Logan WaterSee also Logan River, Logan, Netthan Flow, Well Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Logan Water1976 OS Map71
Loganbank1859 OS 6" Map
LoganhousSee also Logan, Logan Farm, Logan House, Loganhouse, South Loganhouse1654 Blau's Map
Loganhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Loganhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Loganhouse1859 OS 6" Map
LonglandsSee Langlands1750s Roy's Map
LongleeSee Langlee1783 Census
LongsideSee also Langside Farm, Langside, Corehouse Longside1783 Census
Longside1816 Forrest's Map
Longside1822 Thomson's Map
LonheadSee Loanhead1822 Thomson's Map
Low Blackwood YardsSee also Blackwood Yards N, S & High, Blackwood, Low Blackwoodyards1821 Census
Low Blackwood Yards1859 OS 6" Map
Low Blackwood Yards1881 Census
Low Blackwood Yards1976 OS Map71
Low BlackwoodyardsSee Low Blackwood Yards1891 Val Roll
Low Blackwoodyards1896 Rent Roll
Low DillarsSee Dillars1821 Census
Low PriorhillSee Priorhill1881 Census
Lower Loan(track, beside Tower), see Tower1808 Plan RHP195
Lower WaterheadSee Waterhead1859 OS 6" Map
LowriemuirSee Lawriesmuir1859 OS 6" Map
LowriesSee Lawriesmuir1882 Pre 1855 MI
LowriesmuirSee Lawriesmuir1881 Census
LubusSee Lupus1821 Census
LuchenbankSee Lochanbank1750s Roy's Map
Lue LandSee Muirsland1654 Blaeu's Map
LupusSee Lubus1859 OS 6" Map
Lupus1976 OS Map71
Lynallan2010 OS Map L/S
Mains(near Birkwood), see Maynes of Lesmahagow1654 Blaeu's Map
Mains(near Clarkston Farm)1783 Census
Mains1816 Forrest's Map
Mains1816 Forrest's Map
Mains(near Corehouse)1816 Forrest's Map
Mains1821 Census
Mains1822 Thomson's Map
Mains1822 Thomson's Map
Mains1822 Thomson's Map
Mains1859 OS 6" Map
Mains1881 Census
Mangraw Hill(place), see Mangrawhill1822 Thomson's Map
Mangrawhill(place), see also Mangraw Hill, Mungrayhill, Mungriehill, Mungrahill1816 Forrest's Map
Mannoch HillSee also Mennick Hill, Lead Mines1859 OS 6" Map
Mannoch Hill1976 OS Map71
Manse(Reformed Presbyterian)1881 Census
MansefieldSee Lesmahagow Manse1816 Forrest's Map
Mansefield1821 Ainslie's Map
Mansefield1821 Census
Mansefield1822 Thomson's Map
Mansefield1842 National Records of Scotland
Mansefield1881 Census
MarrshillSee Draffanmarshill1821 Census
Marrshill1859 OS 6" Map
Marrshill1920s OS Map
Marshall FarmSee Draffanmarshill1881 Census
Mathergill(on or near site of Birkwood), see also Mirthirgale, Mertargill [& see Birkwood]1808 Plan RHP195
Mavisbank1821 Census
Mavisbrae1816 Forrest's Map
Mavisbrae1821 Census
Mavisbrae1822 Thomson's Map
Mavisbrae1840 Pre 1855 MI
Mavisbrae1859 OS 6" Map
Mavisbrae1881 Census
Mayfield1816 Forrest's Map
Mayfield1821 Census
Mayfield1822 Thomson's Map
Mayfield1859 OS 6" Map
Mayfield1881 Census
Mayfield1976 OS Map71
Maynes of LesmahagowSee Mains1590 Reg of Apps
MeadowSee Medow1808 Plan RHP195
Meadow1816 Forrest's Map
Meadow1821 Census
Meadow1822 Thomson's Map
Meadow1859 OS 6" Map
Meadow1881 Census
Mealins(place, north of Blackwood House)1750s Roy's Map
MedowSee Meadow1654 Blau's Map
Medow1750s Roy's Map
Meikle Auchinstilloch(hill), see also Mickle Auchnastilloch, Knochsalloch, Knokinstilloch, Little Auchinstilloch1859 OS 6" Map
Meikle Auchinstilloch1976 OS Map71
Mennick HillSee Mannoch Hill1816 Forrest's Map
Mennick Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Merchant HallSee Merchanthall1821 Census
Merchanthall(straddles NS 82/34 & 82/35), see Merchant Hall1816 Forrest's Map
Merchanthall1822 Thomson's Map
Merchanthall1859 OS 6" Map
Merchanthall1881 Census
Merchanthall1976 OS Map71
Mertargill(shown just south of Pothhead), see Mathergill1773 Ross's Map
Mertargill1821 Ainslie's Map
Mickle Auchinstilloch(hill), see Meikle Auchinstilloch1816 Forrest's Map
Mickle Auchinstilloch1822 Thomson's Map
Mid AchtygSee Auchtygemmell Farm1654 Blaeu's Map
Mid Cumer1750s Roy's Map
Mid DillarSee Dillars1816 Forrest's Map
Mid Dillar1822 Thomson's Map
Mid DillarsSee Dillars1821 Census
Mid GarngourSee Garngour1859 OS 6" Map
Mid Garngour2010 OS Map L/S
Mid HolmeSee Midholm1822 Thomson's Map
Mid Town(near Craigend), see Midtown1816 Forrest's Map
Mid Town(near Boghead), see Midtown1816 Forrest's Map
Mid Town1822 Thomson's Map
Middle GarngourSee Garngour1881 Census
Middlefield1816 Forrest's Map
Middlefield1821 Census
Middlefield1822 Thomson's Map
Middlefield1859 OS 6" Map
Middlefield1881 Census
Middlefield1976 OS Map71
MiddleholmSee Midholm1730 OPR Births
Middleholm1808 Plan RHP195
Middleholm1816 Forrest's Map
Middleholm1821 Census
Middleholm1848 Pre 1855 MI
Middleholm1860 Pre 1855 MI
Middleholm1881 Census
Middleholm(re tenancy)1926 John Zawadzki (2008)
Middlemuir Row(near Bankend, Coalburn)1920s OS Map
Midgarngoursee Garngour1858 Val Roll
MidlamSee Midholm1654 Blaeu's Map
MidleholmSee also Mid Holme, Midlleholme, Midlam, Middleholm1859 OS 6" Map
Midlleholme(lands of), see Midholm1873 Sasines
Midtonsee Midtown1773 Ross's Map
Midtown(near Boghead), see Midton, Midtown Cottage1750s Roy's Map
Midtown1821 Ainslie's Map
Midtown(near Craigend), see Mid Town1821 Census
Midtown1821 Census
Midtown1822 Thomson's Map
Midtown1826 National Records of Scotland
Midtown1829 Pre 1855 MI
Midtown(or 82/34)1858 Val Roll
Midtown1859 OS 6" Map
Midtown1859 OS 6" Map
Midtown1864 Pre 1855 MI
Midtown1864 Thomson's Poem
Midtown1881 Census
Midtown1881 Census
Midtown1891 Val Roll
Midtown1896 Rent Roll
Midtown1976 OS Map71
Midtown1976 OS Map71
Midtown2010 OS Map L/S
Midtown Cottage(near Boghead), see Midtown1881 Census
Mill(near Burnfoot)1654 Blaeu's Map
MillSee Linnmill1654 Blaeu's Map
MillSee Folkerton Mill1773 Ross's Map
Mill1816 Forrest's Map
MillSee Corehouse1816 Forrest's Map
Mill1816 Forrest's Map
MillSee Foulford1816 Forrest's Map
Mill(near Gill)1816 Forrest's Map
Mill1816 Forrest's Map
Mill(Lesmahagow), see Milltown1816 Forrest's Map
Mill1821 Ainslie's Map
Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Mill1822 Thomson's Map
Mill1976 OS Map71
Millands(Blackwood Estate Grass Parks - East & West), see Mealins1900 Rent Roll
Millands1910 Rent Roll
Millhouse(Folkerton), see Millhouse Cottage1808 Plan RHP195
Millhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Millhouse1821 Census
Millhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Millhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Millhouse1881 Census
Millhouse Cottage(Folkerton), also see Folkerton Mill, Millhouse1976 OS Map71
MilltonSee Milltown1808 Plan RHP195
MilltounSee Milltown1733 OPR Births
Milltown(Lesmahagow), see also Mill, Miltown, Milton, Milntoun Tole, Milnton Inn, Milntoun Mill, Miltown Inn, Miltown Smithy, Milton Farm, Milton Toll House, Milltoun, Millton, Lismahago Mill1821 Census
Milltown(Lesmahagow), see Milltown1822 Thomson's Map
MilnSee Folkerton Mill1783 Census
MilnhouseSee Millhouse Cottage1783 Census
Milnton Inn(Lesmahagow), see Milltown, Miltown Inn1821 Census
Milntoun MillSee Milltown1821 Census
Milntoun ToleSee Milltown1821 Census
MilntownSee Milltown1873 Sasines
Milntown Toll Bar (New)See Milltown1826 National Records of Scotland
Milntown Toll Bar (Old)See Milltown1826 National Records of Scotland
MiltonSee Milltown1733 OPR Births
Milton1739 OPR Births
Milton1773 Ross's Map
Milton1784 Pre 1855 MI
Milton1821 Ainslie's Map
Milton1875 Pre 1855 MI
Milton FarmSee Milltown1881 Census
Milton Industrial Estate2010 OS Map L/S
Milton MillSee Milltown1820 Pre 1855 MI
Milton Toll HouseSee Milltown1881 Census
Miltown(Lesmahagow), see Milltown1859 OS 6" Map
Miltown InnSee Milnton Inn, Milltown1859 OS 6" Map
Miltown SmithySee Milltown1859 OS 6" Map
Mine(disused)1976 OS Map71
Mirknouck1822 Thomson's Map
Mirthirgale(on or near site of Birkwood), see Mathergill [also see Birkwood]1750s Roy's Map
MitchellandSee Mitchland1808 Plan RHP195
Mitchelland1809 RHP22221/15
Mitchelland1821 Ainslie's Map
Mitchelland Moss(south of Greenstrands), see Mitchland1808 Plan RHP195
MitchilandSee Mitchland1881 Census
MitchlandSee Mitchelland, Mitchyland, Mitchiland, Mitchelland Moss1783 Census
Mitchland1816 Forrest's Map
Mitchland1821 Census
Mitchland1822 Thomson's Map
Mitchland1859 OS 6" Map
MitchylandSee Mitchland1723 OPR Births
Mitchyland1733 OPR Births
MoatSee also Mote, Molle, Moat Cottage, Moat House, Moat Mains, Mott1728 OPR Births
Moat1738 OPR Births
Moat1750s Roy's Map
Moat1783 Census
Moat1808 Plan RHP21889
Moat1816 Forrest's Map
Moat1821 Census
Moat1822 Thomson's Map
Moat1829 Pre 1855 MI
Moat1858 Val Roll
Moat1859 OS 6" Map
Moat1864 Thomson's Poem
Moat1976 OS Map71
Moat CottageSee Moat1881 Census
Moat HouseSee Moat1881 Census
Moat MainsSee Moat1881 Census
Moat YettSee Moatyett1881 Census
MoatyateSee Moatyett1816 Forrest's Map
Moatyate1822 Thomson's Map
MoatyetSee Moatyett1783 Census
MoatyettSee also Moatyet, Moatyate, Molliat, Moat Yett, Motyett1750s Roy's Map
Moatyett1821 Census
Moatyett1823 Pre 1855 MI
Moatyett1858 Val Roll
Moatyett1859 OS 6" Map
Moatyett1869 Pre 1855 MI
Moatyett1886 Pre 1855 MI
Moatyett1976 OS Map71
MolleSee Moat1821 Ainslie's Map
Molliat(lands of), see Moatyett1873 Sasines
Monachdyke(between Garngower and Milton)1773 Ross's Map
Monks StablesSee Monkstable1816 Forrest's Map
Monks Stables1822 Thomson's Map
MonkstableSee also Monkstables, Monks Stables, Munkstibbil1770 Pre 1855 MI
Monkstable1859 OS 6" Map
Monkstable1871 Pre 1855 MI
Monkstable1873 Sasines
Monkstable1881 Census
MonkstablesSee Monkstable1750s Roy's Map
Monkstables1821 Census
MonthoolySee also Mounthooly1783 Census
MoorheadSee Muirhouse1821 Census
MoorhouseSee Muirhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Moorhouse1822 Thomson's Map
MoorslandSee Muirsland1826 National Records of Scotland
MosminingSee Mossminion1873 Sasines
MosmintonSee Mossminion1736 Pre 1855 MI
Moss Nook(place, near Aikmanhill Farm1808 Plan RHP195
Mossback(on or near site of Draffanmuir), see Draffanmuir1750s Roy's Map
Mossedge1859 OS 6" Map
Mosshead1859 OS 6" Map
Mosshead1881 Census
MossideSee Mossside1859 OS 6" Map
Mosside1881 Census
MossinyningSee Mossminion1400 Geo. F Black
MossmennanSee Mosmining1723 OPR Births
Mossminion(later called Hawksland), see also Mosmining, Mosminton, Mossmennan, Mossminning, Mossinying, Hawksland (name also applied to land area to the south)1808 Plan RHP195
MossminningSee Mosmining1654 Blaeu's Map
Mossminning1750s Roy's Map
MosssideSee Mosside1821 Census
Mossvale1859 OS 6" Map
MoteSee Moat1773 Ross's Map
MottSee Moat1808 Plan RHP195
MotyettSee Moatyett1808 Plan RHP195
Mount HoolySee Mounthooly1816 Forrest's Map
Mount Hooly1881 Census
MounthoolySee also Monthooly, Mounthootie, Mount Hooly1821 Census
Mounthooly1822 Thomson's Map
Mounthooly1852 OPR Births
MounthootieSee Mounthooly1859 OS 6" Map
Mucklesidd(near Stonebyres)1750s Roy's Map
MuirburnSee Muirburn Farm1804 Pre 1855 MI
Muirburn1816 Forrest's Map
Muirburn1821 Census
Muirburn1822 Thomson's Map
Muirburn1859 OS 6" Map
Muirburn1876 Pre 1855 MI
Muirburn1976 OS Map71
Muirburn FarmSee Muirburn1881 Census
MuirdaleSee Muirdales1750s Roy's Map
Muirdale1816 Forrest's Map
Muirdale1822 Thomson's Map
Muirdales(near Nether Affleck), see Muirdale1783 Census
Muirdales1821 Census
Muirhall1821 Census
Muirhouse(west of Clarkston), see Moorhouse1783 Census
Muirhouse(south of Dunduff), see Moorhead1816 Forrest's Map
Muirhouse1821 Census
Muirhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Muirhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Muirhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Muirhouse1881 Census
Muirhouse1881 Census
Muirhouse1891 Val Roll
Muirhouse1896 Rent Roll
Muirhouse1976 OS Map71
Muirhouse1976 OS Map71
Muirhouse2010 OS Map L/S
Muirhouse Plantation2010 OS Map L/S
MuirlandSee Muirsland1750s Roy's Map
Muirland(lands of)1873 Sasines
Muirsland(near Wellburn), see also Muirland, Murslant, Moorsland, Lue Land (see also Kerss Moor for possible linked name)1810 Pre 1855 MI
Muirsland1816 Forrest's Map
Muirsland1821 Census
Muirsland1822 Thomson's Map
Muirsland1846 Pre 1855 MI
Muirsland1859 OS 6" Map
Muirsland1881 Census
Muirsland2010 OS Map L/S
Muirsland Farm Cottages2010 OS Map L/S
Mungrahill(2nd letter missing due to page break - could be Mangrahill), see Mangrawhill1750s Roy's Map
MungrayhillSee Mangrawhill1816 Pre 1855 MI
MungriehillSee Mangrawhill1666 Annals
MunkstibbilSee Monkstable1654 Blaeu's Map
MurslantSee Muirsland1654 Blaeu's Map
Muttonhole(between Baillieshall & Folkerton Mill)1808 Plan RHP195
Nathan WaterSee Nethan Water1750s Roy's Map
Nathan Water1821 Ainslie's Map
Nature Reserve(near Kirkfieldbank)1976 OS Map71
NeathertonSee Nethertown1773 Ross's Map
Nethan(burn), see Nethan Water1790s Old Stat Acc
Nethan(burn)1834 Stat Acc
Nethan FootSee Nethanfoot1783 Census
Nethan Water1773 Ross's Map
Nethan WaterSee also Nathan Water, Nethan1816 Forrest's Map
Nethan Water1816 Forrest's Map
Nethan Water1822 Thomson's Map
Nethan Water1822 Thomson's Map
Nethan Water1822 Thomson's Map
NethanfootSee Nethan Foot1750s Roy's Map
Nethanfoot1773 Ross's Map
Nethanfoot1821 Ainslie's Map
Nethanfoot1822 Thomson's Map
Nethanfoot1834 Stat Acc
Nethanfoot1859 OS 6" Map
Nethanfoot1881 Census
Nethanfoot2002 OS Map72
Nethanfoot Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Nethen Water1808 Plan RHP195
Nethenfoot1816 Forrest's Map
Nether AchlochenSee Auchlochan1654 Blaeu's Map
Nether AchtygmilSee Auchtygemmell Farm1654 Blaeu's Map
Nether AffleckSee Nether Afflect, Affleck1816 Forrest's Map
Nether Affleck1821 Census
Nether Affleck1859 OS 6" Map
Nether Affleck1881 Census
Nether Affleck1976 OS Map71
Nether AfflectSee Nether Affleck, Affleck1783 Census
Nether AuchtygemelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Nether Auchtygemel1822 Thomson's Map
Nether AuchtygemmelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1859 OS 6" Map
Nether Auchtygemmel1872 Pre 1855 MI
Nether AughtygemmelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1825 Pre 1855 MI
Nether BaithillsSee Boathill1654 Blaeu's Map
Nether Baithills1873 Sasines
Nether BirkwoodSee Birkwood1748 OPR Marr
Nether Birkwood1881 Census
Nether Birkwood1891 Val Roll
Nether Birkwood2010 OS Map L/S
Nether Birkwood Square(site of (Nether) Birkwood Farm; southern part of Kirkmuirhill; west side of Carlisle Road), see Birkwood1881 Census
Nether Conarsee Cumberhead1808 Plan RHP195
Nether DrumbreckSee Dumbraxhill1808 Plan RHP195
Nether Fauld HouseSee Nether Fauldhouse1821 Census
Nether FauldhouseSee also Nether Foldhouse, Nether Fauld House, Netherfauldhouse, Nether Hillsback1859 OS 6" Map
Nether Fauldhouse1881 Census
Nether Fauldhouse1976 OS Map71
Nether FoldhouseSee Nether Fauldhouse1783 Census
Nether HillsbackSee Nether Fauldhouse1809 National Records of Scotland
Nether HouseSee Netherhouse1816 Forrest's Map
Nether HouseSee Netherhouse1821 Ainslie's Map
Nether House1822 Thomson's Map
Nether Kumbyrsee Cumberhead1654 Blaeu's Map
Nether KypesideSee also Kipeside, Kypeside, Kypside1816 Forrest's Map
Nether Kypeside1822 Thomson's Map
Nether Kypeside1859 OS 6" Map
Nether Kypeside1881 Census
Nether Kypeside1891 Val Roll
Nether Kypeside1896 Rent Roll
Nether Kypeside1976 OS Map71
Nether Skellyhillsee Skellyhill1686 Pre 1855 MI
Nether Skellyhill1859 OS 6" Map
Nether StockbrigsSee Stockbridge1808 Plan RHP195
Nether StokbriggesSee Stockbridge1654 Blaeu's Map
Nether TownSee Nethertown1821 Ainslie's Map
Nether Whiteside1881 Census
NetherfauldSee Netherfield1858 Val Roll
NetherfauldhouseSee Nether Fauldhouse1790 Pre 1855 MI
Netherfauldhouse1840 Pre 1855 MI
NetherfieldSee Netherfauld1816 Forrest's Map
Netherfield1821 Census
Netherfield1822 Thomson's Map
Netherfield1859 OS 6" Map
Netherfield1881 Census
Netherfields(between Auchenheath & Draffan)1821 Census
NetherhallSee Nethirshall1783 Census
Netherhall1808 Plan RHP195
Netherhall1809 RHP22221/15
Netherhall1811 Pre 1855 MI
Netherhall1816 Forrest's Map
Netherhall1821 Census
Netherhall1822 Thomson's Map
Netherhall1859 OS 6" Map
Netherhall1881 Census
Netherhall1976 OS Map71
NetherheathSee Auchenheath1678 JPM
Netherhouse(south west of Lesmahagow), see Nether House1816 Forrest's Map
Netherhouse1820 Pre 1855 MI
Netherhouse1821 Census
Netherhouse(north west part of Lesmahagow), see also Nether House, Netherhouse Lodge1821 Census
Netherhouse1834 Pre 1855 MI
Netherhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Netherhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Netherhouse1976 OS Map71
Netherhouse LodgeSee Netherhouse1881 Census
Netherhouse of LethamSee Letham1881 Census
Netherskelby Hillsee Skellyhill1881 Census
Netherton(near Coalburn), see Nethertown1783 Census
Netherton(near Auchenheath), see Nethertown1821 Ainslie's Map
Netherton(or 81/43)1858 Val Roll
Nethertown(near Auchenheath), see also Netherton, Neatherton1750s Roy's Map
NethertownSee also Netherton, Nethertown of Poniel, Nether Town, Nethertown Old School1750s Roy's Map
Nethertown1816 Forrest's Map
Nethertown1821 Census
Nethertown1821 Census
Nethertown1822 Thomson's Map
Nethertown1859 OS 6" Map
Nethertown1881 Census
Nethertown1976 OS Map71
Nethertown of PonielSee Nethertown, Poneills1976 OS Map71
Nethertown Old SchoolSee Nethertown1881 Census
NethirshallSee Netherhall1750s Roy's Map
Netthan Flow(upper reaches of Logan River), see Logan River1654 Blaeu's Map
NeuckSee Neuk1808 Plan RHP195
NeuckSee Neuk1808 Plan RHP195
Neuck1976 OS Map71
Neuck Moss(area between Neuck and Coal Burn), see Neuk1808 Plan RHP195
Neuk(near Auchlochan), see also Neuck, Newick, Nuik, Neuck Moss1739 Pre 1855 MI
Neuk(near Leelaw), see also Newick, Neuck1750s Roy's Map
Neuk1783 Census
Neuk1808 Plan RHP21889
Neuk1814 Pre 1855 MI
Neuk1816 Forrest's Map
Neuk1816 Forrest's Map
Neuk1822 Thomson's Map
Neuk1822 Thomson's Map
Neuk1826 National Records of Scotland
Neuk1859 OS 6" Map
Neuk1859 OS 6" Map
New Broklaw(near Newtown), see also High & Laigh Brockly1773 Ross's Map
New HouseSee Newhouse1816 Forrest's Map
New House FarmSee Newhouse1881 Census
New KaysSee Kays1816 Forrest's Map
New Kays1822 Thomson's Map
New KeysSee Kays1821 Census
New Mains1821 Census
New Row1859 OS 6" Map
New Town(Lesmahagow)1821 Census
New Trows1821 Census
New Trows1853 Pre 1855 MI
New Trows1859 OS 6" Map
New Trows1859 Pre 1855 MI
New Trows1874 Pre 1855 MI
New Trows1881 Census
New Trows1892 Pre 1855 MI
New Trows1976 OS Map71
Newfield Inn(at Star), see Star1859 OS 6" Map
NewhouseSee New House, New House Farm1750s Roy's Map
Newhouse1783 Census
Newhouse1803 Pre 1855 MI
Newhouse1821 Census
Newhouse1822 Thomson's Map
Newhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Newick(near Leelaw), see Neuk1821 Census
Newick(near Auchlochan), see Neuk1821 Census
Newick(or 85/40)1858 Val Roll
Newick1881 Census
NewkaysSee Kays1859 OS 6" Map
Newton(or 81/39)1858 Val Roll
Newtown(Coalburn)1816 Forrest's Map
Newtown1822 Thomson's Map
NockenSee Knockan1821 Census
Nocken1844 Pre 1855 MI
North AuchenbegSee Auchenbeg1859 OS 6" Map
North Bankend(near Dalquhandy), see also Bankhead, Bankend1816 Forrest's Map
North Bankend1822 Thomson's Map
North Bankend1859 OS 6" Map
North Bankend1881 Census
North Bankend1976 OS Map71
North Blackwood YardsSee Blackwood Yards North1816 Forrest's Map
North Blackwood Yards1822 Thomson's Map
North BrackenridgeSee Brakenrigg1976 OS Map71
North BrackenrigSee Brakenrigg1816 Forrest's Map
North BrackenriggSee Brakenrigg1821 Census
North BrakenrigSee Brakenrigg1822 Thomson's Map
North Brakenrig1859 OS 6" Map
North BreckenridgeSee Brakenrigg1896 Rent Roll
North BreckonridgeSee Brakenrigg1891 Val Roll
North CumberheadSee also Cumberhead, South Cumberhead1759 Pre 1855 MI
North Cumberhead1812 Pre 1855 MI
North Cumberhead1837 Pre 1855 MI
North Cumberhead1858 Val Roll
North Cumberhead1881 Census
North GarngourSee Garngour1816 Forrest's Map
North Garngour1822 Thomson's Map
North Garngour1859 OS 6" Map
North Garngour1881 Census
North Garngour1976 OS Map71
North Garngour2010 OS Map L/S
North GourngourSee Garngour1821 Census
North GreystoneSee Greystone1859 OS 6" Map
North HallhillSee also Hallhill, South Hallhill1859 OS 6" Map
North HillendSee Hillend1859 OS 6" Map
North Hillend2002 OS Map72
North PriorhillSee Priorhill1976 OS Map71
North SouthfieldSee Southfield1816 Forrest's Map
North Southfield1822 Thomson's Map
North Southfield1859 OS 6" Map
NotrochSee Auchnotroch1821 Census
NuikSee Neuk1654 Blaeu's Map
Nutberry HillSee also Knutberry Law, Knotberrylaw, Knet Berry1816 Forrest's Map
Nutberry Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Nutberry Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Nutberry Hill1976 OS Map71
Oakbank(Lesmahagow), see Bank1859 OS 6" Map
Oakmounthill1821 Census
OchrenSee Auchren1750s Roy's Map
Old BirkwoodSee Birkwood1821 Census
Old Birkwood1822 Pre 1855 MI
Old Birkwood1859 OS 6" Map
Old Birkwood1881 Census
Old HillendSee Hillend1881 Census
Old JohnshillSee Johnshill1859 OS 6" Map
Old Johnshill1881 Census
Old KaysSee Kays1821 Census
Old March of BlackhouseSee Blackhouse1809 RHP22221/12
Old Railway1976 OS Map71
Old Railway1976 OS Map71
Old Shield(near Neuck)1808 Plan RHP195
Old StockbriggsSee Stockbridge1859 OS 6" Map
Old Tyle WorkSee Corehouse Brick & Tile Works1881 Census
OldtonSee Auldtoun1783 Census
OldtownSee Auldtoun1654 Blaeu's Map
Oldtown1750s Roy's Map
Over AchlochenSee Auchlochan1654 Blaeu's Map
Over AchtygmilSee Auchtygemmell Farm1654 Blaeu's Map
Over AuchtygemmellSee Auchtygemmell Farm1859 OS 6" Map
Over BaithillsSee Boathill1654 Blaeu's Map
Over Baithills1873 Sasines
Over HallesSee Overhall1654 Blaeu's Map
Over KumbyrSee Cumberhead1654 Blaeu's Map
Over KypesideSee High Kypeside1891 Val Roll
Over Kypeside1896 Rent Roll
Over SkellyhillSee Skellyhill1859 OS 6" Map
Over StockbriggsSee also Over Stockbrigs, Over Stokbriggs, High Stockbriggs, Upper Stockbrigg (& Stockbridge), Upper Stockbrigs1976 OS Map71
Over StockbrigsSee Over Stockbriggs1816 Forrest's Map
Over StokbriggesSee Over Stockbriggs1654 Blaeu's Map
Over WhitesideSee Whiteside1792 Pre 1855 MI
OverhallSee also Over Halles,Overhall Yett1739 OPR Births
Overhall1750s Roy's Map
Overhall1783 Census
Overhall1808 Plan RHP195
Overhall1816 Forrest's Map
Overhall1821 Census
Overhall1822 Thomson's Map
Overhall1859 OS 6" Map
Overhall1976 OS Map71
Overhall Yett(gate), see Overhall1808 Plan RHP195
Oyer StockbrigsSee Over Stockbriggs1822 Thomson's Map
Packses MailinSee Pauxes1808 Plan RHP195
Park(near Kirkfieldbank), See Kirkfieldpark1816 Forrest's Map
Park1822 Thomson's Map
Park HeadSee Parkhead1881 Census
Parkhead(near Corehouse), see Park Head1783 Census
Parkhead(near Ardoch)1816 Forrest's Map
Parkhead1821 Census
Parkhead1822 Thomson's Map
Parkhead1859 OS 6" Map
Parkhead1881 Census
Parkhead1976 OS Map71
Parknow1821 Census
Pathead(near Lairs), see Pathhead1821 Census
Pathfoot(Lesmahagow)1783 Census
Pathfoot1819 Pre 1855 MI
Pathfoot1821 Census
PathheadSee Pathhead House1816 Forrest's Map
Pathhead1818 Pre 1855 MI
Pathhead(near Lairs), see Pathead1859 OS 6" Map
Pathhead1881 Census
Pathhead House(near Birkwood), see also Pethhead, Peathead, Pothead, Potthead, Pathhead1858 Val Roll
Pathhead of Gill1881 Census
Patrickgill Flow1816 Forrest's Map
Patrickgill Flow1822 Thomson's Map
Patrickgill Flow1859 OS 6" Map
Patrickgill Flow1976 OS Map71
PauxesSee Packses Mailin1821 Census
Pauxes1859 OS 6" Map
Pease Hill FeusSee Peasehill1881 Census
PeasehillSee also Peashill, Pease Hill Feus1783 Census
Peasehill1798 Pre 1855 MI
PeashillSee Peasehill1821 Census
PeatheadSee Pathhead House1821 Census
Peggie Syke(small water course, south of Corra)1808 Plan RHP195
Peit Forrets(peat banks)1808 Plan RHP195
Peithill(peat moss, south of Corra)1808 Plan RHP195
Peithill(peat moss, near Auchren)1808 Plan RHP195
PethheadSee Pathhead House1822 Thomson's Map
PlaceSee Stonebyres1783 Census
Pleasants Nursery1859 OS 6" Map
Pockmair BurnSee Pockmuir Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Pockmair Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Pockmuir BurnSee also Pockmair Burn, Pookmair Burn1976 OS Map71
Poneil1808 Plan RHP195
PoneilSee Poneills1820 Pre 1855 MI
Poneills(lands of), see also Poniel Water, Pounil, Poneil, Netherton of Poneil1873 Sasines
Ponicle(burn), see Poniel Water1790s Old Stat Acc
Poniel Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Poniel Old Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Poniel WaterSee also Poneills, Pownil River, Ponicle, Powneel Bridge1816 Forrest's Map
Poniel Water1834 Stat Acc
Poniel Water1976 OS Map71
Pookmair BurnSee Pockmuir Burn1654 Blaeu's Map
Poplarbank1859 OS 6" Map
Poplarbank1881 Census
Porcheck(near Auchmeddan), see also Portcheck, Porcheek1822 Thomson's Map
PorcheekSee Porcheck1816 Forrest's Map
Porcheek1859 OS 6" Map
PortcheckSee Porcheck1821 Census
Porterhall1821 Census
Porterhall1859 OS 6" Map
Porterhall1881 Census
Porterhall1976 OS Map71
PotheadSee Pathhead House1773 Ross's Map
PottheadSee Pathhead House1821 Ainslie's Map
Pounil(distinct from Pounil in Douglas parish on same map), see Poneills, Netherton of Poneil1654 Blaeu's Map
Powdrit(near Kelcomhill)1750s Roy's Map
Powneel BridgeSee Poniel Water1809 RHP22221/16
Pownil RiverSee Poniel Water1654 Blaeu's Map
Priesthill Hill1816 Forrest's Map
PriorcroftSee Priorhill ('alias name')1873 Sasines
PriorhillSee also North & South PriorHill, Pryer, Low Priorhill, Priorcroft1777 Pre 1855 MI
PriorhillSee Pryorhill1816 Forrest's Map
Priorhill1821 Ainslie's Map
Priorhill1821 Census
Priorhill1822 Thomson's Map
Priorhill1858 Val Roll
Priorhill1859 OS 6" Map
Priorhill('alias Priorcroft', lands of)1873 Sasines
Priorhill1881 Census
Priory, The2010 OS Map L/S
Proposed Line of Road(road from Glasgow to Carlisle)1822 Thomson's Map
ProwsSee Trows1821 Ainslie's Map
Pryer BurnSee Priorhill1654 Blaeu's Map
PryorhillSee Priorhill1750s Roy's Map
Pyathall1808 Plan RHP195
Quarry(near Auchmedden)1816 Forrest's Map
Quarry1822 Thomson's Map
Quarry(near Eastertown)1920s OS Map
Quarryhill(place, at lime quarry near the Kerse)1821 Census
Quhytsyde1592 Exchequer Chge
Ramoth1821 Census
RatonrauSee Rottenrow1787 Pre 1855 MI
Rattenrow(Lesmahagow), see Rottenrow1783 Census
RawSee also Raw Farm, Raw Braehead, Raws Burn, Rawbraes, Limekiln, Raws, Raw Parks1730 OPR Births
Raw1740 OPR Births
Raw1773 Ross's Map
Raw1783 Census
Raw1809 RHP22221/12
Raw1816 Forrest's Map
Raw1821 Ainslie's Map
Raw1821 Census
Raw1822 Thomson's Map
Raw1859 OS 6" Map
Raw1881 Census
Raw BraeheadSee Raw1748 OPR Marr
Raw Braehead1783 Census
Raw Braehead1809 RHP22221/12
Raw FarmSee Raw1809 RHP22221/14
Raw Farm1976 OS Map71
Raw ParksSee Raw1809 RHP22221/1
Raw Parks1809 RHP22221/12
Raw Parks1809 RHP22221/13
RawbraesSee also Raw Braehead, Raw1808 Plan RHP195
RawburnSee Raws Burn1808 Plan RHP21889
RawhillsSee also Rawhills Farm, Ryhills, Ryhill Yett, Ryehills, Ryehill With Side, Ryehill1750s Roy's Map
Rawhills1783 Census
Rawhills1816 Forrest's Map
Rawhills1821 Ainslie's Map
Rawhills1821 Census
Rawhills1822 Thomson's Map
Rawhills1859 OS 6" Map
Rawhills1881 Census
Rawhills FarmSee Rawhills1976 OS Map71
RawsSee Raw1808 Plan RHP195
Raws Burn(north west of Raw), see also Raw, Rawburn1808 Plan RHP195
Red FordSee Bridgend1750s Roy's Map
Reddoch-braesSee Reddochbraes1855 Pre 1855 MI
ReddochbraeSee also Reddoch-braes, Reddochbraes, Riddochbraes1859 OS 6" Map
ReddochbraesSee Reddoch- braes1881 Census
RedfordSee Bridgend1821 Ainslie's Map
RedheadSee Reidhead1808 Plan RHP195
Redhead1821 Ainslie's Map
RedseedSee Reidhead1783 Census
RedsheadSee Reidhead1821 Census
Redshead1859 OS 6" Map
Redshead1881 Census
Redshead1976 OS Map71
ReidfordSee Bridgend1773 Ross's Map
Reidhead(near Raw), see Rigshead, Redshead, Redseed, Redhead, Reidshead, Ridshead, Reids Head1773 Ross's Map
Reids HeadSee Reidhead1809 RHP22221/14
ReidsheadSee Reidhead1785 Pre 1855 MI
Ricartholme1623 RMS 413
Richartholm1873 Sasines
Richartholme1592 Charge No. 109
Rickardholm1550 Hamilton Charter
Rickartholme1636 RMS 530
RiddochbraesSee Reddochbrae1730 OPR Births
RidsheadSee Reidhead1750s Roy's Map
Rifle Range(near North Garngour)1920s OS Map
RiggheadSee Righead1881 Census
Righead(near Devonburn), see Rigghead1816 Forrest's Map
Righead1821 Census
Righead1822 Thomson's Map
Righead1826 National Records of Scotland
Righead1859 OS 6" Map
Righead1976 OS Map71
Rigshead(near Raw), see Reidhead1816 Forrest's Map
Rigshead1822 Thomson's Map
River Clyde1976 OS Map71
River Nethan1976 OS Map71
Road from Lesmahagow to Lanark(via Greenrig)1750s Roy's Map
RodgerhillSee Rogerhill1821 Census
Rodgerhill1822 Thomson's Map
Rodgerhill1881 Census
Rodgerhill1896 Rent Roll
RogerhillSee Rodgerhill1497 Geo. F Black
Rogerhill1654 Blaeu's Map
Rogerhill1750s Roy's Map
Rogerhill1773 Ross's Map
Rogerhill1774 Pre 1855 MI
Rogerhill1816 Forrest's Map
Rogerhill1859 OS 6" Map
Rogerhill(lands of)1873 Sasines
Rogerhill1891 Val Roll
Rogerhill1976 OS Map71
Rogerhill2010 OS Map L/S
Roman Road(line of)1976 OS Map71
RosehillSee also Roshill, Rosshall, Rosshill, Rosehill Mains, Rosehill Farm, Rossland1816 Forrest's Map
Rosehill1822 Thomson's Map
Rosehill1842 Pre 1855 MI
Rosehill1858 Val Roll
Rosehill1859 OS 6" Map
Rosehill1976 OS Map71
Rosehill FarmSee Rosehill1881 Census
Rosehill MainsSee Rosehill1859 OS 6" Map
RoshillSee Rosehill1783 Census
RosshallSee Rosehill1821 Ainslie's Map
RosshillSee Rosehill1773 Ross's Map
RosshillSee Rosehill1808 Plan RHP195
Rosshill1821 Census
RosslandSee Rosehill1750s Roy's Map
Rothart holme1567 Kelso Lib 492
Rottenrow(Lesmahagow), see also Rattenrow, Ratonrau1821 Census
Rottenrow1859 Pre 1855 MI
Roucham(near Yonderton)1773 Ross's Map
Roucham1821 Ainslie's Map
Round Know(near Moatyett)1808 Plan RHP195
Ruin(near Linhead), see Linnhead1816 Forrest's Map
Ruin(near Loganhouse)1816 Forrest's Map
Ruin(near Corehouse)1822 Thomson's Map
Ruin(near Bonnington Linn)1822 Thomson's Map
Ruin1822 Thomson's Map
Rumbling Burn(burn, north west of Raw)1808 Plan RHP195
RyehillSee Rawhills1809 RHP22221/1
Ryehill With SideSee Rawhills1809 RHP22221/1
RyehillsSee Rawhills1809 RHP22221/13
Ryhill Yett(gate), see Rawhills1808 Plan RHP195
RyhillsSee Rawhills1808 Plan RHP195
SaddleheadSee Saddlerhead1881 Census
SaddlerheadSee also Sadlerhead, Saddlehead, Saidlershead1816 Forrest's Map
Saddlerhead1822 Thomson's Map
Saddlerhead1859 OS 6" Map
Saddlerhead Burn(now called Coal Burn), see Saddlershead Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Saddlershead BurnSee Saddlerhead Burn1822 Thomson's Map
SadlerheadSee Saddlerhead1748 OPR Marr
Sadlerhead1773 Ross's Map
Sadlerhead1783 Census
SaidlersheadSee Saddlerhead1750s Roy's Map
Sandhill1873 Sasines
Sandhill Yett(gate, near Corehouse)1808 Plan RHP195
Sandknowe1881 Census
Sandknowe1883 Pre 1855 MI
Sandy HolmSee Sandyholm1822 Thomson's Map
Sandy Well(place, at Crossford)1859 OS 6" Map
SandyholmSee also Sandy Holm, Ford1750s Roy's Map
Sandyholm1816 Forrest's Map
Sandyholm1859 OS 6" Map
Sandyholm2002 OS Map72
ScarryburnSee Scorrieholm1821 Ainslie's Map
School House(near Crossford)1816 Forrest's Map
School House(near Nethertown of Poniel)1816 Forrest's Map
School House1822 Thomson's Map
School House1822 Thomson's Map
Scorrie HolmSee Scorrieholm1881 Census
Scorrieholm1835 Pre 1855 MI
ScorrieholmSee also Scorryholm, Scarryburn, Scorriholm, Skoream, Scorrie Holm, Skerryhome1859 OS 6" Map
Scorrieholm1976 OS Map71
Scorriholm(lands of), see Scorrieholm1873 Sasines
ScorryholmSee Scorrieholm1816 Forrest's Map
Scorryholm1821 Census
Scorryholm1822 Thomson's Map
Scorryholm1858 Val Roll
Scots Burn1654 Blaeu's Map
Scots Burn1808 Plan RHP195
Scots Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Scots Burn1822 Thomson's Map
Scots Burn1976 OS Map71
Scotterie Moss1816 Forrest's Map
Scotterie Moss1822 Thomson's Map
SeelyhillSee Skellyhill1773 Ross's Map
Seggie Holm Yett(just west of Seggieholm), see Seggieholm1808 Plan RHP195
Seggieholm(between Baillieshall & Folkerton Mill), see Seggie Holm Yett1808 Plan RHP195
Shuttlefield1816 Forrest's Map
Shuttlefield1821 Census
Shuttlefield1822 Thomson's Map
SideSee also Syde, The Side, Side Farm1783 Census
Side1808 Plan RHP195
Side1821 Census
Side1859 OS 6" Map
Side1976 OS Map71
Side FarmSee Side1809 RHP22221/12
Sieleyhillsee Skellyhill1821 Ainslie's Map
SighthillSee Sitehill1881 Census
Sinkwell(near Blackwood House)1816 Forrest's Map
Sinkwell1822 Thomson's Map
Sitehill(near Bankend, Coalburn), see Sighthill1859 OS 6" Map
Sitehill1920s OS Map
Skelby HillSee Skellyhill1881 Census
SkellhillSee Skellyhill1873 Sasines
Skelly Hillsee Skellyhill1654 Blaeu's Map
SkellyhillSee also Skellhill, Skelly Hill, Seelyhill, Sieleyhill, Over & Nether Skelly Hill, Skelby Hill, Netherskelby Hill, Over Skellyhill1686 Pre 1855 MI
Skellyhill1816 Forrest's Map
Skellyhill1821 Census
Skellyhill1822 Thomson's Map
Skellyhill1858 Val Roll
Skellyhill1866 Pre 1855 MI
Skellyhill1976 OS Map71
SkerryhomeSee Scorrieholm1750s Roy's Map
SkoreamSee Scorrieholm1654 Blaeu's Map
Slaboddome1592 RMS Chrge 102
Slabodom1873 Sasines
Slabodume1649 Retours 239
Slaybodum1533 RMS No. 1330
Smiddy ShawsSee Smithyshaws1821 Census
Smidie Syke(small water course, near Burnhead)1808 Plan RHP195
Smithy(near Corehouse)1859 OS 6" Map
Smithy(near Stonebyres)1859 OS 6" Map
SmithyshawsSee Smiddy Shaws1816 Forrest's Map
Smithyshaws1822 Thomson's Map
Smithyshaws1859 OS 6" Map
South AuchenbegSee Auchenbeg1859 OS 6" Map
South Auchtyu GemmelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1881 Census
South BankendSee Bankend1816 Forrest's Map
South Bankend1822 Thomson's Map
South Bankend1859 OS 6" Map
South Bankend1881 Census
South Bankend1888 Pre 1855 MI
South Bankend1976 OS Map71
South Blackwood YardsSee Blackwood Yards South1822 Thomson's Map
South BrackenridgeSee Brakenrigg1976 OS Map71
South BrackenrigSee Brakenrigg1816 Forrest's Map
South BrackenriggSee Brakenrigg1821 Census
South BrakenrigSee Brakenrigg1822 Thomson's Map
South BreckenridgeSee Brakenrigg1896 Rent Roll
South BreckonridgeSee Brakenrigg1891 Val Roll
South BrockenrigSee Brakenrigg1859 OS 6" Map
South CumberheadSee also Cumberhead, North Cumberhead, South Cummerhead, South Kumbyr1724 Pre 1855 MI
South Cumberhead1812 Pre 1855 MI
South Cumberhead1858 Val Roll
South Cumberhead1859 OS 6" Map
South Cumberhead1877 Pre 1855 MI
South Cumberhead1881 Census
South Cumberhead1976 OS Map71
South CummerSee South Cumberhead1750s Roy's Map
South CummerheadSee also Cumberhead, South Cumberhead, South Cummer1816 Forrest's Map
South Cummerhead1822 Thomson's Map
South Draffan2000 OS Map64
South FieldSee Southfield1750s Roy's Map
South GarngourSee Garngour1723 OPR Births
South Garngour1746 Pre 1855 MI
South Garngour1816 Forrest's Map
South Garngour1822 Thomson's Map
South Garngour1859 OS 6" Map
South Garngour1881 Census
South Garngour2010 OS Map L/S
South GreystoneSee Greystone1859 OS 6" Map
South HallhillSee also Hallhill, North Hallhill1859 OS 6" Map
South HillendSee Hillend1859 OS 6" Map
South KumbyrSee South Cumberhead1654 Blaeu's Map
South Loganhouse1816 Forrest's Map
South Loganhouse1822 Thomson's Map
South PriorhillSee Priorhill1976 OS Map71
SouthfieldSee also Southfield Farm, North Southfield, Southfields, Southfield Park, Southfield Inn, South Field1654 Blaeu's Map
Southfield1739 OPR Births
Southfield1748 Pre 1855 MI
Southfield1816 Forrest's Map
Southfield1821 Ainslie's Map
Southfield1821 Census
Southfield1822 Thomson's Map
Southfield1859 OS 6" Map
Southfield1867 Pre 1855 MI
Southfield(lands of)1873 Sasines
SouthfieldSee Southfield Cottage1976 OS Map71
Southfield Cottage(site of old coal pit), see Southfield1925 Feu Disp. Plan
Southfield FarmSee Southfield1881 Census
Southfield Farm1976 OS Map71
Southfield InnSee Southfield1881 Census
Southfield Park(site of Southfield Inn), see Southfield1859 OS 6" Map
Southfield Park1872 Pre 1855 MI
Southfield Row(near Southfield Cottage)1925 Feu Disp. Plan
SouthfieldsSee Southfield1773 Ross's Map
Spirebush Hill1976 OS Map71
Springbank1821 Census
Springbank1882 Pre 1855 MI
Springbank1904 Pre 1855 MI
Springfield1816 Forrest's Map
Springfield1822 Thomson's Map
Springfield1859 OS 6" Map
St Foxes Castle(site of, Lesmahagow)1859 OS 6" Map
StackhillSee Stockhill1859 OS 6" Map
Stainbyres(lands of), see Stonebyres1873 Sasines
StairbairnsSee Starbirns1891 Val Roll
StanboyseSee Stonebyres1654 Blaeu's Map
Stand Oyer(near Devonburn)1808 Plan RHP195
Standingstone Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Standingstone Hill1976 OS Map71
Stanhope1821 Census
Stanhope1859 OS 6" Map
Stanhope1881 Census
StarSee also Starr Inn, Newfield Inn, Starinn, Star Inn1859 OS 6" Map
Star1976 OS Map71
Star InnSee Star1864 Thomson's Poem
Star Runner(small rivulet at the head of the Coal Burn)1808 Plan RHP195
StarbirnsSee Stairbairns1816 Forrest's Map
Starbirns1821 Census
Starbirns1822 Thomson's Map
Starbirns1859 OS 6" Map
Starbirns1881 Census
Starbirns1896 Rent Roll
Starbirns1976 OS Map71
Starbirns2010 OS Map L/S
StarinnSee Star1881 Census
Starr InnSee Star1821 Census
StockbridgeSee also Stockbriggs, Stockbrigs, Old Stockbriggs, Nether Stokbrigges, Stockbriggs Lodge, Stockbrigg House (& Over Stockbriggs), Nether Stockbrigs, Stook Briggs1788 OPR Births
Stockbridge1790s Old Stat Acc
Stockbridge1821 Ainslie's Map
Stockbridge1822 Thomson's Map
Stockbrigg HouseSee Stockbridge1881 Census
StockbriggsSee Stockbridge1816 Forrest's Map
Stockbriggs(in Census as 'A...Stockbridge')1821 Census
Stockbriggs1858 Val Roll
Stockbriggs1859 OS 6" Map
Stockbriggs1976 OS Map71
Stockbriggs LodgeSee Stockbridge1816 Forrest's Map
StockbrigsSee Stockbridge1773 Ross's Map
Stockbrigs1836 Pre 1855 MI
Stockbrigs(lands of)1873 Sasines
StockhillSee Stackhill1816 Forrest's Map
Stockhill1821 Census
Stockhill1822 Thomson's Map
Stockhill1976 OS Map71
Stonebyer Yett Road(south of Devon Burn)1808 Plan RHP195
StonebyersSee Stonebyres1808 Plan RHP195
StonebyreSee Stonebyres1773 Ross's Map
Stonebyre HouseSee Stonebyres1881 Census
Stonebyremill & Lin1750s Roy's Map
StonebyresSee also Stonebyre, Place, The Place, Stainbyres, Stonebyre House, Stanboyse, Stonebyers1750s Roy's Map
Stonebyres1783 Pre 1855 MI
Stonebyres1790s Old Stat Acc
Stonebyres1798 Pre 1855 MI
Stonebyres1816 Forrest's Map
Stonebyres1821 Ainslie's Map
Stonebyres1821 Census
Stonebyres1822 Thomson's Map
Stonebyres1858 Val Roll
Stonebyres1859 OS 6" Map
Stonebyres FallsSee Stonebyres1976 OS Map71
Stonebyres HoldingsSee also Stonebyres, Stonebyres Mains1976 OS Map71
Stonebyres LodgeSee Stonebyres1821 Census
Stonebyres Mains(near Clarkston), see also Stonebyres, Stonebyres Holdings1821 Census
Stonebyres Mains(near Killbank), see Stonebyres1821 Census
Stonebyres Mains1859 OS 6" Map
Stonehill1859 OS 6" Map
Stonehill1881 Census
Stook BriggsSee Stockbridge1750s Roy's Map
Summerhill1816 Forrest's Map
Summerhill1821 Census
Summerhill1822 Thomson's Map
Summerhill1881 Census
SydeSee Side1809 RHP22221/1
Syde1881 Census
Taiths(lands of), see Teaths1873 Sasines
Tanhill1738 OPR Births
Tanhill1810 Pre 1855 MI
Tanhill1816 Forrest's Map
Tanhill1821 Census
Tanhill1822 Thomson's Map
Tanhill1859 OS 6" Map
Tanhill1881 Census
Tanhill1976 OS Map71
TeagonSee Teagow1773 Ross's Map
TeagowSee Teagon1821 Ainslie's Map
TeasSee Teaths1750s Roy's Map
TeathSee Teaths1793 Pre 1855 MI
Teath1858 Val Roll
TeathsSee also Leaths, Taiths, East Teaths, Teath, East Teath, West Teaths, Toes, Teas1783 Census
Teaths1816 Forrest's Map
Teaths1821 Census
Teaths1822 Thomson's Map
Teaths1851 Pre 1855 MI
Teaths1859 OS 6" Map
Teaths1878 Pre 1855 MI
Teaths1976 OS Map71
Teathsburn1821 Census
Teathsburn1859 OS 6" Map
Teglum BurnSee Teiglum Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Teiglum BurnSee also Karglint Burn, Teglum Burn1976 OS Map71
The HuttSee Lisbon Hub1881 Census
The PlaceSee Stonebyres1783 Census
The SideSee Side1809 RHP22221/13
Theifsford1808 Plan RHP195
ThiefsfordSee Thievesford1750s Roy's Map
Thiefsford1821 Census
ThievesfordSee also Thifsford, Thivesford Thiefsford, Thissford1816 Forrest's Map
Thievesford1859 OS 6" Map
ThifsfordSee Thievesford1783 Census
ThissfordSee Thievesford1881 Census
Thistle Lodge(near Draffanmarshill)1920s OS Map
ThivesfordSee Thievesford1822 Thomson's Map
Thornilaw(near Byretown)1783 Census
Thorntree(at Harperfield)1808 Plan RHP195
Thorward Dyke(near Highbanks)1808 Plan RHP195
ThreepwoodSee also Threipwood, Threepwood Moss, Threpwood Farm, Threepwoodbank, Threswood, Thripwood, Thripwood Moss1816 Forrest's Map
Threepwood1821 Census
Threepwood1822 Thomson's Map
Threepwood1859 OS 6" Map
Threepwood2002 OS Map72
Threepwood MossSee Threepwood1859 OS 6" Map
Threepwood Moss2001 EX Map 343
ThreepwoodbankSee Threepwood2001 EX Map 343
ThreipwoodSee Threepwood1748 OPR Marr
Threipwood(lands of)1873 Sasines
Threpwood FarmSee Threepwood1881 Census
ThreswoodSee Threepwood1654 Blaeu's Map
ThripwoodSee Threepwood1750s Roy's Map
Thripwood MossSee Threepwood1750s Roy's Map
TilliefordSee Tullyford Lodge1859 OS 6" Map
Tillietudlem2002 OS Map72
Tillietudlem Castle1881 Census
Tillietudlem Cottages1881 Census
Tillietudlem Hotel1881 Census
Tillietudlem Station1920s OS Map
Tippet Hill(south east of Brae)1808 Plan RHP195
Toadhills(place), see Todhills1821 Census
Toadly(place), see Todlaw1821 Census
Tod Law(hill), see Todlaw1816 Forrest's Map
Tod Law(hill)1822 Thomson's Map
Tod Law(hill)1859 OS 6" Map
Tod Law(hill)1976 OS Map71
Todhills(place), see Toadhills1816 Forrest's Map
Todhills1822 Thomson's Map
Todhills1859 OS 6" Map
Todhills1881 Census
Todlaw(hill), see Tod Law1790s Old Stat Acc
Todlaw(place), see also Toadly, Todhills, Toolahill (& Greenfaulds, on same site)1881 Census
Todlaw1976 OS Map71
Todly Hill(hill), see Tod Law1750s Roy's Map
ToesSee Teaths1739 OPR Births
ToolahillSee Todlaw1654 Blaeu's Map
TopheadSee Acretophead1821 Census
TorlandSee Torland Yards1783 Census
Torland1816 Forrest's Map
Torland1821 Census
Torland1822 Thomson's Map
Torland YardsSee Torland1808 Plan RHP195
TounheadSee Townhead1654 Blaeu's Map
TourSee Tower1654 Blaeu's Map
Tower(near Folkerton), see also Tour, Tower Farm, Tower of Fockertown, Lower Loan, Tower of Fockarton1773 Ross's Map
Tower1783 Census
Tower1808 Plan RHP195
Tower1809 RHP22221/1
Tower1816 Forrest's Map
Tower1821 Ainslie's Map
Tower1821 Census
Tower1822 Thomson's Map
Tower1859 OS 6" Map
Tower1881 Census
Tower FarmSee Tower1976 OS Map71
Tower of FockartonSee Tower1809 RHP22221/13
Tower of FockertownSee Tower1750s Roy's Map
Townfoot(Auchenheath)1783 Census
Townfoot1821 Census
Townhead(of Crossford)1750s Roy's Map
Townhead(of Blackwood), see Tounhead1773 Ross's Map
Townhead1812 Pre 1855 MI
Townhead1816 Forrest's Map
Townhead1821 Census
Townhead1822 Thomson's Map
Townhead1859 OS 6" Map
Townhead1873 Sasines
Townhead1881 Census
Townhead1891 Val Roll
Townhead1896 Rent Roll
Townhead2010 OS Map L/S
Townhead of BorelandSee Borland Nook, Boreland1859 OS 6" Map
TrowisSee Trows1654 Blaeu's Map
TrowsSee also Prows, Trowis, Trows House, Trows School1795 Pre 1855 MI
Trows1808 Plan RHP195
Trows1816 Forrest's Map
Trows1821 Census
Trows1822 Thomson's Map
Trows1859 OS 6" Map
Trows HouseSee Trows1881 Census
Trows SchoolSee Trows1859 OS 6" Map
Tullyford LodgeSee Tillieford1881 Census
Tumulus(hillock or barrow)1976 OS Map71
Turfholm1812 Pre 1855 MI
TurfholmSee Village of Turfholm1818 Pre 1855 MI
Turfholm1821 Census
Turfholm1821 Pre 1855 MI
Turfholm1859 OS 6" Map
Turfholm1976 OS Map71
Turfholm Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Turnburn Brae(near Auchlochan)1859 OS 6" Map
UnderbankSee also Anfaubank, Ynd the Bank1684 Pre 1855 MI
Underbank1723 OPR Births
Underbank1816 Forrest's Map
Underbank1821 Census
Underbank1822 Thomson's Map
Underbank1859 OS 6" Map
Underbank(lands of)1873 Sasines
Underbank1881 Census
Underbank2002 OS Map72
Underbank P School1881 Census
Underwood Cottage(Lesmahagow)1859 OS 6" Map
Undrobank1783 Census
Up Affleck1881 Census
Upper AffleckSee Affleck1816 Forrest's Map
Upper AuchtygemelSee Auchtygemmell Farm1816 Forrest's Map
Upper Auchtygemel1822 Thomson's Map
Upper DillarSee Dillars1816 Forrest's Map
Upper Dillar1822 Thomson's Map
Upper StockbriggSee Over Stockbriggs1821 Census
Upper StockbrigsSee Over Stockbriggs1808 Plan RHP195
Upper TownSee Upper Waterhead1750s Roy's Map
Upper WaterheadSee Upper Town, Waterhead1816 Forrest's Map
Upper Waterhead1822 Thomson's Map
Upper Waterhead1859 OS 6" Map
Verehills1912 Pre 1855 MI
Village of Turfholmsee Turfholm1881 Census
Wallace's CaveSee also Wallace's Cove, Wallace's Coves1834 Stat Acc
Wallace's Cave1859 OS 6" Map
Wallace's CoveSee Wallace's Cave1816 Forrest's Map
Wallace's Cove1822 Thomson's Map
Wallace's CovesSee Wallace's Cave1821 Ainslie's Map
WallburnSee Wellburn1773 Ross's Map
Wallburn1821 Ainslie's Map
WallshieldsSee Wellshields1783 Census
Wallshields1821 Census
Warlaw(hill), see Warlaw Hill1790s Old Stat Acc
Warlaw HillSee Warlaw1816 Forrest's Map
Warlaw Hill1822 Thomson's Map
Warlaw Hill1859 OS 6" Map
Warlaw Hill1976 OS Map71
Water SydSee Waterside1654 Blaeu's Map
Waterfall(near Linhead), see Linhead1816 Forrest's Map
Waterfall(near Linnmill), see Linnmill1816 Forrest's Map
WaterheadSee also Laigh, Upper & Lower Waterhead, Upper Town1654 Blaeu's Map
Waterhead1686 Adair's Map
Waterhead1736 OPR Births
Waterhead(site of Laigh Waterhead), see Waterhead1750s Roy's Map
Waterhead1773 Ross's Map
Waterhead1816 Forrest's Map
Waterhead1821 Ainslie's Map
Waterhead1821 Census
Waterhead(actually Kypewaterhead), see Kypes Waterhead1822 Thomson's Map
Waterhead1859 OS 6" Map
Waterhead1881 Census
Waterhead1976 OS Map71
Watersidesee Water Syd1679 Pre 1855 MI
Waterside1816 Forrest's Map
Waterside1821 Census
Waterside1859 OS 6" Map
Waterside1867 Pre 1855 MI
Waterside1881 Census
Waterside Bridge1859 OS 6" Map
Wee CoalburnSee Coalburn1859 OS 6" Map
Wee KillslackSee Killslack1859 OS 6" Map
Wee Nethertown1859 OS 6" Map
Weirstane Moss(north west of Raw)1808 Plan RHP195
Well(a well on Borland Hill)1808 Plan RHP195
WellSee Blaeberry Burn1816 Forrest's Map
Well Burn(north of Auchrobert; runs into Logan Water), see Logan Water1654 Blaeu's Map
Well Yett(gate), see Harperfield1808 Plan RHP195
WellburnSee also Wallburn, Wolburn, Willburn1750s Roy's Map
Wellburn1816 Forrest's Map
Wellburn1821 Census
Wellburn1822 Thomson's Map
Wellburn1826 National Records of Scotland
Wellburn1859 OS 6" Map
Wellburn(lands of)1873 Sasines
Wellburn1976 OS Map71
Wellburn2010 OS Map L/S
Wellshields1881 Census
WellshieldsSee also Wellshiels, Wallshields, Willshields1976 OS Map71
WellshielsSee Wellsheilds1816 Forrest's Map
Wellshiels1822 Thomson's Map
Wellshiels1859 OS 6" Map
Wenhath (burn)1100s R Richens 1992
West BalgraySee Balgray1816 Forrest's Map
West Balgray1822 Thomson's Map
West KilbankSee Kilbank1818 Pre 1855 MI
West Kilbank1859 OS 6" Map
West Kilbank1881 Census
West Part of EastertownSee Eastertown1809 RHP22221/12
West PomeilSee West Town1750s Roy's Map
West TeathsSee Teaths1881 Census
West TounSee West Town1816 Forrest's Map
West Toun1834 Pre 1855 MI
West Toun1976 OS Map71
West TownSee also Weston, West Town, West Toun, Westown, Westoun, West Pomeil1822 Thomson's Map
West Town1859 OS 6" Map
Westerhouse1821 Census
Westerhouse1831 Pre 1855 MI
Westerhouse1859 OS 6" Map
Westerhouse1881 Census
WestertonSee West Town1773 Ross's Map
Westerton1821 Ainslie's Map
Westgate(at Kerse), see Kerse1821 Census
WestonSee West Town1783 Census
WestounSee West Town1776 Pre 1855 MI
WestownSee West Town1790s Old Stat Acc
Westown1809 RHP22221/16
Westown1821 Census
Westown1859 Pre 1855 MI
Westown1881 Census
Whin Knowe1859 OS 6" Map
Whin Stane Knowe(north of Fauldhouse1808 Plan RHP195
White Knowe1816 Forrest's Map
White Knowe1822 Thomson's Map
White Moss(south of Auchmeddan)1808 Plan RHP195
White Syke(near Fauldhouse Burn)1808 Plan RHP195
WhitehallSee also Whitehill, Whythill1816 Forrest's Map
Whitehall1821 Census
Whitehall1822 Thomson's Map
Whitehall1881 Census
WhitehillSee Whitehall1821 Ainslie's Map
WhitesideSee also Whyteside, Laigh Whiteside, Whytsid, Over Whiteside (& High Whiteside, Whitesidehill)1733 OPR Births
Whiteside1816 Forrest's Map
Whiteside1821 Census
Whiteside1822 Thomson's Map
Whiteside1858 Val Roll
Whiteside1859 OS 6" Map
Whiteside1864 Thomson's Poem
Whiteside1881 Census
Whiteside1976 OS Map71
Whiteside HillSee Whitesidehill1816 Forrest's Map
Whiteside Hill1858 Val Roll
Whiteside Hill1881 Census
WhitesidehillSee Whiteside Hill (&Whiteside, High Whiteside)1821 Census
Whitesidehill1822 Thomson's Map
Whitesidehill1859 OS 6" Map
Whitesidehill1864 Thomson's Poem
Whyteside(Lands of) See Whiteside1873 Sasines
WhythillSee Whitehill1654 Blaeu's Map
WhytsidSee Whiteside1654 Blaeu's Map
WillburnSee Wellburn1881 Census
WillshieldsSee Wellshields1808 Plan RHP195
WindhillsSee Windyhill1808 Plan RHP195
Windyhall1816 Forrest's Map
Windyhall1821 Census
Windyhall1822 Thomson's Map
WindyhillSee also Windyhills, Windhills1723 OPR Births
Windyhill1822 Thomson's Map
WindyhillsSee Windyhill1750s Roy's Map
Windyhills1783 Census
Windyhills1816 Forrest's Map
Windyhills1821 Census
Windyhills1859 OS 6" Map
WolburnSee Wellburn1654 Blaeu's Map
Wood (The)(place), see Woodses1750s Roy's Map
WoodeesSee Woodses1816 Forrest's Map
Woodees1822 Thomson's Map
Woodend(Blackwood Estate), see Woodhead1821 Ainslie's Map
Woodend(near Leelaw, appears to be same place as Woodfoot)1859 OS 6" Map
Woodend(near Corehouse)1859 OS 6" Map
Woodend1881 Census
Woodfoot(near Leelaw, appears to be same place as Woodend)1976 OS Map71
Woodfoot Du HouseSee Woodfoot1881 Census
WoodgateSee Woodyett1783 Census
WoodhallSee Woodholy1816 Forrest's Map
Woodhall1821 Census
Woodhall1822 Thomson's Map
Woodhead(Blackwood Estate, near Boghead), see Woodend1654 Blaeu's Map
Woodhead1728 OPR Births