Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1843-1882

Perthshire and Clackmannanshire

Sheet NumberDate of Survey    Date of Publication    
Sheet III18601867
Sheet IV (Inset Sheet I)18601867
Sheet V (with extension II)18601867
Sheet VI18621867
Sheet VII1862-661867-69
Sheet VIII1862-661865-69
Sheet IX1860-701870
Sheet X18601867
Sheet XI18621867
Sheet XII18621867
Sheet XIII18601867
Sheet XIV1862-661867-69
Sheet XV (Inset Sheet VIII)18621867
Sheet XVI1864-701867-73
Sheet XVII1861-641867
Sheet XVIII18601867
Sheet XIX18601867
Sheet XX18601867
Sheet XXI1860-621867
Sheet XXII18621867
Sheet XXIII18621867
Sheet XXIV18621865-67
Sheet XXV1864-701867-75
Sheet XXVI1861-641867
Sheet XXVII18611867
Sheet XXVIII18621867
Sheet XXIX18611867
Sheet XXX1861-621867
Sheet XXXI18631867
Sheet XXXII18631867
Sheet XXXIII1862-631865-67
Sheet XXXIV18641867
Sheet XXXV18641867
Sheet XXXVI18621867
Sheet XXXVII18621867
Sheet XXXVIII18611867
Sheet XXXIX18621867
Sheet XL18631867
Sheet XLI18631867
Sheet XLII1863-641867
Sheet XLIII1861-631865-67
Sheet XLIV (Inset XXXIIIa & XLIIIa)18641867
Sheet XLV18641867
Sheet XLVI18611867
Sheet XLVII18621867
Sheet XLVIII18621867
Sheet XLIX18621867
Sheet L18631867
Sheet LI18631867
Sheet LII1863-641867
Sheet LIII18631867
Sheet LIV (Inset Sheet LXV)18631867
Sheet LV1864-701867-74
Sheet LVI18641867
Sheet LVII18611867
Sheet LVIII18621867
Sheet LIX18621867
Sheet LX18621867
Sheet LXI1863-41867
Sheet LXII18641867
Sheet LXIII18641867
Sheet LXIV18631867
Sheet LXVI18641867
Sheet LXVII18641867
Sheet LXVIII18611867
Sheet LXIX18621867
Sheet LXX18631867
Sheet LXXI18631867
Sheet LXXII18641867
Sheet LXXIII18641867
Sheet LXXIV18641867
Sheet LXXV18611867
Sheet LXXVI18611867
Sheet LXXVII18641867
Sheet LXXVIII18641867
Sheet LXXIX18641867
Sheet LXXX18611867
Sheet LXXXI18611867
Sheet LXXXII18631867
Sheet LXXXIII18631867
Sheet LXXXIV18641867
Sheet LXXXV18641867
Sheet LXXXVI1862-641867
Sheet LXXXVII1861-621867
Sheet LXXXVIII18611867
Sheet LXXXIX18641867
Sheet XC18641867
Sheet XCI18641867
Sheet XCII18621867
Sheet XCIII18611867
Sheet XCIV18631866
Sheet XCV18631866
Sheet XCVI18641867
Sheet XCVII1860-641866
Sheet XCVIII18601866
Sheet XCIX18611866
Sheet C18611866
Sheet CI1860-711864-74
Sheet CII1860-641865-67
Sheet CIII18641866
Sheet CIV18621866
Sheet CV18611866
Sheet CVI18631866
Sheet CVII1863-641866
Sheet CVIII1863-641866
Sheet CIX18591866
Sheet CX18601866
Sheet CXI18601866
Sheet CXII18631866
Sheet CXIII18631866
Sheet CXIV18621866
Sheet CXV1862-631866
Sheet CXVI18621866
Sheet CXVII18631866
Sheet CXVIII1860-631866
Sheet CXIX18591866
Sheet CXX18591866
Sheet CXXI18631866
Sheet CXXII18631866
Sheet CXXIII1862-631866
Sheet CXXIV1862-631866
Sheet CXXV18621866
Sheet CXXVI1862-631866
Sheet CXXVII18601866
Sheet CXXVIII18591866
Sheet CXXIX1862-631866
Sheet CXXX18621866
Sheet CXXXI1862-631866
Sheet CXXXII18631866
Sheet CXXXIII18621866
Sheet CXXXIV1861-621866
Sheet CXXXV18591866
Sheet CXXXVI & CXXXVII18631866
Sheet CXXXVIII1860-631865-66
Sheet CXXXIX18631866
Sheet CXL1861-631866
Sheet CXLI18591866
Sheet CXLII18611866
Sheet CXLIII18591866

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