Ordnance Survey Maps, London
Two-Inch to the Mile scale maps, 1920s-1930s

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These two map series by Ordnance Survey covered London at the scales of Two-Inch to the Mile (1:31,680):

Ordnance Survey, Two-inches to the Mile
Ministry of Transport Road Map, London, 1923

This set of Ministry of Transport Road Maps, covering London in six sheets, was issued by the Ordnance Survey in 1923, and was the first to accurately show the initial numbered roads. The roads depicted on this set of maps were the Class I (red) roads showing important routes or through roads, and the less important Class II (green) roads. Roads in course of construction were shown as red dashed lines.

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SheetDate of Printing
Sheet 11923
Sheet 21923
Sheet 31923
Sheet 41923
Sheet 51923
Sheet 61923

Ordnance Survey, Two-inches to the mile
London (Showing London Passenger Transport Boundaries), 1935

This set of twelve sheets covering London at the two-inch to the mile scale (1:31,680), showed the perimeter of the London Passenger Transport Boundaries as a blue band. The base maps were reduced from the Ordnance Survey One-Inch Fifth edition with minor modifications.

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SheetDate of Publication
Sheet 11935
Sheet 21935
Sheet 31935
Sheet 41935
Sheet 51935
Sheet 61935
Sheet 71935
Sheet 81935
Sheet 91935
Sheet 101935
Sheet 111935
Sheet 121935