Further information about Map Georeferencer

  1. Georeferencer allows free collaborative online georeferencing of map images. It shares several of the advantages of Map Warper and the NYPL Map Rectifier but using zoomable images from existing library web servers.
  2. At present, single-sheet maps work best in Georeferencer. For multi-sheet maps, or for maps in a series, tools including the automatic cropping of map sheets at their neat line edges, and georeferencing and mosaicking using sheet index boundaries that we use within NLS is easier for online presentation. These can be see in our Explore Georeferenced Maps application
  3. In the Georeferencer Help pages, you can also give feedback, join the user group, and read the roadmap of planned developments.

For further information, please read the accompanying Why georeference maps? and Help pages, as well as a DLib paper about Georeferencer: Georeferencer: Crowdsourced Georeferencing for Map Library Collections, Volume 18, Number 11/12, November/December 2012

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