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Pont <36> (front) : maps of South Uist; Inverkeithing. Additional text

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mapThis complex manuscript contains 4 maps together with a substantial amount of text. The front of the sheet has 2 maps of South Uist, Pont <36>(1) and (2) and a map of Inverkeithing, Pont <36> (3). Pont <36>(1) shows part of the island of South Uist in the Western Isles, south of a line joining Verran Island and Loch Altabrug in the west and Corodale Bay in the east. Thus, south is towards the left hand margin. Above this lies Pont <36>(2) depicting a small map of the area of the southwest coast of South Uist around the settlements of Baysdale (Boisdale) and Smeircleat. Below this lies Pont <36>(3) showing the town and Bay of Inverkeithing in Fife. This is a very small but detailed sketch of this town and its harbour on the north coast of the Firth of Forth. On the reverse side of the sheet, Pont <36> (back), is a map of Linlithgow and West Lothian, Pont <36>(4).

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