Ordnance Survey Town Plans of England and Wales, 1840s-1890s

Lewes, 1:500, Surveyed: 1872-73

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SheetDate of SurveyDate of Publication
Sussex LIV.13.918731874
Sussex LIV.13.1018731882
Sussex LIV.13.1418731874
Sussex LIV.13.1518731874
Sussex LIV.13.2018731880
Sussex LIV.14.118731874
Sussex LIV.14.21873ca. 1874
Sussex LIV.14.318731878
Sussex LIV.14.61872-731874
Sussex LIV.14.718731874
Sussex LIV.14.81873ca. 1874
Sussex LIV.14.1118731874
Sussex LIV.14.1218751879
Sussex LIV.14.1618731882