Ordnance Survey - Quarter Inch to the Mile Maps of England, Scotland and Wales
1st edition (Coloured with hill shading), 1900-1906

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These maps at quarter-inch to the mile (1:253,440) were the earliest, coloured sheets by Ordnance Survey at this scale which formed a complete series, covering all of England and Wales in 23 sheets, and all of Scotland in 17 sheets, numbered from north to south. Earlier attempts in the late 19th century to create a uncoloured quarter-inch to the mile map had been heavily criticised in terms of low aesthetic quality and poor topographic inaccuracy, based on much earlier mapping. This series was attractively coloured with brown roads and blue water, creating a simple, clear and legible map, even in the hills. Detail was drawn from larger-scale maps, comprehensively revised in the 1890s. The quarter-inch to the mile series provides an overview of significant landscape features, including larger settlements, railways, and roads. These maps covering Scotland are held at Map.Area.C18(62) (Scotland) and Map.Area.C17(61) (England and Wales).

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England and Wales

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Sheet    Date of revision    Revision details    Date of Publication   
Sheets 1 & 21894 to 1895Railways inserted to 19001902
Sheet 31895 to 1896Railways inserted to 19011902
Sheet 41894 to 1897Railways inserted to 19011902
Sheets 5 & 61895 to 18961902
Sheet 71893 to 1897Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheet 81893 to 18971903
Sheets 9 & 101895 to 1898Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheet 111894 to 1898Railways inserted to 19031903
Sheet 121897 to 1898Railways inserted to 19011903
Sheet 131897Railways inserted to 19001903
Sheet 141893 to 1898Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheet 151893 to 1898Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheet 161893 to 18971903
Sheet 181893 to 1898Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheet 191893 to 1897Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheets 20 & 241887 to 1894Railways inserted to 19021903
Sheets 21 & 251893 to 1896Railways inserted to 19001903
Sheet 221894 to 1897Railways inserted to 19011903
Sheet 231893 to 1896Railways inserted to 19001903


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Sheet Number and Name    Revision details    Date of Revision     Date of Publication    
Sheet 118951902
Sheet 218951902
Sheet 41894 to 18971902
Sheet 518941902
Sheet 618941902
Sheet 718941903
Sheet 8Railways inserted to 19011894 to 18951903
Sheet 918941903
Sheet 10Railways inserted to 19021895 to 18961903
Sheet 111894 to 18951903
Sheet 121894 to 18951903
Sheet 1318951903
Sheet 14Railways inserted to 19021894 to 18951903
Sheet 15 (England Part of Sheet 2)Includes part of England sheet 2. Railways inserted to June 1900 (England)1894 to 18951903
Sheet 1618951903
Sheet 171894 to 18971903