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Pont 22 (front) : South Strathearn; Glen Almond

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map#The manuscript known as Pont 22 bears three maps. Two, Pont 22(1) and Pont 22(2) are on the front of the sheet, shown here. The other map, Pont 22(3), is on the back of the sheet. With the map orientated as it is here, Pont 22(1) has north at the top. It covers an area between the Water of May in the east and Drummond Castle, about 5km south west of Crieff in the west. Pont 22(2) appears here with north at the bottom. It shows Glen Almont (Glen Almond) from the point where the River Almond flows into the River Tay in the east to the headwaters of the River Almond, south east of Loch Tay, in the west.

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