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Pont 4 (front) : Northwest Highlands: Wester Ross

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This is the front of the manuscript called Pont 4. Six small maps, known as Pont 4(1) to Pont 4(6) occur on it. The back of the sheet contains a seventh map, Pont 4(7). Pont 4(1) covers an area to the south west of Loch Broom, including Little Loch Broom, Gruinard Bay, Loch na Sealga (meaning 'Loch of the Hunting'), and the valley of the River Lael. Pont 4(2) focuses on L: Carron (Loch Carron) and Glen Carron. Pont 4(3) is a small map of the coast between L. Eu (Loch Ewe) and Loch Torridon. Pont 4(4) contains profiles of several mountains between Loch Torridon and Loch Maree, probably drawn by Pont from their north side. These include Bin cherkyrr (Beinn a' Chearcaill), Bin Eoin (Beinn an E~in), and Bin Wreck (Beinn Bhreac). Pont 4(5) and Pont 4(6) are two small maps of the islands in Loch Maree as indicated by Pont's names yl: Mulruy and y. Mulray (Isle Maree). These islands, situated north of Talladale, include Eilean Súbhainn.

Part of this area is described in the related Pont texts.

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