Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1843-1882


Sheet NumberDate of Survey    Date of Publication    
Sheet I1863-18661865-1869
Sheet II1862-661865
Sheet III18621865
Sheet IV18621865
Sheet V1862-18661865-1869
Sheet VI18621865
Sheet VII1861-18641865-1868
Sheet VIII1861-18641865-1868
Sheet IX (with extension to include IIIA)1862-18661865-1869
Sheet X18621865
Sheet XI18621865
Sheet XII18621865
Sheet XIII18621865
Sheet XIV18621865
Sheet XV18621865
Sheet XVI18621865
Sheet XVII18621865
Sheet XVIII18621865
Sheet XIX18631865
Sheet XX1862-18631865-1868
Sheet XXI1862-18641865-1868
Sheet XXII1862-18631865-1867
Sheet XXIII18621865
Sheet XXIV18621865
Sheet XXV18621865
Sheet XXVI18631865
Sheet XXVII1862-18631865
Sheet XXVIII18621865
Sheet XXIX1862-18641865-1867
Sheet XXX1862-18641865-1867
Sheet XXXI18621865
Sheet XXXII1859-18611865
Sheet XXXIII18611865
Sheet XXXIV1861-18651865
Sheet XXXV18611865
Sheet XXXVI18611865
Sheet XXXVII18611865
Sheet XXXVIII18611865
Sheet XXXIX18591865
Sheet XL1859-18611865
Sheet XLI (Includes Inset XLVII)18591865
Sheet XLII18601865
Sheet XLIII1860-18611865
Sheet XLIV1860-18611865
Sheet XLV18591865
Sheet XLVI18591865
Sheet XLVIII1860-18641865-1867
Sheet XLIX18601865
Sheet L18581865
Sheet LI18581865
Sheet LII18581865
Sheet LIII18591865
Sheet LIV1860-18621865
Sheet LV18581865

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