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Name: Pont, Timothy, 1560?-1614?  
Title: [The Great Glen and Glen Garry] - Pont 5  
Imprint: [ca. 1583-96]
Pagination: 1 manuscript map ; 64 x 35 cm.
Shelfmark: Adv.MS.70.2.9 (Pont 5)
Notes: From Inverness in the east this long thin map runs southwestwards along Glen More (or Glen Albyn as it has been called) and includes Loch Ness, Glen Garry, and the west end of Loch Lochy.
  • This map consists of 2 separately drawn sheets which were later joined together.
  • The grid squares in brown ink on this map were probably drawn by Pont, perhaps as an aid to drawing.
  • Two compass points (North and West) are shown in the margins of the grid.
  • The bridge shown over the River Ness at Inverness was still of timber in Robert Gordon's time.
  • There are several manuscript notes on the map. A very faint one, in Loch Lochy, reads:
  • H[eir] was my lord ... slayed be the laird of Glenkarris ... of ...

  • The faded note at Castle Urquhart, situated on a promontory on the north side of Loch Ness (bottom), indicates that Pont was familiar with the writings of the famous Scottish historian Hector Boece (?1465-1536). It says:
  • some taks (as Boethi[us])
    this to be Cast[rum] Virginu[m]
    su[m] Alat[a] Cast[ra]

Cast[rum] Virginu[m] means 'Maidens' Castle'. Alat[a] Cast[ra] is a Latin version of the Greek name of a fort described by the 2nd-century writer Ptolemy. It means 'winged camp'.

Castle Urquhart, now an impressive ruin, was a strategically important stronghold on the site of an earlier Pictish fort. The surviving tower shown at the left of Pont's view was probably built after the royal grant of 1509 to John Grant.

We might note that the famed Loch Ness 'monster' is not depicted!

  • Map Pont 8 also includes much of the north-east of this area, and Pont 22 (front) covers its very southern end.
  • Printed maps by Blaeu which cover part of this area are: Extima Scotiae, Braid-Allaban, and Aebudae Insulae. There are a number of manuscript maps by Gordon which are relevant to this area: 2, 3, 4, 5, 16, 17, 18A, 36, 37, 38

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