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Pont 18 : Loch Tay: the head of Glen Tanar

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small mapThe larger of the two maps on this sheet, Pont 18(1), shows the whole of Loch Tay. It depicts the settlement of Kyllym (Killin) and Glen Dochart at the south west end of the loch (left). At the north east end (right) is the River Tay and Weemh (Weem) castle, just west of Aberfeldy. At the top of the sheet is a profile drawing of Ben Lawers (3,984ft). This may be compared with the slightly different profile on Pont 7. At the bottom of the sheet is Glen Beich which leads into Loch Earn (not shown). The second map on the sheet, Pont 18(2) to the right of this image, is a small, faintly drawn map of the area of Month Kyin (Mount Keen) and the upper part of Glen Tanar, south east of Ballater, Aberdeenshire. This small manuscript was originally part of sheet Pont 7, which also maps Mount Keen and Glen Tanar, but was later cut from it.

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