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The Georeferencer application is a collaborative online project, where anyone can view selected early maps from our collection, and help georeference them further. From December 2014, we have upgraded Georeferencer with a number of new features. The Georeferencer application includes 1,000 early maps of Scotland, including town plans, county maps, coastal charts, and maps of Scotland, and complements our main Explore Georeferenced Maps application, for viewing map series and selected town plans.

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Select a map at random you would like to view or georeference.

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Further information

Georeferencer is easy and fun - all you need to do is choose a map you would like to georeference, and then log into our online system (registration is an easy process, and free!). Details about the georeferencing process itself are described in the Step-by-step guide to georeferencing.

All maps georeferenced by you and other volunteers can be immediately viewed as an overlay in the application, in 2D and side-by-side viewers, as well as in the 3D Google Earth and the Google Earth browser plug-in. There are also several other good reasons why to georeference maps.

With Georeferencer you can:

The application will continue to improve in line with the broader Georeferencer project (read more about the project)

Read a DLib paper about Georeferencer: Georeferencer: Crowdsourced Georeferencing for Map Library Collections, Volume 18, Number 11/12, November/December 2012

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