Ordnance Survey Maps - Six-inch England and Wales, 1842 - 1952


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Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Middlesex I18661868
Middlesex I.NW18951898
Middlesex I.NE18951898
Middlesex I.SW18951898
Middlesex I.SE18951898
Middlesex II18661868
Middlesex II.NW18951898
Middlesex II.SW18951897
Middlesex II.SE18951897
Middlesex III1866 to 18741880 to 1882
Middlesex III.SW18951899
Middlesex IV1864 to 18651868
Middlesex IV.SE18951899
Middlesex V.NE18951899
Middlesex V.SW1894 to 18951899
Middlesex V.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex VI1863 to 18661868
Middlesex VI.NW1895 to 18961898
Middlesex VI.NE18951897
Middlesex VI.SW18951897
Middlesex VI.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex VII1863 to 18641868
Middlesex VII.NW18951897
Middlesex VII.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex VII.SW1894 to 18951897
Middlesex VIII18661868
Middlesex VIII.NW18951898
Middlesex VIII.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex IX.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex IX.SE1920ca. 1933
Middlesex IX.SE1920ca. 1920
Middlesex IX.SE19341939
Middlesex IX.SE19381943
Middlesex IX.SE19381947
Middlesex X18641868
Middlesex X.NW18941897
Middlesex X.NW19111916
Middlesex X.NW19111916
Middlesex X.NW19351939
Middlesex X.NW19381946
Middlesex X.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex X.NE1912 to 19131916
Middlesex X.NE1912 to 19131916
Middlesex X.NE19381945
Middlesex X.SW18941897
Middlesex X.SW19121916
Middlesex X.SW19121916
Middlesex X.SW19351938
Middlesex X.SW19381944
Middlesex X.SW19381946
Middlesex X.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex X.SE19121920
Middlesex X.SE1935 to 19361940
Middlesex X.SE19381947
Middlesex XI1864 to 18651873
Middlesex XI.NW1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XI.NW1938 to 19391946
Middlesex XI.NW1935 to 1936ca. 1947
Middlesex XI.NE19381946
Middlesex XI.NE1935 to 1936ca. 1947
Middlesex XI.SW19381947
Middlesex XII1863 to 18691873
Middlesex XVIII (inset XIII & XXIII)18671873
Middlesex XIV18641868
Middlesex XIV.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XIV.NE19131920
Middlesex XIV.NE19131920
Middlesex XIV.NE19341939
Middlesex XIV.NE19381944
Middlesex XIV.NE19381947
Middlesex XIV.SE18941897
Middlesex XIV.SE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XIV.SE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XIV.SE19341939
Middlesex XIV.SE19381943
Middlesex XIV.SE19381946
Middlesex XV1864 to 18651868
Middlesex XV.NW18941897
Middlesex XV.NW1912 to 19131919
Middlesex XV.NW19351938
Middlesex XV.NW19381944
Middlesex XV.NW19381946
Middlesex XV.NE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XV.NE19351940
Middlesex XV.NE19381947
Middlesex XV.SW18941897
Middlesex XV.SW1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XV.SW19351939
Middlesex XV.SW19381944
Middlesex XV.SW19381945
Middlesex XV.SE19131920
Middlesex XV.SE19341940
Middlesex XV.SE19381946
Middlesex XVI18661874
Middlesex XVII1868 to 18731880 to 1882
Middlesex XVIII (inset XIII & XXIII)18671873
Middlesex XIX18651868
Middlesex XIX.NW18941899
Middlesex XIX.NW19121920
Middlesex XIX.NW19381947
Middlesex XIX.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XIX.NE19121915
Middlesex XIX.NE19121915
Middlesex XIX.NE1934 to 19351939
Middlesex XIX.NE19381943
Middlesex XIX.NE19381943
Middlesex XIX.NE19381946
Middlesex XIX.SW18941899
Middlesex XIX.SW1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XIX.SW19381947
Middlesex XIX.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XIX.SE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XIX.SE19341938
Middlesex XIX.SE19381944
Middlesex XIX.SE19381946
Middlesex XX1864 to 18651869
Middlesex XX.NW18941897
Middlesex XX.NW19121920
Middlesex XX.NW19321936
Middlesex XX.NW19351942
Middlesex XX.NW19381946
Middlesex XX.NE19121920
Middlesex XX.NE19351940
Middlesex XX.NE19381947
Middlesex XX.SW18941897
Middlesex XX.SW19121920
Middlesex XX.SW19321935
Middlesex XX.SW19341938
Middlesex XX.SW19381943
Middlesex XX.SW19381945
Middlesex XX.SE19121920
Middlesex XX.SE1934 to 19351939
Middlesex XX.SE19381947
Middlesex XXI1865 to 18661873
Middlesex XXII1868 to 18711879
Middlesex XVIII18671873
Middlesex XXIIIca. 1867ca. 1873
Middlesex XXIV1864 to 18651869
Middlesex XXIV.NW1894 to 18951899
Middlesex XXIV.NW19131920
Middlesex XXIV.NW19351939
Middlesex XXIV.NW19381947
Middlesex XXIV.NE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XXIV.NE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XXIV.NE1934 to 19351939
Middlesex XXIV.NE19381947
Middlesex XXIV.SE1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XXIV.SE19121920
Middlesex XXIV.SE1934 to 19351938
Middlesex XXIV.SE19381947
Middlesex XXV1864 to 18701869 to 1872
Middlesex XXV.NW1894 to 18951897
Middlesex XXV.NW1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XXV.NW19341939
Middlesex XXV.NW19381946
Middlesex XXV.NE1912 to 19131920
Middlesex XXV.NE1912 to 19131932
Middlesex XXV.NE19341938
Middlesex XXV.NE19381947
Middlesex XXV.SW1894 to 18951898
Middlesex XXV.SW19121920
Middlesex XXV.SW19381947
Middlesex XXV.SE1894 to 18951898
Middlesex XXV.SE19121920
Middlesex XXV.SE19381947