Ordnance Survey Maps - 25 inch England and Wales, 1841-1952


Sheet NumberDate of Survey/Revision    Date of Publication    
Middlesex I.218951896
Middlesex I.318951896
Middlesex I.618951896
Middlesex I.718951896
Middlesex I.819111913
Middlesex I.1018951896
Middlesex I.1118951896
Middlesex I.1119111914
Middlesex I.1119351936
Middlesex I.1218951896
Middlesex I.1219111913
Middlesex I.1219351936
Middlesex I.1418951896
Middlesex I.1518951896
Middlesex I.1519111913
Middlesex I.1519351936
Middlesex I.161866ca. 1875
Middlesex I.1619111913
Middlesex II.518951896
Middlesex II.918951896
Middlesex II.1018951896
Middlesex II.1118951896
Middlesex II.1119111913
Middlesex II.1218951896
Middlesex II.1219111913
Middlesex II.1318661866
Middlesex II.1318951896
Middlesex II.1319111913
Middlesex II.1319351937
Middlesex II.1418651866
Middlesex II.1418951896
Middlesex II.1419111913
Middlesex II.1419351937
Middlesex II.1519111913
Middlesex II.1519351937
Middlesex II.1618651881
Middlesex III.131866 to 18731879
Middlesex III.1318951897
Middlesex III.1319101913
Middlesex IV.1118951896
Middlesex IV.1518951896
Middlesex V.818951896
Middlesex V.131895 to 18961896
Middlesex V.1319111913
Middlesex V.1418941896
Middlesex V.1619111914
Middlesex V.1619351937
Middlesex VI.218951896
Middlesex VI.318951896
Middlesex VI.319111913
Middlesex VI.418951896
Middlesex VI.419111913
Middlesex VI.518951896
Middlesex VI.618951896
Middlesex VI.718951896
Middlesex VI.818951896
Middlesex VI.918951896
Middlesex VI.919111913
Middlesex VI.919351937
Middlesex VI.91941 to 19421946
Middlesex VI.1019111913
Middlesex VI.1118951896
Middlesex VI.1219111913
Middlesex VI.1319111914
Middlesex VI.1319351937
Middlesex VI.1419111913
Middlesex VI.1419351937
Middlesex VI.1618941896
Middlesex VI.1619111913
Middlesex VII.119111913
Middlesex VII.219111913
Middlesex VII.219351937
Middlesex VII.319111913
Middlesex VII.319351937
Middlesex VII.31938 to 19391940
Middlesex VII.419111913
Middlesex VII.419361937
Middlesex VII.41938 to 19401942
Middlesex VII.519111913
Middlesex VII.618651877
Middlesex VII.618951896
Middlesex VII.619111913
Middlesex VII.619361937
Middlesex VII.718951896
Middlesex VII.719121914
Middlesex VII.719351937
Middlesex VII.81894 to 18951896
Middlesex VII.91894 to 18951896
Middlesex VII.1019111913
Middlesex VII.101935 to 19361937
Middlesex VII.1119121914
Middlesex VII.111935 to 19361937
Middlesex VII.1119391940
Middlesex VII.121865 to 18691877
Middlesex VII.1319111913
Middlesex VII.1419121914
Middlesex VII.1419361937
Middlesex VII.1519121914
Middlesex VII.1519361937
Middlesex VII.1519381939
Middlesex VIII.118951896
Middlesex VIII.518951896
Middlesex IX.31864 to 18711880
Middlesex IX.418951895
Middlesex IX.419121914
Middlesex IX.419341936
Middlesex IX.718951896
Middlesex IX.719121914
Middlesex IX.719341936
Middlesex IX.819121914
Middlesex IX.819341936
Middlesex IX.1118951896
Middlesex IX.1119121914
Middlesex IX.1119341936
Middlesex IX.1218951896
Middlesex IX.1219121914
Middlesex IX.1219341936
Middlesex IX.151894 to 18951896
Middlesex IX.1519121914
Middlesex IX.1519341936
Middlesex IX.1619121914
Middlesex IX.161934 to 19351936
Middlesex X.118941896
Middlesex X.119111913
Middlesex X.119321934
Middlesex X.11934 to 19351936
Middlesex X.219111913
Middlesex X.219321934
Middlesex X.21934 to 19351936
Middlesex X.31912 to 19131913
Middlesex X.319351936
Middlesex X.418941896
Middlesex X.419121914
Middlesex X.419361937
Middlesex X.41939 to 19401947
Middlesex X.518941896
Middlesex X.519111913
Middlesex X.519351936
Middlesex X.618941896
Middlesex X.619111913
Middlesex X.619351936
Middlesex X.61940 to 19411947
Middlesex X.718951896
Middlesex X.719121914
Middlesex X.719351937
Middlesex X.819121914
Middlesex X.81935 to 19361937
Middlesex X.918941896
Middlesex X.919121914
Middlesex X.919351936
Middlesex X.91938 to 19391946
Middlesex X.1018941896
Middlesex X.1019121914
Middlesex X.1019351936
Middlesex X.101939 to 19401946
Middlesex X.1119121914
Middlesex X.1119351937
Middlesex X.1219121914
Middlesex X.1219351937
Middlesex X.1318941896
Middlesex X.1319121914
Middlesex X.1319351936
Middlesex X.1319401945
Middlesex X.1418941896
Middlesex X.1419121914
Middlesex X.1419351936
Middlesex X.1419401942
Middlesex X.1518941896
Middlesex X.1519121914
Middlesex X.1519351937
Middlesex X.1619121914
Middlesex X.161935 to 19361937
Middlesex XI.11894 to 18951896
Middlesex XI.119111914
Middlesex XI.119351937
Middlesex XI.11938 to 19391940
Middlesex XI.21894 to 18951896
Middlesex XI.219111914
Middlesex XI.219321934
Middlesex XI.219351937
Middlesex XI.319121914
Middlesex XI.319361937
Middlesex XI.419111913
Middlesex XI.419361937
Middlesex XI.518951896
Middlesex XI.519121914
Middlesex XI.519321934
Middlesex XI.519401947
Middlesex XI.618951896
Middlesex XI.619121914
Middlesex XI.61935 to 19361937
Middlesex XI.718951896
Middlesex XI.719121914
Middlesex XI.719361937
Middlesex XI.819121914
Middlesex XI.819391940
Middlesex XI.918951896
Middlesex XI.919121914
Middlesex XI.91935 to 19361937
Middlesex XI.91940 to 19411947
Middlesex XI.1019121914
Middlesex XI.101935 to 19361937
Middlesex XI.1119121915
Middlesex XI.1119361938
Middlesex XI.1319121914
Middlesex XI.131935 to 19361937
Middlesex XI.1419121914
Middlesex XI.1419361938
Middlesex XII.119121914
Middlesex XII.11935 to 19361938
Middlesex XII.219121914
Middlesex XII.219351937
Middlesex XII.319111913
Middlesex XII.31935 to 19361937
Middlesex XII.51910 to 19111913
Middlesex XII.51935 to 19361938
Middlesex XII.619121914
Middlesex XII.619351938
Middlesex XIV.318941895
Middlesex XIV.319131914
Middlesex XIV.31934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIV.418941895
Middlesex XIV.419131914
Middlesex XIV.41934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIV.718941896
Middlesex XIV.719131914
Middlesex XIV.719341936
Middlesex XIV.818941895
Middlesex XIV.819131914
Middlesex XIV.819351936
Middlesex XIV.1118941896
Middlesex XIV.1119131914
Middlesex XIV.111934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIV.1218941896
Middlesex XIV.1219131914
Middlesex XIV.1219351936
Middlesex XIV.1518941896
Middlesex XIV.1519131914
Middlesex XIV.1519351936
Middlesex XIV.1618941895
Middlesex XIV.1619121914
Middlesex XIV.1619351936
Middlesex XV.11863 to 1864ca. 1866
Middlesex XV.118941896
Middlesex XV.119121914
Middlesex XV.119351936
Middlesex XV.119411946
Middlesex XV.218941895
Middlesex XV.219121914
Middlesex XV.219351936
Middlesex XV.21941 to 19421947
Middlesex XV.318941896
Middlesex XV.319131914
Middlesex XV.319351938
Middlesex XV.31938 to 19391940
Middlesex XV.41912 to 19131914
Middlesex XV.419351937
Middlesex XV.518941896
Middlesex XV.519131914
Middlesex XV.519351936
Middlesex XV.519401946
Middlesex XV.618941895
Middlesex XV.61912 to 19131914
Middlesex XV.619351936
Middlesex XV.619401946
Middlesex XV.719131914
Middlesex XV.719351937
Middlesex XV.71939 to 19401947
Middlesex XV.81912 to 19131914
Middlesex XV.819351937
Middlesex XV.919121914
Middlesex XV.919351936
Middlesex XV.919401947
Middlesex XV.1018941896
Middlesex XV.1019131914
Middlesex XV.1019351935
Middlesex XV.1019401946
Middlesex XV.1119121914
Middlesex XV.1119321934
Middlesex XV.1119341937
Middlesex XV.1219131915
Middlesex XV.1219321934
Middlesex XV.1219341937
Middlesex XV.1319131914
Middlesex XV.1319351936
Middlesex XV.1418941895
Middlesex XV.1419131914
Middlesex XV.1419351936
Middlesex XV.1519131914
Middlesex XV.1519321934
Middlesex XV.1519341936
Middlesex XV.1619131914
Middlesex XV.1619321934
Middlesex XV.1619341936
Middlesex XVI.119131914
Middlesex XVI.119321936
Middlesex XVI.21912 to 19131915
Middlesex XVI.21935 to 19361937
Middlesex XVI.518951896
Middlesex XVI.519131915
Middlesex XVI.519351937
Middlesex XVI.919131914
Middlesex XVI.91934 to 19351937
Middlesex XVI.1319131915
Middlesex XVI.1319351937
Middlesex XIX.219121914
Middlesex XIX.6 & 21934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIX.319121914
Middlesex XIX.319351937
Middlesex XIX.418941895
Middlesex XIX.419121914
Middlesex XIX.419351936
Middlesex XIX.619121914
Middlesex XIX.6 & 21934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIX.718941895
Middlesex XIX.719121914
Middlesex XIX.719351936
Middlesex XIX.819121914
Middlesex XIX.81934 to 19351936
Middlesex XIX.1018941896
Middlesex XIX.1019121914
Middlesex XIX.1019341936
Middlesex XIX.1118651866
Middlesex XIX.1118941895
Middlesex XIX.1119121914
Middlesex XIX.1119341936
Middlesex XIX.1219121914
Middlesex XIX.1219341936
Middlesex XIX.1418941896
Middlesex XIX.1419131914
Middlesex XIX.1419341936
Middlesex XIX.1518941895
Middlesex XIX.1519131914
Middlesex XIX.1519341936
Middlesex XIX.1618941895
Middlesex XIX.1619131914
Middlesex XIX.1619341936
Middlesex XX.119121914
Middlesex XX.119321934
Middlesex XX.119351936
Middlesex XX.218941895
Middlesex XX.219121913
Middlesex XX.219321934
Middlesex XX.219351936
Middlesex XX.318941896
Middlesex XX.319121913
Middlesex XX.319351936
Middlesex XX.419121915
Middlesex XX.419351936
Middlesex XX.519121913
Middlesex XX.519321934
Middlesex XX.519351936
Middlesex XX.618941895
Middlesex XX.619121914
Middlesex XX.619321934
Middlesex XX.619351936
Middlesex XX.718941895
Middlesex XX.719121915
Middlesex XX.719351936
Middlesex XX.819121915
Middlesex XX.819351936
Middlesex XX.918941895
Middlesex XX.919121913
Middlesex XX.919321934
Middlesex XX.919341936
Middlesex XX.1018941896
Middlesex XX.1019121914
Middlesex XX.1019321934
Middlesex XX.1019341936
Middlesex XX.1119121915
Middlesex XX.111934 to 19351936
Middlesex XX.1219351936
Middlesex XX.1319121914
Middlesex XX.1319321934
Middlesex XX.1319341936
Middlesex XX.1419121913
Middlesex XX.1419321934
Middlesex XX.1419341936
Middlesex XX.1519131915
Middlesex XX.1519341936
Middlesex XX.1619121914
Middlesex XX.161934 to 19351936
Middlesex XXI.11912 to 19131915
Middlesex XXI.119351936
Middlesex XXI.519131915
Middlesex XXI.519351937
Middlesex XXI.619341937
Middlesex XXIV.2 & 619121914
Middlesex XXIV.2 & 619351936
Middlesex XXIV.318941895
Middlesex XXIV.319131915
Middlesex XXIV.319351936
Middlesex XXIV.418941895
Middlesex XXIV.419131914
Middlesex XXIV.41934 to 19351936
Middlesex XXIV.61894 to 18951896
Middlesex XXIV.2 & 619121914
Middlesex XXIV.2 & 619351936
Middlesex XXIV.719131914
Middlesex XXIV.71934 to 19351937
Middlesex XXIV.818941895
Middlesex XXIV.819121914
Middlesex XXIV.819341936
Middlesex XXIV.1118941896
Middlesex XXIV.1119121914
Middlesex XXIV.1119351936
Middlesex XXIV.1218941895
Middlesex XXIV.121912 to 19131915
Middlesex XXIV.1219341936
Middlesex XXIV.1518941897
Middlesex XXIV.1519131914
Middlesex XXIV.1519341936
Middlesex XXIV.1619121913
Middlesex XXIV.1619351936
Middlesex XXV.118941895
Middlesex XXV.11912 to 19131914
Middlesex XXV.119341936
Middlesex XXV.218941895
Middlesex XXV.21912 to 19131915
Middlesex XXV.219341936
Middlesex XXV.319131915
Middlesex XXV.319341936
Middlesex XXV.419131915
Middlesex XXV.419341936
Middlesex XXV.518941895
Middlesex XXV.519121915
Middlesex XXV.519341936
Middlesex XXV.6 & 101894 to 18951896
Middlesex XXV.6 & 1019121915
Middlesex XXV.6 & 1019341936
Middlesex XXV.719131914
Middlesex XXV.719341936
Middlesex XXV.819121915
Middlesex XXV.819341936
Middlesex XXV.919121915
Middlesex XXV.919341936
Middlesex XXV.6 & 101894 to 18951896
Middlesex XXV.6 & 1019121915
Middlesex XXV.6 & 1019341936
Middlesex XXV.1118941897
Middlesex XXV.1119121915
Middlesex XXV.1119341936
Middlesex XXV.1218941898
Middlesex XXV.12 & 1619121915
Middlesex XXV.12 & 1619341936
Middlesex XXV.1318941896
Middlesex XXV.1319121914
Middlesex XXV.1319341936
Middlesex XXV.12 & 1619121915
Middlesex XXV.12 & 1619341936

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