Blaeu Atlas of Scotland, 1654

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This includes both historical (in the widest sense) persons and families, mentioned in the texts, cited sources and authorities, and named authors of the texts.

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Abbreviations: ca. = about, d. = died, flor. = flourished, s. = century ( = 6th Century)

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Abb (Ebba), St, d.683, founder of Coldingham35
Abercorn, earls of63
Abercromby, family of Birkenbog106-107 (1662)
Abernethy, lords Saltoun92-93, 106-107 (1662)
Aboyne, lords110-111 (1662)
Achaus (Achay, Eachaid), d.819, king of Scots [fictitious]22-23
Achilles, Greek hero[3v-4r]
Adair, family of Dunskey50
Adam of Kilconath, d.1270, earl of Carrick51
Adelochus, bishop of Strasbourg22-23
Adrian III, St, d.1885, Pope80-81
Aeneas Sylvius, Pope Pius II, 1405-6486-87
Agnew, family in Galloway47, 48-49, 50
Agricola, see Julius Agricola
Aidan, flor.600, kings of Scots6-7, 14-15
Alan of Galloway, d.1233, Constable of Scotland48-49
Albany, dukes of53, 92-93, 94-95
Albion, giant, son of Neptune14-15, 16-17
Alenon, duke of95-96
Alexander [error for Alan], d.1204, steward of Scotland63
Alexander II, 1198-1249, king of Scots92-93
Alexander III, 1241-86, king of Scots[8v-9r], 45, 54-55, 92-93, 118-119, 152-153
Alexander, William, d.1640, 1st earl of Stirling70-71
Alfred, 849-901, king of the West Saxons14-15
Alpin, d. ?834, king of Scots94-95
Ammianus Marcellinus, c.330-95, historian2-3, 4-5, 18-19, 24-25, 152-153
Andrew, St, s.i, apostle78-79, 108-109
Angus, earls of61, 84-85, 102-103
Angus, I (Oengussa), d.763, king of PictsI (Oengussa), d.763, king of Picts, 65, 72-73
Annaeus Lucanus, Marcus, 39-65, poet104-105
Annaeus Seneca, Lucius, d.65, philosopher152-153
Annandale, 1st earl of88-89
anon. 'On the Division of Scotland'24-25
anon. 'On the Meaning of Words'74-75
Anstruther, family in Fife76-77
Antonini itinerarium, s.iii?8-7, 18-19
Antoninus Pius, 86-161, emperor of Rome4-5, 68-69, 8-9 (Edin)
Arbogastus, ?s.vii/viii, bishop of Strasbourg22-23
Areskine, family of Endertill76-77
Argyll, earls/marquises of28-29, 58, 68-69, 86-87, 95-96, 118-119
Arnot, family of Fareny76-77
Arran, earls of65, 150-151
Arthur, ?c.500, king of Britain[12v]-1, 70-71, 8-9 (Edin)
Athelstan, 895-940, king of England14-15
Atholl, earls of86-87, 106-107 (1662)
Aubigny, lords of65, 66-67
Auchmuty, family in Fife76-77
Augustine, St, 354-430, bishop of Hippo68-69
Ausonius, Decimus Magnus, s.iv, statesman and writer14-15
Avienus Postumius Rufus Festus, s.iv, poet152-153
Ayton, family in Fife76-77
Bacon, Roger, see Roger Bacon
Balcanqual, family in Fife76-77
Balfour, family of Kinnear76-77
Balfour, lords Balfour of Burleigh76-77, 80-81
Ballantine, family of Stannes142-143
Balliol, family86-87
Balliol, Edward, d.1363, king of Scots84-85, 86-87, 92-93
Balliol, John, d.1313, king of Scots45, 48-49
Balliol, Sir Gideon, d.1640, of Lochend40-41
Banff, lords106-107 (1662), 108-109 (1662)
Banquo, thane of Lochaber95-96
Barclay, family of Cullairnie76-77
Barclay family of Towie108-109 (1662)
Barlee, Elizabeth, d.1518, maid of Queen Margaret70-71
Barlaeus (van Baerle), Caspar, 1584-1648, philosopher[2v-3r]
Baronius, Caesar (Cesare Baronio), 1538-1607, cardinal, historian22-23
Barr (Finbar), St,, bishop of Cork108-109, 110-111
Bartholomew, St, s.i, apostle110-111 (1662)
Bavaria, duke of (in 1240)24-25
Beaton, David, 1494-1546, cardinal, archbishop of St Andrews76-77
Beatoun, families of Balhom and of Creuz76-77
Beaumont, Herbert van, 1607-79, secretary of States of Holland and West Friesland[6v-7r]
Bede, Venerable, 673-735, historian and scholar[12v]-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 14-15, 18-19, 20-21, 22-23, 48-49, 65, 68-69, 70-71, 86-87, 95-96, 132-133, 144-145, 150-151
Belus, king of Orkneys144-145
Bergion, giant, son of Neptune14-15, 16-17
Bernard, St (dedicatee of fair in Dornoch)108-109, 110-111
Biset, family of Aboyne86-87
Blaeu, Joan, d.1673, geographical printer[2r], [3v-4r], [4v-5r], [5v-6r], [6v-7r], 20-21
Blaeu, Willem, 1571-1638, geographical printer[2v-3r]
Blantyre, lords63
Boece (Boethius), Hector, d.1536, historian2-3, 8-9, 16-17, 20-21, 50, 74-75, 106-107, 146-147, 108-109(1662)
Bonar, James, d. c.1665, minister of Maybole[2v-3r]
Boniface, St, d.754, archbishop of Mainz22-23
Borthwick, family in Lothian40-41
Boswell, family of Balmuto76-77
Bower, Walter, 1385-1449, abbot of Inchcolm[92-93]
Boyce, family in Mar90-91
Boyd, lords54-55
Boyd, Mark Alexander, 1563-1601, poet62
Boyd, Robert [error for Thomas], earl of Arran, cr.146754-55, 57, 61
Boyd, Thomas [error for Robert], earl of Arran, cr.145454-55
Brendan, St, d.578, the Voyager59, 150-151
Britannus, son of Hercules14-15
Brown, family of Fordell76-77
Bruce, families of Earlshall and of Carnock76-77
Bruce, family in Shetland148-149
Bruce, family in Stirlingshire72-73
Bruce, lords of Annandale45
Bruce, royal family86-87
Bruce, Edward, d.1318, earl of Carrick100-101
Bruce, Robert, d.1304, earl of Carrick48-49, 51
Brude, king of Picts (founder of Port Moak)78-79
Brusthius (Brusch), Gaspar, 1518-59, humanist22-23
Brutus, Trojan, eponym of Britain[11v-12r], [12v]-1
Buccleuch, lords42-43, 4-5 (Edin)
Buchan, earls of92-93, 108-109 (1662)
Buchanan, families in Lennox and Stirlingshire68-69, 72-73
Buchanan, David, d.?1652, writer[3v-4r], 8-7
Buchanan, George, 1506-82, historian and scholar[2v-3r], 2-3, 8-7, 8-9, 10-11, 20-21, 37, 38-39, 50, 57, 66-67, 70-71, 72-73, 74-75, 90-91, 92-93, 94-95, 116-117, 146-147, 148-149
Bulmer, Bevis, d.1615, prospector61
Burnet, Thomas, of Crathes110-111 (1662)
Bursby, family of Bishopton63
Caithness, bishop of [George Gladstanes, d.1615, archbishop of St Andrews][11v-12r]
Cambrian, see Gerald of Wales
Camden, William, 1551-1623, antiquary and historian[2r], [12v]-1, 2-3, 6-7, 8-7, 8-9, 24-25, 44, 45, 46, 47, 53, 54-55, 58, 57, 59, 61, 63, 65, 68-69, 72-73, 82-83, 90-91, 94-95, 95-96, 98-99, 100-101, 110-111, 112-113, 116-117, 150-151
Campbell, family in Kyle53, 54-55
Campbell, family in Lennox68-69
Campbell, family of Lorne100-101
Campbell, family of Loudoun53
Campston, lord of140-141
Capella, see Martianus Capella
Caprington, lairds of54-55
Carausius, Marcus Aurelius, d.293, self-proclaimed emoperor of Rome4-5, 6-7, 68-69, 70-71
Carnwath, 1st earl of61
Carrick, earls of51, 140-141, 142-143
Carstairs, family of Kinnocher76-77
Cassillis, earls of50, 51, 65
Cathcart, lords63
Cato, see Procius Cato, M.
Celestine I, St, d.432, pope90-91
Celto, mother of Britannus14-15
Chalmers, family in Kyle54-55
Charles I, d.814, emperor (Charlemagne)22-23
Charles I, 1600-49, king of Great Britain30-31, 54-55, 70-71, 80-81, 82-83, 95-96, 100-101,
Charles V, 1338-80, king of France22-23, 54-55
Charles VI, 1368-1422, king of France65, 66-67, 92-93
Charles VII, 1403-61, king of France92-93
Charles VIII, 1470-98, king of France66-67
Cheyne, family in Shetland148-149
Christ[10v-11r], [11v-12r]
Christian I, 1425/6-1481, king of Denamrk, Norway and Sweden146-147, 152-153
Cicero, see Tullius Cicero, M.
Clan Chattan106-107
Clan Ranald98-99
Claudianus, Claudius, s.iv-v, poet2-3, 14-15, 132-133, 146-147, 152-153
Claudius I, 10 BC-54, emperor of Rome6-7, 18-19, 144-145, 146-147, 152-153
Clephane, family of Carslogie76-77
Cochrane, family of Cochrane63
Cochrane, Robert, d.1482, mason (? earl of Mar)92-93
Coil, d.325, king of Britons53
Collinson, family in Aberdeen92-93
Colman, d.?676, abbot of Lindisfarne14-15
Coloman, alleged son of Malcolm I, missionary to Austria22-23
Colonatus, d.?689, disciple of St Kilian22-23
Colquhoun, family in Lennox68-69
Colquhoun, lords66-67
Columba, St, d.597, abbot of Iona[9v-10r], 95-96, 150-151
Columban, d.615, founder of Luxueil and Bobbio20-21
Colville, family of Cleish76-77
Colville, James, d.1629, 1st lord Colville72-73
Comin, Comyn, earls of Buchan48-49, 106-107 (1662), 108-109 (1662)
Commodus, 161-92, emperor of Rome4-5, 68-69
Comyn, John, d.1313, earl of Buchan108-109 (1662)
Comyn, John, d.1306, of Badenoch46, 47, 86-87
Cond, Louis, 1530-69, 1st Prince53
Conon, d.687, pope22-23
Constance, bishop of (ca.1180)24-25
Constantine I, d.877, king of Scots78-79
Cornelius Tacitus, Publius(?), s.i-ii, historian2-3, 10-11, 14-15, 18-19, 68-69, 70-71, 92-93, 114
Coucy, family61
Couper, John, d.1640, of Gogar40-41
Craig, Sir Thomas, 1538-1608, feudalist26-27
Cranstoun, family in Lothian40-41
Craufurd, family in Kyle53, 54-55
Crawford, earls of42-43, 61, 76-77, 78-79, 84-85
Crichton, families of Lwydoun and of Abercromby76-77
Crichton, family in Kyle54-55
Crichton, family of Sanquhar46
Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658, lord protector[5v-6r]
Cullen, family in Aberdeen92-93
Cuming, family of Altyre104-105
Cuninghame, family of Cragens63
Cunningham, family in Kyle54-55
Cunningham, family of Barns76-77, 80-81, 82-83
Cunningham, family of Glencairn46
Cuspinianus (Spiesshaymmer), Johannes, 1473-1529, humanist and diplomat22-23
Cuthbert, St, d.687, bishop of Lindisfarne35
Dalhousie, earls of76-77
Dalzell, Robert, d.1639, 1st earl of Carnwath61
Darnley, lords63
David, 1378-1402, duke of Rothesay59, 74-75, 84-85, 94-95
David, d.1219, earl of Huntingdon45, 48-49, 72-73, 78-79
David of Hastings, earl of Atholl (succ. 1242)86-87
David I, d.1153, king of Scots78-79, 84-85, 86-87, 90-91
David II, 1324-71, king of Scots61, 74-75, 84-85, 92-93, 110-111
Devorgilla, wife of John Baliol, of Barnard Castle48-49
Diana, Roman goddess[9v-10r]
Dio Cassius, s.ii-iii, historian2-3
Diocletian,, emperor of Rome4-5, 6-7, 68-69
Diodorus Siculus, s.i, historian[12v]-1, 14-15
Dionysius, St, d.268, pope26-27
Dionysius Periegetes, s.ii?, geographer12-13, 152-153
Domitian, 51-96, emperor of Rome84-85
Donald III Ban,, king of Scots[8v-9r], 116-117, 152-153
Donald, d.1423, lord of the Isles98-99, 100-101, 152-153, 108-109 (1662)
Douglas, descendants of Duff74-75
Douglas, dukes42-43
Douglas, earls61, 65
Douglas, earls of61
Douglas, earls of Angus84-85
Douglas, earls of Buchan108-109 (1662)
Douglas, earls of Morton46
Douglas, family in Clydesdale50
Douglas, family in Lothian40-41
Douglas, family of Abercorn20-21, 38-39
Douglas, family of Lochleven92-93
Douglas, lords of Galloway48-49
Douglas, sheriffs of Teviotdale30-31, 106-107 (1662), 108-109 (1662)
Douglas, Archibald, d.1439, 5th earl of Douglas (earl of Wigtown)47, 92-93
Douglas , Archibald, d.1455, earl of Moray42-43
Douglas, Hugh, d. 1455, earl of Ormond42-43
Douglas, Sir James, d.1330, of Douglas61
Drummond, family in Lothian40-41
Drummond, lords84-85
Drummond, David, of Innermeath84-85
Dudhope, viscounts76-77
Duf, d.966, king of Scots100-101
Duffus, lords of110-111
Dunbar, earls of Moray106-107
Dunbar, family in Kyle54-55
Dunbar, family in the Merse35
Dunbar, Gavin, d.1532, bishop of Aberdeen112 (1662)
Dunbar, George, d.?1455, earl of March92-93
Dunbar, Sir James, d.1535, of Cumnock, sheriff of Moray100-101
Dundas, family in Lothian40-41
Dunfermline, earls of76-77, 80-81, 108-109 (1662)
Duns, family in the Merse35
Dupplin, viscount (1st earl of Kinnoull), d.163488-89

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