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Pont 23 (front) : Garry, Tummel, and Upper Tay; Dunkeld to Blairgowrie

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mapThe front of the manuscript known as Pont 23 contains two maps, usually referred to as Pont 23(1) and Pont 23(2). The larger map, Pont 23(1) covers an area of Perthshire from Balloch Castle (just east of Kenmore) and Loch Rannoch in the west, to Dunkeld in the east. Much of the drainage of the rivers Garry, Tummel, and Tay is shown. Pont 23(2) shows an area to the east of Pont 23(1). A narrow strip of country is depicted from the confluence of the Lunan Burn with the River Isla, about 3km west of Couper Angus, in the east, to the Loch of Lowes and the town of Dunkeld in the west.

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