Estate Maps, 1750s-1900s

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North of Scotland Archaeological Society
Name: Boulton, John, 1830-1874  
Title: Sketch of Town of North Mooror  
Imprint: 1834
Pagination: 1 manuscript map: col.; 96 x 214 cm.
Shelfmark: Lovat358
Notes: 1:6336. (8 chains = 1" ).
A low detail map of the townships along the northern shoreline of Loch Morar, divided into croft numbers.This preceded the re-organisation of this part of the North Morar estate when "Lord Lovat divided up the farm of Mallaigvaig into seventeen parcels of land and encouraged his tenants to move to the western part of the peninsula and turn to fishing as a way of life" (Wikipedia).
Courtesy of Lovat Highland Estates and the North of Scotland Archaeological Society.
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