Saltoun Estates mapping, 1750s-1870s

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The maps below form part of the Estate accounts in the hand of Henry Fletcher of Saltoun collection. As some of the maps are fragile, or are large rolled maps, only some of the maps listed below have so far been scanned (December 2020).

The wider Papers of the family of Fletcher of Saltoun (previously of Innerpeffer) were deposited in 1959. The Fletchers were merchants in Dundee, who came to prominence towards the end of the sixteenth century. Sir Andrew purchased the estate of Saltoun in East Lothian in 1644. Most of the estate papers relate to Andrew Fletcher, Senator of the College of Justice as Lord Milton in 1724, Lord Justice Clerk from 1735 to 1748, and Keeper of the Signet from 1746 to his death in 1766. Lord Milton's sons Andrew, Henry and John inherited the estate in turn. The nineteenth-century members of the family took no part in public affairs and the estate was managed by factors.

Our Manuscripts Department hold the main corpus of written material relating to Saltoun Estates. These provide fuller information and essential context to understanding the maps available on this website.

We are very grateful to the Fletchers of Saltoun for allowing us to put these maps online.

Re-use of these maps requires the permission of the Fletchers of Saltoun. Please contact us at and we would be happy to forward on any re-use requests.

The Saltoun Estate maps can be searched for on these pages:

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ShelfmarkTitle    Date    
MS.17874, 1(not yet scanned) - Specification of plans twixt Saltoun Paper Mill, Dame-head and Saltoun Barley Mill, Damehead. Given in on the 23rd Decb.1801 by Patr. Brown, mason, Haddington with an estimate.1801
MS.17874, 2Plan and elevation of an octagon lodge.1801
MS.17874, 3(not yet scanned) - Sketch of folding gate for Ash Pit.1804
MS.17874, 4(not yet scanned) - Sketch of a Court of offices for Revd. Mr Johnston at Salton. Edin. 11th June 1804. Rob. Burn.1804
MS.17874, 5(not yet scanned) - Elevation of a bridge. Inscribed on back: 'Mr Burns, Haddington. Bridge, Milton Ford. Feb.1805'.1805
MS.17874, 6(not yet scanned) - Plan and elevation of cottages.1805
MS.17874, 7Plan of stables and steading showing proposed alterations.
MS.17874, 8Front of the House of Saltoun Mill.
MS.17874, 9Plan of the Cylinder and Boulting Mill.
MS.17874, 10(not yet scanned) - Elevation of gatepiers and w.i. Gates.
MS.17874, 11(not yet scanned) - Elevation of the west view of Salton Church.
MS.17874, 12(not yet scanned) - Inscribed on back: 'Plan for a new steading on the Farm of Caldshields [Cauldshiel], Plan of steading and elevation of house'.
MS.17874, 13(not yet scanned) - Inscribed on back: 'Draft of the house on the late Bleachingfield at Salton'.
MS.17874, 14Plan of new House intended to be built for the Baker at East Saltoun.
MS.17874, 15(not yet scanned) - A general Topography of 2 roads lying between Dolphinton and Winton - Extract of a Survey Journal taken April ye 17th and protracted Do. 19th 1749 by David Mathers Philomathem.1749
MS.17874, 16(not yet scanned) - Plan of two Inclosures [Skimmerhill Park and Longbank Park] belonging to the Honble. Lord Milton: 1759.1759
MS.17874, 17(not yet scanned) - Plan of Gilchriston, signed JW 1766, with additions signed JW 1806.1766
MS.17874, 18(not yet scanned) - Another copy of MS 17874 No.17.1820
MS.17874, 19Sketch of the Intended Road from Saltoun House to the Law Quarry. 16 Jany. 1787.1787
MS.17874, 20(not yet scanned) - Plan of part of Saltoun.
MS.17874, 21(not yet scanned) - Sketch of Millton Mill Ford & c.1801
MS.17874, 22Plan of the Estate of Salton in the County of Haddington, the Propy of Genl Fletcher Campbell. By John Bell, Landsurveyor, Edinburgh1805
MS.17874, 23(not yet scanned) - Plan of roads from Pencaitland to Salton.1818
MS.17874, 24Design for a Kitchen Garden Garden, Orchard, and Flower & Winter Garden, at Salton [sic] Hall, the seat of Andrew Fletcher Esqr.: 1818.1818
MS.17874, 25Plan of Gilchriston, measured in 1824.1824
MS.17874, 26Plan and Measurement of the Ground belonging to the Estate of Milton, given to Andrew Fletcher Esqr. Of Salton under an Excambion before the Shirreff of Haddington, in lieu of and Exchange for the Measured Acre belonging to Kinchie Bleachfield...1826
MS.17874, 27Plan and Measurement of Old Public Road from West Salton by Meagrie & c. to Pencaitland, shut up by Authority of the Justices of the Peace of the County of Haddington...1826
MS.17874, 27Plan and Measurement of Old Public Road from West Salton by Meagrie & c. to Pencaitland, shut up by Authority of the Justices of the Peace of the County of Haddington...1826
MS.17874, 28Rough Sketch of Upper Keith Farm surveyed Feb. 1829.1829
MS.17874, 29(not yet scanned) - Upper Keith.1829
MS.17874, 30Plan of the Estate of Milton the Property of James Bertram Brown Esq.1850
MS.17874, 31(not yet scanned) - Dft Measurement of Huntlaw and Kinchie.1870
MS.17874, 32(not yet scanned) - Petersmuir Field, Salton [sic] Estate: 19th cent.1850
MS.17874, 33Plan of Woodhead, & c. the property of Andrew Fletcher Esqr.: 19th cent.19th cent.