Pont 33 : Renfrewshire

  • This map is made of two sheets of paper pasted together. Stone (1989) has analysed the complex sequence of events involved in the construction of this map, which probably involved Robert Gordon and even perhaps Sir John Scot.
  • Despite the density of information on this map, most of it can be read without too much difficulty as it was relatively neatly drawn by Pont.

  • In the north there is a very small overlap between this map and Pont 14 and Pont 32, whilst in the east there is a greater overlap with Pont 34.
  • Although 7 of Gordon's manuscript maps include parts of this area, of these only his sheet 55 has any appreciable overlap.
  • This Pont map was the major source of information for Joan Blaeu's printed map of Renfroana. Other Blaeu maps which overlap the area in small parts only are: Cunninghamia, Glottiana Praefectura Inferior, and Levinia.

Maps by Blaeu and Gordon can be accessed via
the National Library of Scotland's Digital Library.

Text derived in part from Jeffrey C. Stone's The Pont Manuscript Maps of Scotland, published by Map Collector Publications Ltd in 1989.