Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch 1st edition, Scotland, 1843-1882


Sheet NumberDate of Survey    Date of Publication    
Sheet I18721875
Sheet II18721875
Sheet IV18721875
Sheet V18721875
Sheet VI18721875
Sheet VII (with insets of sheets III and XII)18721875
Sheet IX18721875
Sheet X18721875
Sheet XI18721875
Sheet XIV (with inset of sheet XIII)18721876
Sheet XV (with inset of sheet XVa)18721875
Sheet XVI (with inset of sheet XVIa)18721875
Sheet XVII (with inset of sheet VIII)18721875
Sheet XVIII18721875
Sheet XIX18721875
Sheet XX18711876
Sheet XXI18751879
Sheet XXII18781881
Sheet XXIII18721875
Sheet XXIV18721875
Sheet XXV18721875
Sheet XXVI18721875
Sheet XXVII18721875
Sheet XXVIII18721875
Sheet XXIX1871-21875
Sheet XXX18701875
Sheet XXXI18701875
Sheet XXXII18701875
Sheet XXXIII18701875
Sheet XXXIV18701875
Sheet XXXVI18781881
Sheet XXXVII18781881
Sheet XXXVIII18771881
Sheet XXXVIIIa18771881
Sheet XXXIX18721875
Sheet XL18721875
Sheet XLI18721875
Sheet XLII18721875
Sheet XLIII18711876
Sheet XLIV18711875
Sheet XLV18701875
Sheet XLVI18701874
Sheet XLVII18701875
Sheet XLVIII18701874
Sheet XLIX18751881
Sheet L (with extension of sheet LA)18781881
Sheet LI18771882
Sheet LII18771882
Sheet LIII1872-71880
Sheet LIV18721875
Sheet LV18721875
Sheet LVI1871-21875
Sheet LVII18711875
Sheet LVIII18711875
Sheet LIX18701875
Sheet LX18701875
Sheet LXI18701874
Sheet LXII18701874
Sheet LXIII18781881
Sheet LXIV18781882
Sheet LXV18781882
Sheet LXVI18781881
Sheet LXVII18781881
Sheet LXVIII18781881
Sheet LXIX18751882
Sheet LXX1872-81880
Sheet LXXI18721875
Sheet LXXII1871-21875
Sheet LXXIII18711875
Sheet LXXIV18701874
Sheet LXXV18701875
Sheet LXXVI18701873
Sheet LXXVII18701874
Sheet LXXVIII18781882
Sheet LXXIX18751881
Sheet LXXX18751881
Sheet LXXXI18781881
Sheet LXXXII18781882
Sheet LXXXIII18781881
Sheet LXXXIV18751881
Sheet LXXXV1871-81880
Sheet LXXXVI1870-11876
Sheet LXXXVII18711875
Sheet LXXXVIII18701875
Sheet LXXXIX18701874
Sheet XC18701874
Sheet XCI18701874
Sheet XCIII18751881
Sheet XCIV18781881
Sheet XCV18781881
Sheet XCVI18781879
Sheet XCVII1871-81880
Sheet XCVIII18701874
Sheet XCIX18711874
Sheet C18701875
Sheet CI18701874
Sheet CII18701874
Sheet CIV18751881
Sheet CV18781882
Sheet CVI18751881
Sheet CVII18751881
Sheet CVIII18751879
Sheet CIX1871-81880
Sheet CX1870-11875
Sheet CXI18711875
Sheet CXII18711875
Sheet CXIII18711874
Sheet CXIV18711874
Sheet CXV (and sheet CIII)18701874
Sheet CXVI18781881
Sheet CXVIa & CXVIb18781881
Sheet CXVII18781881
Sheet CXVIII18781881
Sheet CXIX18751881
Sheet CXX18781881
Sheet CXXI18711875
Sheet CXXII18711875
Sheet CXXIII18711875
Sheet CXXIV18711874
Sheet CXXV18711874
Sheet CXXVI18701874
Sheet CXXVII18701874
Sheet CXXVIII18751881
Sheet CXXIX1871-81880
Sheet CXXX18711875
Sheet CXXXI18711875
Sheet CXXXII18711874
Sheet CXXXIII18701874
Sheet CXXXIV18701874
Sheet CXXXV18701874
Sheet CXXXVI18781881
Sheet CXXXVII1871-81880
Sheet CXXXVIII1871-21875
Sheet CXXXIX18711875
Sheet CXL1871-21875
Sheet CXLI18661870
Sheet CXLII18661869
Sheet CXLIII18651873
Sheet CXLV18761883
Sheet CXLVI18781880
Sheet CXLVII18781881
Sheet CXLVIII1872-81880
Sheet CXLIX18651874
Sheet CL1865-711875
Sheet CLI18661873
Sheet CLII18651870
Sheet CLIII18661869
Sheet CLV18781881
Sheet CLVI18761881
Sheet CLVII18761881
Sheet CLVIII18781881
Sheet CLIX1865-781880
Sheet CLX18651873
Sheet CLXI18661873
Sheet CLXII18661869
Sheet CLXIII18651869
Sheet CLXIV18651869
Sheet CLXV18781881
Sheet CLXVII18781881
Sheet CLXVIII18781881
Sheet CLXIX18691873
Sheet CLXX18671873
Sheet CLXXI18651873
Sheet CLXXII18661869
Sheet CLXXIII18651869
Sheet CLXXIV18641869
Sheet CLXXV & CLXXVI18781881
Sheet CLXXVII18781881
Sheet CLXXVIII18781881
Sheet CLXXIX18691873
Sheet CLXXX18671872
Sheet CLXXXI18651873
Sheet CLXXXII1864-51869
Sheet CLXXXIII18651868
Sheet CLXXXIV18641869
Sheet CLXXXV18781881
Sheet CLXXXVI18781881
Sheet CLXXXVII18781881
Sheet CLXXXVIII18781882
Sheet CLXXXIX18781881
Sheet CXC18691873
Sheet CXCI18681872
Sheet CXCII18651870
Sheet CXCIII18641869
Sheet CXCIV1864-51869
Sheet CXCV18641869
Sheet CXCVI18781882
Sheet CXCVII18781882
Sheet CXCVIII18781882
Sheet CXCIX18781882
Sheet CC18681873
Sheet CCI18671873
Sheet CCII1867-81873
Sheet CCIII18631869
Sheet CCIV18631869
Sheet CCVII18781882
Sheet CCVIII18781882
Sheet CCIX18781881
Sheet CCX18781881
Sheet CCXI18681873
Sheet CCXII18671873
Sheet CCXIII18671870
Sheet CCXIV18631869
Sheet CCXV18631869
Sheet CCXVI18561869
Sheet CCXVII18781881
Sheet CCXVIII18781882
Sheet CCXIX18781882
Sheet CCXX18781881
Sheet CCXXI18781881
Sheet CCXXII18691873
Sheet CCXXIII1867-91873
Sheet CCXXIV18671870
Sheet CCXXV18641869
Sheet CCXXVI18641869
Sheet CCXXVII18631869
Sheet CCXXVIII18561869
Sheet CCXXIX18761882
Sheet CCXXX18761881
Sheet CCXXXI18781882
Sheet CCXXXII18781882
Sheet CCXXXIII18781881
Sheet CCXXXIV (with inset of sheet CCXL)18691872
Sheet CCXXXV18671870
Sheet CCXXXVI18671870
Sheet CCXXXVII18641869
Sheet CCXXXVIII18641869
Sheet CCXXXIX18781882
Sheet CCXXXIXa18781881
Sheet CCXLI18671869
Sheet CCXLII18671869
Sheet CCXLIII18641869
Sheet CCXLIV18641868
Sheet CCXLVI18671869
Sheet CCXLVII18671869
Sheet CCXLVIII18641869
Sheet CCXLIX18641868
Sheet CCL (with inset of sheet CCXLV)18641869
Sheet CCLI1866-71869
Sheet CCLII18661869
Sheet CCLIII18641868
Sheet CCLIV18641868
Sheet CCLV18641869
Sheet CCLVI18661869
Sheet CCLVII18661869
Sheet CCLVIII18661869
Sheet CCLIX (with inset of sheet CCLVIIIa)18641869
Sheet CCLX18641869
Sheet CCLXI18661869
Sheet CCLXII18661869
Sheet CCLXIII18661869
Sheet CCLXIV18661869
Sheet CCLXV18661869
Sheet CCLXVI (with insets of sheets CCLXVIa & CCLXVII)18661869
Islands of Canna, Rum, and Muck
Sheet NumberDate of Survey    Date of Publication    
Sheet LIII & LIV18771880
Sheet LXXIV18771880
Sheet LXIV18771880
Sheet LXI18771879-80
Sheet LXVI18771879-80
Sheet LXVII18771879-80
Sheet LXIX18771879-80
Sheet LIX18771881
Sheet LX18771879

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