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Name: Pont, Timothy, 1560?-1614?  
Title: [Loch Linnhe, Loch Eil and Loch Leven; Glen Lonan to Loch Etive; Muckairn; Strachur] - Pont 12 (front)  
Imprint: [ca. 1583-96]
Pagination: 1 manuscript map ; 33 x 29 cm.
Shelfmark: Adv.MS.70.2.9 (Pont 12)
Notes: This manuscript consists of 5 maps of separate areas. Maps (1)-(4), on the front of the sheet cover four separate areas. 12(1) shows Loch Linnhe, Loch Eil and Loch Leven, the northwest end of Glen Coe, and the coast southwestwards towards Appin. Map 12(2) of Glen Lonan and Loch Etive (Muckairn) lies in the bottom right of this image, covering an area of Muckarne (Muckairn), east of Oban and south from Loch Etive, including the villages of Connel and Taynuilt today. It includes Glen Lonan and an area as far south as Kilmoray (Kilmore). Its place-names are written at a right angle to those on map 12(1). 12(3) covers part of Glen Branter and Glen Shellish, truncated by the left hand edge of the sheet. It includes Glen Branter at the north end of Loch Eck, but this fragment only contains 6 place-names. A little lower down, 12(4) shows the headwaters of the River Cur, just southeast of Strachur, Argyll. Two parallel lines running across the sheet separate maps (3) & (4) from map (1).
  • In the top left hand corner of the sheet are two notes, probably both by Pont. The longest of these reads:
  • the lenth of Cowell is
    threttie myles betiux the
    point of Towart and... aig in a
    hill upo[n] the head of Glen
    fyn called Clachan in Foycash.
    Item the bread of Cowel is be
    tuix Loch-Lung and Loch fyn
    being 12 myles

    The shorter, fainter note appears to relate to land ownership. It says:

    is Caddelle
    Machoul of
    & Mackcoul of era

  • Most of the maps on Pont 12 include some additional information and over-writing in the handwriting of Robert Gordon. For example, a note by Pont on the margin of this map has apparently been overwritten by Gordon in darker ink. It reads: pretty smelling knolls w[ith] wood dry ground.
  • In addition, the following Pont maps include part of the area of this map: Pont 13, 12v, 22v.
  • The manuscript maps by Robert Gordon which include the area are sheets: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 25, 36, 37, 38, and 49.
  • Four printed maps by Joan Blaeu are relevant: Braid-Allaban, Aebudae Insulae, Mula Insula, Knapdalia, and Lorna.

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