John Home's Survey of Assynt in 1774

Please select a Plan or Observations for farms from the list below:

  Title   Plan     Contents/Observations  
No. 1 - The Farm of Oldernay [Oldany] Plan Contents/Observations
No. 2 - The Farms of Clashnessie, Auchnagarnan [Achnacarnin], Culken [Culkein], Clashmore and Bellachlatach [Balchladich]PlanContents/Observations
No. 3 - The Farms of Storie [Stoer], Clachtoll, and Auchmelvich [Achmelvich]PlanContents/Observations
No. 4 - The Farms of Brackloch, Inver, Torbreck, Baddedaroch [Baddidarach] and Batachrianan [Bad a' Ghrianan]PlanContents/Observations
No. 5 - The Farms of Loch Beanoch [Beannach], Nedd, Drumbeg and Culkein [Culkein Drumbeg]...PlanContents/Observations
No. 6 - The Farms of Glenlirag and Ardvare [Ardvar]PlanContents/Observations
No. 7 - The Farms of Unapool and Reintraid [Rientraid]PlanContents/Observations
No. 8 - The Farms of Auchamore [Achmore] and Little Assynt.PlanContents/Observations
No. 9 - The Farms of Ederahalda [Eadar a Chalda] and Kirktown [Kirkton]PlanContents/Observations
No. 10 - The Farms of Inch-na-daff [Inchnadamph] and Tubeg.PlanContents/Observations
No. 11 - The Farms of Stroncruby [Stronecrubie] and Layn [Lyne]PlanContents/Observations
No. 12 - The Farms of Duchlash [Dubh Chlais], Polgarvier [Poll a Gharb Bhair], Drumsurdland [Druim Suardalain] and Philin [Filin]PlanContents/Observations
No. 13 - The Farms of Knockneach [Cnoc nan Each], Culach [Culag] and Inverchirkag [Inverkirkaig]PlanContents/Observations
No. 14 - The Farm of Ledbeg.PlanContents/Observations
No. 15 - The Farms of Ledmore and Ailfin [Elphin]PlanContents/Observations
No. 16 - The Farms of Knockon, Aultnachie and Cromald [Cromalt]PlanContents/Observations

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