Plans of the Barony of Caerlaverock, 1775-76

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This is a volume titled ‘Plans of the Barony of Caerlaverock’, containing 17 maps. The maps were made as part of the Nithsdale Estate’s scheme for agricultural improvement, a scheme originally devised and recorded in 1758. James Wells, a prolific and accurate land-surveyor professionally active between 1756 and 1791, ‘surveyed and divided’ the farms he drew, and was therefore showing the pre-improvement landscape, as well as the proposed divisions of the land superimposed. On the facing page by each plan is the accompanying abstract of contents, which gives the land areas in the Scots measurements of acres, roods and falls (1 acre = 4 roods, 1 rood = 40 falls).

We are very grateful to the Dumfries Archival Mapping Project for scanning these maps.

Volume contents - Plans of the Barony of Caerlaverock, 1775-76